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Expand Your Energy Vibration to Connect With Spirit Guides - Part 2

About the Author

Margaret Jang is a Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner, Numerologist, Intuitive, and a Spiritual/Inspirational Poet & Writer. She currently resides in Vancouver, BC and can be contacted at margjang@gmail.com or through her website www.margaretjang.com.

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Expand Your Energy Vibration to Connect With Spirit Guides - Part 2

Keep A Daily Journal

A suggestion is to use a large 3-ring binder with an index Jan-Dec. After each session, write your experience with as much detail as possible.


1. Encourages your development process

2. Expands your level of awareness

3. Gives visual evidence of your progress

4. Shows when you receive "hits" or successes

5. Shows you when you are not paying attention

What to include in your journal:

1. Affirmations or inspirations

2. All impressions received and through which inner sense (see, hear, feel, sense, know, smell, taste)

3. All thoughts received and specify through which inner sense

4. Channelled messages (avoid editing)

5. Coincidences (things that happen at the same time)

6. Synchronicities (meaningful coincidences where two or more unrelated events happen at the same time in a similar fashion)

7. Date and time

8. Events that occur during sleep (dreams, images, emotions)

9. Numbers that continually appear (time, license plate, dates, addresses, birthdates)

10. Personal goals and desires

11. Pictures and symbols received

Sensations You May Experience

During connection you may experience some of the following, do not be alarmed, it's normal.

1. Feel cold, heat, tingling, a breeze

2. Feel or sense a "presence" or an energy

3. Feel pressure at the base of your brain

4. Feel pressure on top of your head (at crown)

5. Feel pressure or tingling between your eyes (3rd eye)

6. Hear voices without a physical source

7. See symbols, colours, words, orbs of light, or pictures through your 3rd eye, not your physical eyes

8. Smell odours without a physical source

9. Taste flavours without a physical source

Caution: If you feel uncomfortable because you attracted a lower vibrating energy (also called negative energy), ask it to leave immediately, to return to the light. A high level guide always puts your growth and best interest first.

(Step 1) Set Your Intention - Protect To Connect

Set your intention before connecting. Ask for a column of white light from Source to surround you in protection and to ground you to Mother Earth.

Steps for setting your intention

1. Close your eyes, take 3-deep breaths and relax

2. Focus your awareness or attention to your centre (heart area)

3. Focus your inner vision to your inner screen (your inner screen is about 6 to 12-inches in front of your physical eyes) in front of your 3rd eye

4. Intention can be said aloud or silently

Example phrase for setting your intention

"As I connect to my soul, my higher self, my spirit team and to Source, creator of universal life force energy and my soul self, I ask Source to send forth a column of white light to surround me in protection and to ground me to the centre core of Mother Earth. I know that I am safe and secure at all times as I endeavour to connect to spirit."

(Step 2) Instant Trigger To Meet Your Guide

This trigger technique instantly takes you to Alpha level.

1. Close your eyes, take 3-deep breaths and relax

2. Press your right thumb, index and middle fingers together to program your instant trigger

3. Now say silently or aloud, "Each time I join my fingers like this [press your 3-fingers together], I will instantly connect with my guide at our special meeting place (visualize a special place. E.g. a garden, beside a riverbank, in a meadow, etc.). When I want to end my connection with my guide I will rub my fingers together then open my eyes and I will feel instantly alert and fully conscious in the present"

4. Wait to sense (heat, cold, breeze, tingling, goose-bumps, etc.) or visualize your guide, then greet him/her

5. Ask for a name or ask if it is from the universal light (wait for a thought or a feeling to come through)

6. Then feel free to ask for guidance, messages, inspirations, knowledge or wisdom, but avoid asking silly questions

7. If you don't sense or visualize your guide, then repeat the programming each day until you do

(Step 3) Phrasing A Question

1. Avoid compound or multiple questions and avoid giving your own power away by using sentences prefixed with, "What should I do?"

2. Be as detailed as possible

Example questions to ask your guide

1. Ask, "Are you the highest level guide that I can attract at this time?"

2. Ask, "What may I call you?"

3. Ask, "Are you from the Light?"

4. Ask, "How may I attract a higher level guide?"

5. Ask, "Please explain or show me what my best options would be for ......"

6. Ask, "Please give me guidance for .........."

7. Ask, "Please help me to remember where I put my ........"

8. Ask, "Please assist me in realizing what gifts I possess that will benefit........"

9. Ask, "How may I use my gifts most effectively to benefit my soul's growth?"

10. Ask, "Please give me guidance on how I may complete my soul's mission in this lifetime"

11. Ask, "What lessons do I still need to learn in order to complete my soul's contract?"

12. Ask, "I am trying to decide between.......... and ............, please give me guidance so that I understand what my best option would be for all concerned"

13. If the above suggestions are unsuitable, then ask whatever questions you wish

(Step 4) Thanks And Gratitude

Before disconnecting, express your respect, gratitude and humbleness to your guides for their assistance.

Example phrase for thanks and gratitude

"I give thanks and gratitude for the guidance, assistance and blessings that I have received - thank-you, thank-you, thank-you"

Note: The first thank-you is to acknowledge Source (also referred to as God, I Am, Divine Source, Spirit, etc.), the second thank-you is to acknowledge your spirit team (your personal guides, angels, ascended masters/teachers, etc.) and the third thank-you is to acknowledge your own soul, mind and body.

(Step 5) Return To Consciousness

1. Rub your fingers together, wiggle your toes, take 3-deep breaths and open your eyes when you're ready

2. Drink water, which will help to further ground you, plus hydrate your body, as well as flush out toxins/impurities and it also helps circulate energy throughout your body

3. Eat some protein if you feel light-headed or "spaced-out" (E.g. nuts or a protein bar)

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