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Treating Cancer with Reiki

About the Author

Margaret Jang is a Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner, Numerologist, Intuitive, and a Spiritual/Inspirational Poet & Writer. She currently resides in Vancouver, BC and can be contacted at margjang@gmail.com or through her website www.margaretjang.com.

Treating Cancer with Reiki

Reiki is an energy-based, holistic healing modality introduced into Japan by Mikao Usui in the late 1800's. It uses light-touch hand placement on or above the body, together with Reiki symbols. The Reiki practitioner acts as an energy conduit, or channel, who directs the flow of spiritual or universal energy to influence not only the physical body, but also the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies as well.

My initial experience using Reiki to treat a cancer patient pre-dates to 2002. In this particular case, the medical prognosis was terminal; therefore, Reiki was only used to provide additional inner peace, balance and comfort during the patient's final weeks. Reiki induced deep sleep and relaxation, thus alleviating stress and discomfort. From the feedback that I received, Reiki provided an immense "floating" feeling of well-being felt at the spiritual level.

During transition (or the dying) process, Reiki was only applied above the heart chakra (at the physician's request) to aid the soul or spirit while it departed from the physical body. It is interesting to note, that while using a pendulum to measure the energy flow, it indicated no energy activity in the chakras from the throat to the root. However, there was a tremendous energy build-up starting at the third eye chakra, with a huge culmination of energy at the crown chakra.

This was a truly amazing event, which left me marvelling at how the energy of Reiki assisted a terminally ill patient to succumb calmly to the inevitable, while still maintaining peaceful dignity. By creating a more relaxed outlook, Reiki enabled the patient to openly express last minute concerns and soothed any fear of death. As was explained to me by the patient, "It's just like turning another chapter of a book; there is nothing to be afraid of and I'm not scared."

Reiki created such a peaceful state of mind that it aided in clearer comprehension or realization of the current situation, even if it was not a favourable prognosis. A deeper understanding occurred, on a higher level of consciousness, where the patient realized that the soul was really elevating itself to a higher, purer resonance, so it could then return to its spiritual source. Reiki taught me that there is no death of the soul/spirit; there is only a transition of energy from one state of existence to another, whereby anything solid or physical is left behind.

Although I was originally taught to avoid applying Reiki directly to a cancerous area, because its energy promotes rapid cellular regeneration (not good if the original cells are cancerous), I now realize that despite this concept, it is more important to implement proper focus and intention to the healing regiment. Before beginning treatment, the Reiki practitioner should clearly state a specific intention for the healing. Once this is established, then during the treatment session, the healing energy of Reiki will follow whatever directive given. Both the Reiki practitioner and the patient/client should always remember about the power of thought and its therapeutic mind-body-soul connection. All thought is energy - energy creates action - action becomes your reality.

The American Cancer Society clearly regards and promotes Reiki as a safe, complimentary cancer therapy. Through their studies, they purport that since Reiki does not manipulate tissue (as does body massage or reflexology), it is considered to be a non-invasive, effective therapy. Their studies also acknowledge that Reiki induces relaxation, lowers the heart rate and reduces stress; in turn this promotes better, faster healing.

For those who presently suffer with cancer and wonder if they should risk trying Reiki, it remains an arduous dilemma. As with any treatment, whether it's traditional or a complimentary alternative, you are still required to take a gamble. There are no guarantees and any Reiki practitioner who promises a "cure", should not only be avoided, but should be chastised for making unwarranted promises. Although Reiki has not been scientifically proven to kill or eradicate cancer cells, it has been proven to dramatically improve pain levels and increase over-all comfort, which thus reduces the dosage of pain medication. As a result, Reiki motivates the patient/client's desire to get well. Based on these findings, it would be worthwhile to at least try the soothing benefits of Reiki.

From a Holistic Viewpoint, What Creates Cancer?

Chronic illness is created when there is disparity between the soul (spirit) and the personality (ego) or an imbalance among the four bodies - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. As a result, each type of cancer will evolve from its own particular origin. Reiki treatment should be applied with care and consideration to the underlying "root" cause. Generally, cancer manifests when the immune system is out of alignment.

How Can Reiki Help Treat Cancer?

