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Locksmithing FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Locksmithing.

This FAQ about Locksmithing was compiled and written by by Joe "Spike" Ilacqua spike@indra.com and Henry Schaffer hes@ncsu.edu, major data collection effort by Scott Anguish sanguish@digifix.com with numerous contributions by others.

Credit and Thanks

The alt.locksmithing FAQ was put together from postings by [161]spike@indra.com spike@indra.com (Joe "Spike" Ilacqua), and hes@ncsu.edu (Henry Schaffer), with a major data collection effort by sanguish@digifix.com (Scott Anguish). Edited by hes. Translated to English by eliz@world.std.com (Elizabeth Lear). Send comments, criticisms, and compliments to "alt-locksmithing-faq@indra.com".

The following have contributed to this FAQ:

Scott Anguish sanguish@digifix.com
J. James (Jim) Belonis II manager@dirac.phys.washington.edu
Stephen J Berch sberch@world.std.com
John F. Bousquet bousquet@crl.com
Chris Boyd clb@oc.com
Robert Bruce Findler rf27+@andrew.cmu.edu
Hobbit hobbit@>(looking for current address)
Marcus Jenkins marcus@marcusjenkins.com
Larry Margolis margoli@watson.ibm.com
Andy McFadden fadden@uts.amdahl.com
William A Moyes wmoyes@cs.byu.edu
Stan Schwarz stan@cosmo.pasadena.ca.us
Thomas E Zerucha zerucha@shell.portal.com
Daniel Hagan dhagan@vt.edu
Joe Kesselman keshlam@alum.mit.edu
Roger Weitzenkamp roger@blackhawk7.com
Jay Hennigan jay@west.net
Billy B. Edwards Jr. BMP1@concentric.net
Robert Stahr Robert.Stahr@sophia.inria.fr
Marc Goldberg natllock@aol.com
Tom Pettigrew gnx@pacbell.net
Robinson rc@crusoe.org
Andru Luvisi luvisi@andru.sonoma.edu

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-01 Will people on this newsgroup give me information about picking locks, etc.?
Yes and No. These is a serious debate, based on ...
-02 Where can I get a lock pick set?
Try a locksmith supply house. Look under Locksmiths' Equipment &...
-03 How can I make my own picks and tension wrenches?
You can file or (more easily) grind picks out of spring steel. ...
-04 Is it legal to carry lock picks?
This depends on where you are. In the U.S. the common case ...
-05 Where can I get the "MIT Guide to Picking Locks"?
The author of the MIT Guide to Picking Locks, Ted ...
-06 What books can I get on locksmithing?
Bill Phillips has written a number of locksmithing books. For ...
-07 What are "pick guns" or "automatic pickers" and do they work?
A pick gun is a manual or powered device that uses a ...
-08 How do I open a Kryptonite lock?
-09 Can the Club be picked? Is the Club any good?
-10 How can I get keys stamped "DO NOT DUPLICATE" duplicated?
Some locksmiths will take the Nike approach and Just Do It. ...
-11 Do Skeleton Keys Exists?
-12 Should I bother with high security ("pick proof") locks and other security enhancements for my home?
-13 Locksmithing: What should I do after I read a book?
-14 How do I continue learning about locksmithing?
There are several things you can do to continue learning more ...
-15 How do I learn the locksmithing trade?
Joe Kesselman posted this advice:...
-16 How do I learn more about Master Keying?
Here are some references:...
-17 How do Simplex pushbutton locks work?
Hobbit has written an excellent discussion on workings ...
-18 Is there a formula that can find the combination of a Master Lock?
Not as far as anyone knows. I.e., the combination is not ...
-19 Can the combination of a Master Lock be found though manipulation?
Recently a method of finding the combination of a Master Lock has ...
-20 Locksmithing: What is the "shear line"?
Visualize a door lock - there is a fixed block (the lock body ...
-21 Locksmithing: What is "impressioning"?
Impressioning is a technique for opening a lock by making a key out ...
-22 Locksmithing: What is a code? What is a codebook?
Ever see a lock on a desk, filling cabinet, or a key with a ...
-23 How do I open a car door with a Slim Jim?
Besides picking the lock, one can open a car door with a wire ...
-24 Locksmithing: What is a jiggler key?
A thin piece of metal cut in the general shape of a key, the ...
-25 Is there an ethical dimension to locksmithing?
Yes. Locksmithing is an old craft, and there is a strong tradition ...
-26 I have a safe without the combination - how do I open it?
Either throw the safe away, or pay a safe expert to open it, ...
-27 How do I change the combination of a safe?
The better safe locks can be changed to a new combination....
-28 How do I disassemble a Kwikset key-in-knob entry set?
0) Open the door. (If you can't, call a locksmith!)...
-29 alt.locksmithing: Why are posts of binaries (pictures) against the consensus rules of this news.group?
This has been discussed a number of times in the past. The consensus ...
-30 Locksmithing: Should my business be a shop or a mobile unit (truck)?
When you reach the point of opening your own locksmith business (after you ...
-31 Other online locksmithing related resources:
+ Graham Pulford's Catalogue of High Security ...
-32 Locksmith fora
+ Clearstar Security Network By subscription only,...
-33 Locksmithing: Glossary
There is also a Dictionary ...
-34 Locksmithing: Appendix
Here are some of the things collected about locations ...
-35 Locksmithing: Appendix p2
-36 Locksmithing: Appendix p3
#52044 PERSONAL PICKS (VHS TAPE - 72min) by Eddie the Wire, 1988....
-37 Locksmithing related books in their catalog
-38 Locksmithing: Workshop Contents
In no particular order (the first person in some items is from ...

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