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Married With Children FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Married With Children.

This FAQ about Married With Children was compiled and written by Dean Adams dadams@netcom.com with numerous contributions by others.

Note: you may freely distribute this guide in electronic form for personal use, provided it is distributed in it's entirety, and with all original author and copyright information intact. Any sales of this document are expressly forbidden, without the specific consent of the author.

[ Copyright (c) 1996, Dean Adams. All rights reserved. ]

dadams@netcom.com, dnadams@nyx.net
{ http://www.nyx.net/~dnadams }

-01 First season episodes (1987) (Married With Children)
Regular cast:...
-02 Second season episodes (1987-88) (Married With Children)
-03 Third season episodes (1988-89) (Married With Children)
-04 Fourth season episodes (1989-90) (Married With Children)
-05 Fifth season episodes (1990-91) (Married With Children)
-06 Sixth season episodes (1991-92) (Married With Children)
-07 Seventh season episodes (1992-93) (Married With Children)
-08 Ninth season episodes (1994-95) (Married With Children)
-09 Tenth season episodes (1995-96) (Married With Children)
-10 Specials (Married With Children)
-11 Title listings - Air Date Order (Married With Children)
-12 Title listings - Alphabetical Order (Married With Children)
-13 Guest cast listing (Married With Children)
-14 Guest cast listing - continued (Married With Children)
-15 Writing credits (Married With Children)
-16 Directing credits (Married With Children)
First/Second season Linda ...
-17 The lost show (Married With Children)
-18 Bundyisms p1 (Married With Children)
-19 Bundyisms p2 (Married With Children)
-20 Program notes (Married With Children)
-21 Married With Children producers
MWC producers/creators Leavitt and Moye have each made appearances ...
-22 Married With Children production
Married With Children is produced by ELP Communications and Columbia ...
-23 Married With Children Comic book
NOW Comics released a series of comic books based on Married ...
-24 Married With Children Syndication notes:
Four episodes that originally aired on the Fox network were ...
-25 Married With Children Centerfolds:
The following guest stars have posed in a less-than-clothed condition....
-26 Married With Children Spinoffs:
In the spring of 1991, Fox started a new series called Top of the Heap, ...
-27 Married With Children internet resources:
Usenet newsgroup: alt.tv....

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