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Fondue Recipes


This article is from the Recipes Collection, by numerous authors posting those to Usenet. The recipes cover various cuisines and a wide variety of topics, such as appetisers, breads, desserts, entrees, sauces-toppings, side-dishes, etc.). You don't need any cookbooks anymore, as there are hundreds of recipes to choose from.

Fondue Recipes

From: Stephen Mounsey and Sharon Curtis

Stephen Mounsey <sjm1@eng.cam.ac.uk> wrote:

Well, as an experienced fonduer I have to say that the range of
possible fondues extends well beyond cheese and white wine. My
favourite is ``tomato and bacon'' - cheddar cheese and gruyere, with
bacon, tomato soup and sherry. And it's very important to rub the
inside of the fondue pan with a cut clove of garlic first.

Others have cider or beer or kirsch etc. as the liquid. Those with
large amounts of liquor require cornflour or other thickener. Some
cheeses are better than others. The swiss cheeses are wonderful (of
course) but expensive, cheddar is always dependable, never use red
leicester (it doesn't melt properly) and beware of Gouda or Edam (they
take ages to melt).

Or you can heat oil in the fondue pan and dip chunks of meat into it
to cook, or make meatballs or whatever.

Bread is fine [to dip in the fondue] but gherkins, cocktail sausages,
carrot, mushrooms, apple, celery and (best of all) cauliflower make
wonderful vehicles for the fondue.

Sharon Curtis <sharon@comlab.ox.ac.uk> wrote:

Chocolate Rum Fondue


* 200g/7oz plain chocolate
* 1 1/2 tbsp (white) rum
* 1 oz butter
* 2 tbsp greek yoghurt
* 1/4 pint whipping/double cream
* fruit pieces or marshmallows to dip


Melt rum, chocolate and butter together in a pan on low heat. Remove
from heat, and stir in yoghurt and cream. Serve with fruit

Serves 4.

Note - instead of the rum and chocolate you can substitute Toblerone
to give a sweeter fondue. You can also add extra nuts if you like.


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