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Channelled Messages - Recognizing Truth from Rubbish

About the Author

Margaret Jang is a Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner, Numerologist, Intuitive, and a Spiritual/Inspirational Poet & Writer. She currently resides in Vancouver, BC and can be contacted at margjang@gmail.com or through her website www.margaretjang.com.

Channelled Messages - Recognizing Truth from Rubbish

Being sceptical is a healthy attitude to have when receiving channelled messages, either directly from the spiritual/universal source or through a channeller or medium. The sitter (or receiver) should evaluate the information received, but sometimes this can pose confusion about how to discern whether the channeller or the information is genuine.

Through integration, or joining of heart and mind, a channeller should receive authentic universal truth. An integrated message is usually a very quiet impression that needs to be translated through the channeller into a message that is suitable and comprehensible to the receiver. However, if this is not happening, then the possible problem could be created from a distortion of the message through the channeller's faulty translation or interpretation. The amount of distortion coincides to the channeller's ego/personality interference and how strong their connection is to the universal source (or spiritual realm), plus their over-all experience. The channeller must practice, practice and practice in order to overcome or improve upon this malady.

For those who are beginners, just tapping into the spiritual realm, it is especially difficult to be convinced if received information is valid. The biggest obstacle to overcome is.....trust. It is much easier to cast doubt, but this just creates unwarranted fear, which in turn decreases your self-esteem or confidence. Despite the fact that you should always evaluate received information and not take it at face value, it is equally important to welcome the information in order to develop your perception. This is accomplished by keeping an open heart, while at the same time eliminating emotional attachment to your doubt. Releasing doubt requires a readiness to free what you presently think or believe you know. Resist being a know-it-all, in which you retain an inflexible attitude. This means that you should have an open willingness to receive without placing attachment to the end result or without having a preconceived agenda - this is crucial to how well you identify with the information. If you place emotional attachment to your doubt (or scepticism) it will close your connection to your own inner guidance (your higher self residing at your soul level), as well as to spiritual/universal guidance, which both help you to discern. Instead, keep a positive outlook where you are willing to broaden your awareness and develop an inquiring mind-set in which you remain open to all possibilities. This may prompt you to investigate further, but at a deeper, more mystical level.

It is not easy to listen to advice that you may not want to hear, but if you cannot accept the information or have difficulty discerning whether the message is authentic, perhaps there is a possibility that you may not be as open-minded or ready to receive as you think you are. In order to accept what is true, you first must know yourself intimately and acknowledge, plus accept your gifts, as well as your flaws. It is important to know your strengths, as well as your weaknesses, and be willing to make positive changes. But remember, you cannot change what you do not acknowledge or accept. If a message just doesn't seem to "fit", keep in mind that it may make better sense at a later date, when your energy vibration matches to the energy of the message or when your attitude shifts to a higher level of acceptance.

Tools such as tarot, astrology or numerology can help unravel and open your awareness to the "inner" hidden you (the eternal you). Regardless of your beliefs, these tools should not be regarded as merely future forecasting methods or foolishness. Perhaps it may help if you use the following analogy.

Think of the earth plane as being a journey riddled with many roads or highways; some are short, some are long, some are smooth, some are bumpy and some are quite treacherous. Using numerology as an example, think of this as your road map and you (or your soul essence) are the driver who must navigate your journey in order to learn lessons, gain experience and insight in order to promote your soul's progression towards enlightenment (or higher spiritual awareness) in preparation for eventually returning to your spiritual source.

But first, you should have a positive interest to learn how to drive and how to operate your vehicle (or your physical body). You may seek a teacher to help tutor you how to drive, but it is ultimately you who needs to be an open and willing participant. It is necessary to focus your attention, dedication, time, effort and discipline toward your development. Your vehicle (physical body) should be in good operating condition and be filled with sufficient fuel (or universal energy). Once you are sitting in the driver's seat, it takes a certain amount of courage to place your special key in the ignition in order to ignite a connection.

Even if your vehicle operates smoothly, it is still necessary to have clarity to see the view through the windshield. If your view is clouded, distorted or obstructed by impure thinking, improper behaviour or an unhealthy attitude, then you risk travelling off course. It is essential to remain calm and patient while trying to read, understand and decipher your road map, which reveals or indicates many, many options or opportunities. Some paths may prove easier for your vehicle, while others may be so gruelling that it risks continuous breakdown.

After carefully studying your road map, it is time to choose a route to your destination. So where do you want to go or more importantly, what is tugging or pushing at you from a deeper level? Do you know your ultimate goal? If you don't, then study your road map more carefully and search for alternate routes or more obscure indicators. If you try to take a fast route, does this incur more danger? Do you have the time and patience to take a longer, but more stable route? The road map cannot and will not make the journey for you or tell you an exact future outcome. It will only point out your strengths, weaknesses, yearnings, potential, possibilities, lessons to be learned, positive and negative traits, opportunities and areas of harmony and conflict. Your road map will also offer clues toward travelling in a suitable direction or perhaps offer indications of why the road is so rocky or difficult to manoeuvre or why it continues in a never-ending circle. Experiencing a successful outcome is based solely on your life-long choices and then facing the responsibilities followed by each decision.

