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Take Heed When Working with Spiritual or Universal Energy

About the Author

Margaret Jang is a Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner, Numerologist, Intuitive, and a Spiritual/Inspirational Poet & Writer. She currently resides in Vancouver, BC and can be contacted at margjang@gmail.com or through her website www.margaretjang.com.

Take Heed When Working with Spiritual or Universal Energy

Whether you use spiritual or universal energy for healing arts, such as Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Spiritual Healing, Faith Healing, Power Healing, Gemstone Therapy, etc. or for the Psychic Arts such as mediumship or channelling, you should be aware that when utilizing these modalities, you will be working with your higher chakras - heart, throat, 3rd eye and crown. Ultimately, when engaged, your body should be functioning at a higher frequency of energy vibration; this in turn affects the vibration for everything surrounding you.

Just for fun why don't you observe this vibration? Here is how......

1. Sit comfortably, close your eyes and take 3-deep breaths to relax

2. Just concentrate on "feeling" - be aware of your surrounding environment, as well as your physical body - try to "feel" the vibrations

3. Now turn your awareness to your 3rd Eye Chakra (between your eyebrows) and breathe deeply through this centre - in and out, slowly, deeply and steadily; continue for 15 minutes (set a timer to help gauge your time)

4. When the time is up, return to present consciousness by rubbing your fingers together, wiggling your toes and taking 3-deep breaths before opening your eyes

5. Immediately observe and feel the vibrations around you. "Has the vibration around you increased? or Has your own body's vibration increased?"

6. Write down your observations for future reference

When working with your higher energy centres, it is important to develop and raise your energy vibrational level so that your body remains strong and clear - this is crucial to your over-all health. If you fail to do this, then you risk breaking down your own energy resources at all levels - physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

Your four bodies, or levels, must always subsist in unison - they must work in balance and harmony. Without proper balance, strength, focus, intention and clarity, you will be unable to channel vast amounts of energy through you or you may find that the duration for which you channel is short-lived and you become exhausted. No two people are the same; therefore, resist comparing your progress to that of others; this is not a case in which you should demonstrate competitiveness; your only concern should be your own progress and state of being. Should you encounter a set-back, you will exhibit your own unique symptoms indicating imbalance.

If you are unsure whether you are at risk for energy instability, here are some common indicators that you should be aware of....

1. Your mind wanders - it is difficult to focus and your thoughts are cloudy or unclear

2. You experience sudden mood swings without just cause

3. You gain excessive weight (many excuse this as a method for grounding themselves, E.g. eating protein after doing psychic work to re-energize or for grounding purposes)

4. A sudden loss of weight without just cause (Note: if this happens suddenly or rapidly without dieting, be sure to get a medical check-up to rule out any physical malady)

5. Women may experience menstrual interruptions

6. You experience body, jaw or muscle tightness or tension resulting in pain

7. You experience tension or migraine headaches

8. Breathing becomes restricted in which you feel tightness, heart irregularity or can only take short, small, shallow breaths

9. Sleep becomes erratic where you may become either more tired and always feel tired or you suffer insomnia

10. You suddenly become attracted to wearing coloured clothing that grounds you and shy away from colours that feel too intense or you may resort to wearing soothing/relaxing colours

11. You become accident prone - pay attention to where you are injuring yourself or how you are sustaining the injuries

12. Dreams become more intense or more vivid - pay attention to their meaning or what messages they may be relaying

13. While working with energy, you experience (internal or external) shaking or quaking, indicating a weak nervous system or an imbalance in your four bodies (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual)

14. You start increasing your intake of stimulants such as caffeine, but remember, over-indulgence will weaken your nervous system

The above indicators are wake-up calls to make you aware that you need to work on yourself. This means that you need to strengthen and revitalize your own energy resources. Failure to do this may create the following circumstances.....

1. Information received through your inner senses becomes cloudy or unclear - you lose the clarity that is vital to your work

2. You are more prone for becoming mentally or emotionally unbalanced or unstable

3. Ego/personality dominates received information and your interpretations become inaccurate - you lose integrity

4. Energy is unable to travel from your lower chakras (root, sacral or solar plexus) through your heart chakra (connection point) and into your higher chakras (throat, 3rd eye and crown), thus the energy gets stuck in the lower centres. If your energy is unable to travel into the higher chakras, then the energy that you use will come primarily from the lower chakras making you susceptible to negative, ego-driven actions such as....

