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Calves' Liver with Beetroot


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Calves' Liver with Beetroot

From: Iain D. Bowen <alaric@harlech.demon.co.uk>

(This isn't mine, it is adapted from Alastair Little's....)

Calves' Liver with Beetroot (for two)

* 2 slices of calves liver (approx 6oz/170g)
* 4 tsp of plain flour
* 1 shallot
* 1 small cooked beetroot
* chives
* 3oz/85g of butter
* 1 tsp of good vinegar (sherry, white wine)
* 4tsp veal stock (or chicken stock or even chicken consomme NOT
stock cubes)
* salt & pepper
* fresh Horseradish
* freshly chopped dill
* (a little smetana can be added, but I think you'll find it rich

Mise en place

Season the flour, dice the shallot, thinly slice the peeled beetroot,
chop the chives


Put the pan over a medium heat with half teh butter, coat the liver
with the seasons flour, hold each piece and remove excess flour.

As the butter foams, add the liver and saut'e it for about 90 seconds
on each side. Transfer to warmed plates and keep warm.

Turn up teh heat. Add the shallot, beetroot and vinegar and cook for a
minute. Add the stock/consomme and boil vigourously until it is
coloured by the beetroot and slightly syrupy. Take off the heat and
swirl in the remaining butter (and smetana if used).


Pour this sauce over the liver and strew with chopped chives and
dill. Place a little grated horseradish on the side. Serves 2.


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