Another viable approach to gain higher knowledge, wisdom, assistance or direction is through channelled information, but again, treat this method only as a road map.

So how do you find or choose a suitable channeller? Eventually a channeller will build a personal reputation; hopefully a favourable one. It is always wise to ask others for recommendations, but sometimes this isn't possible; many times it is the luck of the draw. Keep in mind that the fee you pay does not guarantee authentic information; in this case, paying more is not necessarily better. Listed below are some guidelines that will help you to choose a suitable channeller and how to discern the information received.

The Channeller

Discern whether the channeller operates with unconditional love and complete integrity. As you pose the following questions, monitor what you sense or how you feel (pay attention to your gut reaction) in order to establish your own unbiased opinion. Note: If you are acting as your own channeller, can you truthfully confirm the same basis with absolute certainty?

Query: What is your immediate impression or how do you feel about the channeller upon your first introduction? Evaluation: If you don't get an immediate positive sense or feeling, go elsewhere.

Query: How does the channeller present the message? Evaluation: Presentation should be conducted with professional efficiency. If unsophisticated or antic-like behaviour is demonstrated, then it is not being handled with a responsible, mature attitude.

Query: Is the channeller fully conscious or in a trance-like state? Evaluation: There is no need to be in a trance or unconscious state for messages to be received. In fact, it is easier to receive clear information while being conscious (and in full body control).

Query: Is the channeller serious and humble about channelling or do they treat it like a trivial game? Evaluation: This is not meant to be a frivolous performance; channelling should be treated as a worthy responsibility.

Query: Is the channeller completely focused on just you or does their attention wander (E.g. clock-watching or surveying their surroundings)? Evaluation: Undivided attention should be focused on you; otherwise you are not being treated with the respect that you deserve.

Query: Does the channeller ask numerous questions (probing for personal information) before the reading? Evaluation: Information gleaned may be used to influence the reading.

Query: Does the channeller insist on giving information despite not having your permission? Evaluation: This is ego driven, in which the channeller feels a necessity to prove their worth, but this is an infringement on your free-will. New channellers sometimes get carried away in their enthusiasm and are naively unaware that free-will prevails - they will learn through experience that this is unacceptable behaviour.

Query: Does the channeller's message promote a hidden agenda (like a sales pitch) for their services or benefit; a ploy designed to make them a maximum profit or is the channeller manipulative or shifty? Evaluation: Beware! Consider this an unscrupulous business practice where the main concern is about money.

Query: Does the channeller deliberately give messages that create fear or panic? Evaluation: Dismiss the information, because it is not coming from a heart and mind integration; instead it is ego driven, which may create co-dependency.

Query: Is the channeller's message demanding; giving no choice; or one that may infringe on your free-will? Evaluation: Dismiss the information - this is ego driven. Information from the universal source is always loving, gentle, encouraging, never demanding and always allows free choice.

Query: Does the message unnecessarily glorify the channeller making them appear self-important, super special or super powerful? Do some tell you that they are the seventh child of the seventh daughter of the seventh generation of psychics, etc, designed to make you believe that they rank special preference for psychic powers? Evaluation: Dismiss the information - this is ego driven. Beware of the pied-piper domino effect; refuse to be a blind follower. Note: everybody is born with psychic powers, but most need to develop their inborn gifts through education and lots of practice.

Query: Does the channeller avoid giving proper recognition to the universal source for received information? Evaluation: Thanks and gratitude to the universal source should be expressed daily and humbleness should always be maintained.

Query: Does the channeller make you promise to secrecy in order for the predictions to materialize? Evaluation: This is foolishness - it puts the onus on you, making you responsible to the eventual outcome of the reading.

Query: Is the message given freely without expectation of recompense or without excessive restrictions, demands or attachments? Evaluation: Beware! In a credible reading, there should never be any expectation for recompense, restrictions, demands or attachments.

Query: Is the channeller steeped in superstition where it creates evasiveness and excessive mystery? Evaluation: Beware! This is a deliberate ploy to glorify the channeller making them seem super special or super powerful.

The Message

Discern whether the message is generated from the spiritual/universal source or from the channeller's ego. Be discriminating....review the following scenarios to help you establish genuineness for received information; be mindful for how you feel or what you sense.

Query: What does the message say?

From Channeller's Ego: This message may consist of trivial nonsense chitter-chatter. From a Spiritual Source: Messages should offer practical guidance, helpful solutions, provide healing solutions, promote encouragement, offer compassion and comfort, be inspirational and present greater knowledge, wisdom and harmony. Universal guidance is not interested in playing silly games or answering nonsensical questions.

Query: What does the energy of the message feel like? From Channeller's Ego: This message may make you feel very uncomfortable, victimized, depressed, unworthy or dis-empowered. From a Spiritual Source: Messages should make you feel, comfortable, uplifted, loved, peaceful, and good about yourself. Psychic trash can be accessed through your solar plexus chakra; therefore, as further protection, place your hands over your solar plexus during the reading.