1. Power tripping

2. Continually justifying and excusing your own inappropriate behaviour

3. Exploiting others or situations to increase your own personal gain

4. Becoming sexually unbalanced

5. Controlling or dominating others or situations in order to boost your self-esteem

So how do you strengthen and revitalize your energy system? First, it starts by consciously making right-choices for living a balanced, harmonious lifestyle. Of course this doesn't mean to say that you must live in a monastic way; it only means that you should try to enable stability into your daily life.

Here are some suggestions for how to achieve this....

1. Slow........down

2. Detach from what you cannot control

3. Release outmoded pre-conditioned ideas or set patterns that do not give you a positive feeling

4. Discard what no longer serves you, whether it is material objects, relationships or activities

5. De-stress from a demanding, active daily schedule - eliminate the unnecessary

6. Be mindful, accountable and practical to sustain healthy finances, enjoyable employment and suitable living conditions in order to reduce unnecessary worry - if these are not kept in check, they will only create mental and emotional stress

7. Exercise in moderation to strengthen your core muscles, plus give you increased flexibility

8. Practice deep breathing to strengthen your heart, lungs, release toxins, encourage cellular regeneration and to circulate blood and energy throughout your body, as well as nourish your brain

9. Meditate to calm and centre your being, as well as re-connect your soul and higher self to the spiritual/universal realm - ask for guidance and assistance and express thanks and gratitude for whatever is received

10. Practice chakra exercises to open and balance them, but just remember to close them down before venturing out into a public place (Note: when closing down your chakras, leave a small opening in each one to allow for continuous energy flow)

11. Practice grounding, protection and cleansing techniques, especially before and after performing an energy healing session or psychic sessions (mediumship, channelling or development)

12. Practice daily, energy self-healing techniques such as Reiki, in order to unblock and balance your chakras, promote calmness, strengthen your spiritual connection and circulate energy both-ways - from spiritual/universal source to you and vice-versa

13. Enjoy each moment, in the moment

14. Cherish nature and animals

15. Surround yourself with loving, like-minded individuals - eliminate toxic relationships

16. Eat and drink in moderation and as nutritiously as possible

17. Avoid medicating yourself unnecessarily (Note: continue taking medication prescribed by a medical physician, but be mindful and educate yourself about each medication)

18. Drink plenty of fresh water to hydrate, plus to help flush toxins from your system and to circulate energy throughout your body - (Remember - you are an energy being and water helps to circulate energy. Also, your brain cannot function at maximum capacity without proper amounts of water)

19. Love and forgive unconditionally past or present grievances; this includes yourself and others

20. Avoid absorbing other people's energies or problems - you can still remain caring and loving, but in a more balanced and detached manner - avoid establishing co-dependant situations

21. Practice positive affirmations and visualizations (Remember - thoughts are energy, which create action and in turn creates your present reality)

22. Pamper yourself with massages, reflexology, music, singing, writing, theatre, reading, swimming, walking - basically whatever gives you peacefulness and joy

23. Get adequate sleep - this will vary with each individual, but you should wake up feeling refreshed and invigorated without resorting to stimulants such as caffeine

24. Express gratitude each day for all blessings and gifts received from the universe

Working with spiritual/universal energy requires careful attention and shouldn't be dismissed as being unimportant or trivial. Regardless of whether you are an energy healer or a psychic worker, you want to be as resilient and effective as possible, but in order to accomplish this you must take full responsibility for your own well-being. You cannot expect to successfully or effectively help others if you are unable to control and maintain your own equilibrium and well-being. Therefore, first concentrate to build and strengthen your own energy before attempting to assist others.

Hopefully this article has stirred your awareness for how or why you should concentrate on keeping yourself vigorously fit - mind, body and spirit. As you continue to explore, learn and evolve, your embracement of spiritual/universal energy can only present you with inner contentment and absolute joyfulness.

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