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What about Free Reiki Attunements?

What about Free Reiki Attunements?

Someone at alt.healing.reiki has asked:

What about the increasing cost of Reiki attunements, I am fortunate my friend is a Reiki master and at the moment I am Reiki 11 we have a barter system where a nominal cost is incurred but I know people who have paid between 50 and 300 for a Reiki 1 this is totally outrageous as it goes against all the principles of Reiki. What are your feelings?

ShadowWolf gave replied with an interesting answer:

This is always a topic of discussion that presents many views/opinions.

One aspect to consider is what the Reiki Master actually provides for a person wishing to begin Reiki. Is it merely an attunement which takes a few minutes or do they provide something else? Is the attunement done in person or distantly?

Simple questions of course and yet the answers remain quite varied.

About Free Attunements

The concept of providing Free Attunements did not begin with the GRMA or with ShadowWolf. They were first provided by several other Reiki Masters as a means of introducing Reiki to people. What was originally offered were Attunements to the first degree (level1) in Usui Reiki.

After receiving the first level it became necessary for the person to pay a normal fee for the Second Degree (Level2) in Usui Reiki and follow that with levels 3& 4.

Now please understand there is absolutely nothing improper about that practice, it is a basic marketing concept and it servers the purpose of introducing Reiki into the lives of people who would perhaps never have attempted to try it if they were forced to pay first.

The GRMA does not charge for providing Attunements and will continue in the same light. We do however charge for other areas involved in the process of extended teaching.

ShadowWolf {Rev. A. Joseph "Running Wolf" Sparti} however had come to the realization a few years earlier that included in the marketing aspects of Reiki was the presentation of Degree or Levels in the Reiki System. His personal research showed clearly that regardless of the Degree held by a practitioner the ensuing results of their healing sessions on others remained identical. With a clear understanding of how and why rituals work he proceeded to the most logical next step.

One Singular Attunement {Initiation) where the receivers would gain Full Empowerment.

This was unheard of at the time and was considered outrageous by current Reiki Masters in the Reiki Community.

Today thousands of Reiki Masters around the Globe have received full empowerment in the form of the ShadowWolf's Singular Attunement Process.

It is important that one begin with the understanding that the "Life Force" is already within all living things. It is not given to anyone by another being, if anything it is merely gently awakened by means of a process known as a Ritual or Initiation {Attunement} performed by a Reiki Master. The Ritual itself provides the means for any individual to release and accept their own natural ability to utilise this Spiritual Energy Life Force.

{Although not common it should be noted here that there are people who have been able to accept this ability without the direct aid of another being. Their abilities should not be considered any less as it is after all} One and the Same Life Force.

A singular Attunement does not provide "Experience". It does provide the means to become fully "Self-Empowered".

Experience in the use of Spiritual Energy Life Force is only acquired through the actual practice of performing Reiki on Self and Others.

Receiving a Single Attunement for Full Empowerment does not diminish the learning process in any manner nor does it prevent anyone from receiving additional Attunements whenever they feel the need for such Attunements.

What is different is that there are no restrictions placed on any individual pertaining to how they are able to work with the Life Force. In both cases the new Reiki practitioner will progress with their learning by the actual use of the Life Force.

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