Query: Does the message motivate you? From Channeller's Ego: This message will imprison you, making you feel powerless to react. From a Spiritual Source: Messages should always be uplifting and energizing. The information will "hit home" or "nudge" in some way or may feel like a constant nagging or persistence that you cannot ignore.

Query: Does the message offer helpful suggestions or guidance for how to walk your spiritual path or does it insist on telling you (without recourse) how to walk your path? From Channeller's Ego: This message will insist to stay put and to make no changes or it may demand blind obedience and/or surrendering your free will. From a Spiritual Source: Messages will offer practical advice, suggestions or guidance to enhance your present and future well-being and will never conflict with your personal moral principles or insist, demand or do the work for you.

Query: Does the information help you to recognize or open your awareness to hidden qualities, characteristics, talents or traits that need improvement or to situations that need change? From Channeller's Ego: This message won't offer any suggestions for improvement or change, because ego doesn't like change. Instead, it offers oodles of reasons or excuses for not changing. From a Spiritual Source: Messages will infuse appropriate methods to tweak your awareness for how to improve or change; you will get an "Ah-hah" moment.

Query: Is the message advantageous to your greater good or to positive advancement or does it promote soul growth? From Channeller's Ego: This message is only focused on self-centred, selfish matters or only promoting what it presently knows; it isn't interested in your progressive growth. From a Spiritual Source: Messages will always have your best interests at heart, in which it gives you encouragement to progress or to develop positively.

Query: Does the message inspire or empower you to use your own inner wisdom or inner guidance by giving clues to help you see a different perspective or to gain greater insight and does the message inspire you to take right action? From Channeller's Ego: This message will dis-empower you or try to encourage conflict. From a Spiritual Source: Messages always support and encourage positive right action and will offer suggestions for viewing circumstances with added clarity and balance. It will always encourage you to take the "high-road" (always peaceful and without undue force) when solving dilemmas.

Query: Does the message motivate you to stop and "think"? From Channeller's Ego: This message will demand that you only follow its directive; it doesn't want you to think independently. From a Spiritual Source: Messages will always encourage you to carefully examine all aspects before making a decision. It will encourage you to be self-sufficient and independent.

Query: Does the message encourage your participation or does it offer no personal motivation? From Channeller's Ego: This message will not offer encouragement, but will instead create a co-dependent atmosphere or relationship, either to an organization or to a person. From a Spiritual Source: Messages should inspire action with your body and spirit, encouraging you to personally and whole-heartedly participate in your spiritual growth.

Query: How is the message constructed - what words preface the sentences? From Channeller's Ego: Ignore messages prefaced with words such as, "I demand that you...." or "I want you to...." or "You must do...." or "You should do this immediately or else...." or "If you don't do this...." or "I am telling you that...." or "My advice to you is...." - these are all ego-based. They may create fear, panic, victim mentality or co-dependent status. From a Spiritual Source: Messages may be prefaced with words such as, "It is suggested that...." or "We suggest that you...." or "My guidance tells me that...." or "Our advice to you is...." or "It would be in your best interest if you tried...." or "It would be beneficial if you would...." or "I am being told that...." or "I am guided to tell you...." - the preface gives an indication that there is a greater power or guidance at hand and the undertone of the message is loving, encouraging, one that offers a positive outcome. Of course you may disagree at the time, due to underlying resistance, but once you transform your thoughts or attitude, you will find the information generates positive harmony and expansion.

Query: Is the message verbalized in a hypnotic, monotone that is filled with elaborate wording that is difficult to understand? From Channeller's Ego: This message may be flowery or verbalized in a monotone - this can be hypnotic (a form of mind control), which allows lower vibrating energies to interject. From a Spiritual Source: Messages are generally short and to the point, with simple, unique information pertaining to your current life experience or situation. It is not excessively complicated, intricate or contradicting, where you would feel confused or fuzzy.

Query: Does the message try to charm you with riches and power? From Channeller's Ego: - This message would tempt those who may be attracted to greed or a desire for position or power. From a Spiritual Source: Messages will never try to entice you with material gain; universal guidance is more interested on your spiritual advancement (or gain) for your highest good and the highest good of humanity.

Undeniably, there are endless questions to be asked, but hopefully the above scenarios furnish enough information to make it easier to recognize channelled truth from rubbish. It is not at all unusual to feel overwhelmed or confused, for this can be a daunting undertaking, especially for a die-hard sceptical who has an overly-analytical left functioning brain. No doubt you seek continual validation, but your challenge is to develop more trust or faith and to utilize, plus merge your left and right brains so they compliment each other while working in unity. Certainly, the most powerful way to discern truthful information is through time, because eventually deceit (or rubbish) is exposed, while authentic truth always prevails.

Additionally, take ample time to quietly meditate, contemplate, focus and reflect on any information received, for as it integrates through your heart and soul levels, you will not only feel or sense, but you will know (without any doubt) whether it is authentic spiritual guidance and truth.

Always keep in mind that any channelled information received is only applicable at the precise time that it is given to you. After-all, you have the choice to alter your course at any given moment through exercising free-will. As for information that you absolutely cannot truly resonate with, release its energy and let it go; either it is not meant to be or perhaps it is not the appropriate time.

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