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The Finale! - Completing Reiki Master/Teacher Level

About the Author

Margaret Jang is a Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner, Numerologist, Intuitive, and a Spiritual/Inspirational Poet & Writer. She currently resides in Vancouver, BC and can be contacted at margjang@gmail.com or through her website www.margaretjang.com.

The Finale! - Completing Reiki Master/Teacher Level

Just for clarification.....in my Reiki curriculum, because I follow the original three-level system of Usui Shiki Ryoho (or Usui Style Healing), my Master/Teacher Level is considered the third and final level of Reiki. However, some teachers offer a four-tier system (or more); therefore, their set-up for the various levels and course material will slightly vary.

By now you most likely completed Reiki Level 1 (Self-healing Level) and Reiki Level 2 (Practitioner's Level) - wonderful, what an excellent accomplishment! And now you are seriously and eagerly pondering the final level - Reiki Master/Teacher Level (Teaching Level). What an exciting undertaking this is and what a marvellous benefit you can offer to humanity, the planet and to the universe!

In Reiki Master/Teacher Level, you receive one attunement to the Usui Master symbol. You learn two new symbols - how to draw and use them. As well, you are taught how to pass attunments to others for all three levels, plus you are instructed about the basics for teaching.

Many times I have been asked, "Is it an absolute requirement to teach after taking the Master/Teacher Level?" The answer is simply 'No', although this is fundamentally the objective for this level; however, it is not necessarily an obligation that you must strictly adhere to. Quite often students only want to increase their knowledge base and teaching is furthermost from their immediate plans.

Perhaps you just want the additional knowledge in order to enhance your healing skills. Or perhaps you have decided to teach at a later date, but prefer to finish your studies now. These are all valid motives to be respected and whatever your prime reason is for wishing to advance to the Reiki Master/Teacher Level, it will certainly be the right choice for you. However, just be certain that your decision is not based solely on promoting your self-image or to boost your ego or misleadingly think that your 'healing powers' will increase substantially.

But for those who think that they really want to become teachers, before making your final decision, first reflect on why you want to become a Reiki Master/Teacher. "Do you really want to teach?" "Do you want the additional work and responsibility for creating course material and manuals?" "Are you a good communicator?" "How would you rate your health and energy level - are you already feeling stressed with your present schedule?" "Do you have the space or facility for teaching?" "Do you want the increased responsibility for operating a business?" There are many reasons to consider, so be sure to deliberate with clarity, honesty and practicality.

In Reiki Level 1, you sensed spiritual energy and in Reiki Level 2, you called and consciously directed spiritual energy, but in Reiki Master/Teacher Level, you become spiritual energy - the main focus is about seriously and consciously committing yourself to living a 'balanced' lifestyle and also.....

1. Understanding the healing art of Reiki

2. Offering a healing and teaching practice

3. Offering a practitioner's practicum or Reiki Share

4. Maintaining spiritual discipline

5. Exhibiting un-conditional love and empathy for all things

6. Becoming a role model for others

7. Becoming a universal servant for humanity

To be a Reiki Master/Teacher requires more than just receiving certification - it requires being responsible to operate a viable teaching facility and to remain dedicated to your core values. Your knowledge, experience, understanding and compassion are essential assets. Showing wisdom and coaching with encouragement to empower the student's potential are also hallmarks for being an 'effective' teacher. And teaching doesn't stop once the workshop is over - you should be willing to remain available to your students in the event that they require additional assistance or guidance.

Another important consideration is....."Who will be your Reiki Master/Teacher....who can give you the support that you need during your final steps?"

Often students ask if they are obligated to stay with the same Reiki Master/Teacher. 'No', of course not, you have free-will; therefore, free choice. But if you have taken the first levels with the same Reiki Master/Teacher, then I encourage you to stay with the same teacher (regardless of their fee), because by now a comfortable, trusting rapport has been established and this is very important to your learning process. Naturally, if you encounter a major personality conflict or just cannot afford what you consider excessive fees or if you feel that you really need the experience of learning from another teacher, then these are also areas that need to be addressed - but again, use careful discretion; don't just switch for trivial reasons.

There are those who disagree with taking a Reiki Master/Teacher Level 'weekend workshop' and strongly feel that this level should be offered in the Japanese traditional manner in which a student apprentices with their Reiki Master/Teacher for several years. But in modern times, this method is no longer feasible; especially since most men and women hold full-time jobs, have family obligations and busy schedules to meet. In our fast-paced Western society, the 'traditional' methods are no longer practical considerations. Presumably, apprenticing in our present day is unnecessary and has become obsolete. Usually, students who feel strongly about apprenticing lack focus, self-motivation and self-confidence in their own abilities. Quite frankly, students should encounter no problems as long as their Reiki Master/Teacher is available to give additional guidance should it be required.

Some students may become disenchanted with having to learn 'specialized/advanced/New Age' techniques such as incorporating sound, colour, crystals, laser beaming, chanting, drumming or affirmations, which really are not part of the original healing art of Reiki. But in spite of this, it is important to keep an open and accepting attitude in order to benefit most effectively. If your teacher possesses integrity, plus an endearing ego-less personality, open-mindedness and passionately teaches with truth, love and compassion, then filter the information taught, discard what you disagree with and retain what makes sense to you. Truthfully, you will never agree 100% with any teacher; therefore, look for virtues in the teacher that resonate harmoniously to you.

For those who successfully complete Reiki Master/Teacher Level and carry on to become Reiki teachers, it is impossible to imagine changing, healing or teaching masses of people at once, but each time you are able to make a positive difference in just one person's life, by sincerely sharing your accumulated knowledge and wisdom, then as a Reiki Master/Teacher, you are performing an exceptional service. Congratulations for your valued contribution to humanity!

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