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Garden patch gazpacho


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Garden patch gazpacho

This cold soup, full of fiber and vitamin C, is the perfect height-of-summer
recipe. There's no cooking involved, and you can take advantage of the vine-
ripe tomatoes, piquant basil, and crunchy peppers overflowing from gardens and
farm stands.

Servings: 8

Calories: 194

Fat: 8 g

Cholesterol: 0 mg

Sodium: 397 mg

Protein: 6 g

Carbohydrate: 26 g

Fiber: 2 g

* Ingredients:

4 medium tomatoes, cored and cut into 2-inch chunks

3 large slices firm bread, about 1½ ounces each, torn into 2-inch

1 large garlic clove, peeled

3 tablespoons red wine vinegar

4 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil

3 cups chilled tomato juice

2 cups chilled defatted lower-sodium chicken or vegetable broth

3 tablespoons thinly sliced fresh basil leaves or 2 teaspoons

1 large green bell pepper, seeded

1 medium onion, peeled

1 cucumber, peeled, halved, and with seeds scooped out

2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce

½ teaspoon liquid hot pepper sauce

Black pepper to taste

1½ cups whole-wheat or white bread croutons

* Directions:

In a food processor or blender, combine the tomatoes, bread, and
garlic. Pulse until roughly puréed. With the motor running, pour
the vinegar and oil through the feed tube or into the blender and
process until smoothly puréed. Combine the purée with the chilled
tomato juice and broth in a large bowl or container, stir in the
basil, and refrigerate. (This recipe can be made to this point up
to 1 day ahead.)

Chop the vegetables medium-fine by hand or cut into 2-inch chunks
and pulse in a food processor until chopped. Add to the tomato
mixture. Season with the Worcestershire, hot pepper sauce, and
pepper to taste. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour or up to 4 hours
before serving. Pour into small bowls, top with the croutons, and


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