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Mysterious 11:11:11

Mysterious 11:11:11

Uncanny Synchronicity

During a recent visit to a local bookstore, one book really caught my attention. It is entitled 11:11 The Time Prompt Phenomenon by Marie D. Jones and Larry Flaxman.

Because I have a vested interest in the study of numbers and also have had considerable personal experience with number 11, the title intrigued me. After perusing the book and returning it to the shelf several times, only to grab it again for another quick peek, I finally gave in and purchased it. I can’t actually explain what prompted me, other than being inquisitive to observe and assess a different point of view, as well as ease my ongoing thirst for truthful knowledge.

Upon returning home I checked my e-mail. Oh my gosh, I just received an invitation from a local radio station to join them in a phone interview this Friday, November 11, 2011 to discuss the intricacies of 11:11:11. How uncanny is this!? Is this why I was so attracted to the book? For personal reasons I declined the invitation, but instead decided to write an article about 11:11:11, which incidentally is not based on the contents of the book.

Special Meaning

In order to illustrate its deeper meaning, November 11, 2011 is first reduced to read as 11:11:11. To many people, it signifies special meaning. And no, it has nothing to do with honouring Remembrance Day (Canada) or Veteran’s Day (US), which is an entirely separate celebration of special significance.

Opinions vary, where some people may consider 11:11:11 good luck, while others dread that it may signify a bad omen.

Some people encounter 11:11 constantly popping up on clocks, addresses, wake-up time, sleep time, birth-time, birth-dates, billboards, licenses, account numbers, etc. This usually indicates a wake-up call or a sign to pay attention to the spiritual side of self (your soul). Certain Tarot decks believe 11 as the number for “balance,” while other decks consider it the number for “strength.” Either way is a good supposition.

In fact 11:11:11 is definitely a balanced number – it’s exactly the same whether written frontwards or backwards. Every 100 years this phenomenon happens - the last occurrence was November 11, 1911 and the next occurrence will be November 11, 2111. No doubt this Friday will involve world-wide celebrations to mark their assumed special meaning of 11:11:11. And perhaps it is an extraordinary number combination, after-all, few of us will make it to 2111 to again revel in its mystery.


Some cultures are quite superstitious about particular numbers and dates. While there is nothing wrong with choosing certain dates for special events, it shouldn't entail being obsessive about it, where it overrides common sense. It is quite true that some people won't make a move without first consulting the calendar, as well as a "professional" wise-person, who calculates the most appropriate auspicious month, day and year for planning or booking important events such as:

1. Wedding

2. Birth celebration

3. Funeral

4. Selecting a life partner

5. Moving to a new location

6. Buying property

7. Name change

8. Opening a business

9. Baby’s name

10. Choosing a car license

11. Going on vacation

12. Finalizing a business deal

13. Going for a job interview

14. Selecting a phone number

15. Picking a house number

Other people deliberately use favourable numbers in order to predict or manipulate their future or to set certain goals.

Numerology Approach

In terms of numerology, which studies the intricate meaning surrounding the energy of numbers, 11 is classified as a master "testing" number – the spiritual awakener. Out of all the numbers, Number 11 is considered the most powerful psychic number, but it is also a difficult energy to control.

The energy from Master 11 gives its recipient greater opportunity and potential for attaining rapid personal and spiritual growth. But it also demands increased learning, responsibility, balance, awareness and discipline. It is up to the recipient to accept its challenge. Number 11 vibrates at a much higher frequency of energy and those who have it in the core area of their numerology chart will be substantially influenced by high and low energy fluctuations; therefore they must learn to seek balance in all areas of their life.

These individuals are continually tested by Master 11 to learn how to be authentically truthful to self, as well as to others, and to practice the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do to you.” What they are learning to master is humanitarian qualities influenced by higher wisdom, so that they can encourage others by example in order to be a positive inspiration to those who follow.

Does 11:11:11 signify good luck or bad luck?

1. It depends on your beliefs and what you perceive as truth to you and only you. 2. It depends on what lifestyle you have chosen and what energy frequency you choose to vibrate at. According to the law of attraction the frequency of energy that you emit (or send out) is exactly what you attract back to you. So if you choose to live in chaos or think and act destructively, then you have a greater chance of experiencing 11:11:11 as a bad luck omen. However, you always maintain power of choice (free will) for whether you attract good luck or bad luck regardless of whether the date is considered auspicious or not. 3. It depends on whether, out of ignorance, lack of education, brainwashing or fear, you willing and blindly believe, practice and follow, without question, the beliefs, superstitions or customs passed from generation to generation or from established organizations or groups.

Is there a significant prophecy relative to 11:11:11?

1. Again, it depends on your beliefs and what you perceive as truth to you and only you.

2. Be aware that prophecies can also promote mass panic, fear and control, without people actually realizing the real cause or motivation.

3. Understand that anyone can make a prediction or state an opinion, but the question remains... “Is it true?”

A possible interpretation (not prophecy) for 11:11:11 could be…….

1. A month for people to achieve greater awareness and acceptance, as well as show inner strength of conviction in order to overcome challenges or re-occurring obstacles.

2. A day that encourages people to seek balance within and to be true and good to self, as well as to others.

3. A year in which, through balance and strength, promotes rapid and influential personal, spiritual or global progress and development that in turn induces higher levels of world-wide consciousness and over-all positive growth.

Used within this context, the energy of 11:11:11 remains undoubtedly positive, progressive and uplifting.

Strength, Balance and Contentment

Although the study of numbers is quite fascinating, it is better to avoid conducting your life based on superstitious beliefs, theoretical omens or perceived prophecies. Instead of wondering or worrying about whether 11:11:11 promotes a good or bad influence, learn to relax so that you enjoy whatever strength, balance and contentment offered through its unique energy. In other words, instead of trying to use a number to generate an ideal situation, learn to pursue what feels genuine to you.

It is far better to make decisions by using common sense and by determining complete truth to the matter. As well, it is equally important to learn to listen, trust and follow your gut instinct, intuition or higher guidance. Doing so will insure that the influence of numbers, whether deemed special, auspicious or misfortunate, can never (or should never) override personal freedom and authentic truth.

About the Author

Margaret Jang is a Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner, Numerologist, Intuitive, and a Spiritual/Inspirational Poet & Writer. She currently resides in Vancouver, BC and can be contacted at margjang@gmail.com or through her website www.margaretjang.com.

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