1. Reiki re-balances, enhances and stabilizes the immune system, thus encouraging the body to heal itself, but Reiki does not and will not "cure" cancer

2. Reiki harmonizes and balances the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels/bodies allowing energy to flow freely to improve the inter-action between the four levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual)

3. Reiki lowers stress, inducing peacefulness and calmness

4. Reiki relieves pain, aiding in the overall comfort level

5. Reiki balances the main chakras inducing balance "within"

6. Reiki releases energy blockages, toxins and impurities from the four levels or bodies (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual)

7. Reiki lowers the heart rate

8. Reiki reduces the effects of nausea caused from chemotherapy treatment

9. Reiki helps to regenerate cellular growth

10. Reiki accelerates healing

11. Reiki strengthens the ability to heal yourself

Where Healing Starts

First heal the emotional and spiritual bodies - this requires un-conditional love and forgiveness

1. Take full responsibility for your present state of being; for your own life. Avoid "victim" mentality and resist playing the "blame" game; instead, change your attitude or thinking pattern and become accountable, informed and empowered

2. Empower yourself by applying daily self-healing Reiki techniques learned through attunement to Reiki Level 1 (self-healing level)

3. Release and forgive unconditionally, yourself and others, who have wronged you (past or present lifetimes) or who may have contributed to your present state of being. As well, release old cells, plus cellular or thought patterns that impede your healing

4. Love yourself and others unconditionally - acknowledge and accept good traits, as well as flaws and weaknesses, as well as strengths

5. Believe and trust in your abilities - you are a unique, powerful spiritual being

6. Build self-esteem and self-confidence "within" - your opinion is the only one that truly matters

7. Release judgements for yourself and others

8. Uncover and release - physical or emotional root cause for the disease such as....

1. Deep underlying grief

2. Fears that control you

3. Hidden or controlled deep-seated anger (passive/aggressive behaviour)

4. Destructive behaviour

5. Lack of nurturing

6. Trauma occurring before puberty

Considerations for Reiki Practitioner and Patient/Client

1. Both the Reiki practitioner and the patient/client should only focus energy and attention on the wellness of the patient/client, rather than on the illness. There must first be a change in consciousness before healing can begin. "Like" energy attracts "like" energy, so where you place all your attention is the type of energy that you will attract. This is based on the Law of Attraction.....what you think, you will feel - what you feel, you will energetically vibrate at - what you energetically vibrate at, you will attract that same energy to you. So for healing to commence, it is important to break the present energetic frequency cycle and raise it to a higher vibrating frequency range.

2. The patient/client must initiate their own healing by asking for it (if they are physically able to do so) and by participating in it - it is pointless to coerce any type of healing modality that is not accepted or wanted.

3. It is absolutely necessary for both the Reiki practitioner and the patient/client to utilize an attitude of non-attachment to the end result.

Implement a Daily Healing Routine - in addition to receiving Reiki treatment, conventional treatment or any other complimentary treatment, it is also important to establish positive changes in your daily life. Below are suggestions, to use as a guideline, that will aid in your healing process and well-being.

1. Lifestyle

1. Continue to follow your physician's conventional treatment plan, but educate yourself about the benefits or consequences of each medication or treatment

2. Investigate other complimentary, alternative modalities that may also help to alleviate drug or treatment side effects

3. Remove as many stressors from your life as possible

4. Eat balanced and nutritious foods

5. Eliminate or change anything that does not benefit your highest good (this may be food, alcohol, tobacco products, people, situations, or employment)

6. Watch how you think, act and speak - always react positively with love, compassion and humility for yourself and others; always take the high road - this will elevate your energy vibration, enabling you to attract more positive, higher energy

7. Make an effort to know yourself intimately and to love and accept yourself unconditionally - be truthful to whom you really are and live your life accordingly. In other words, live for who you are, instead of trying to please others or make "false" impressions

8. Enjoy and do whatever you feel a deep urge or motivation towards - it's never too late to learn something new. Resist making excuses, delaying or procrastinating, because you will be the only loser

9. Let go of "control"; learn to relax and just go with the flow. Remember, it is a waste of time and energy to manipulate or worry about situations or others in order to feed your own wants or needs

2. Daily Affirmation - use affirmations that are positive and that are in the present tense

1. Avoid using: I Think - this denotes a possibility for the future that is not fully believable yet

2. Avoid using: I Will - this denotes a thought about to be realized, but not quite ready - it's a bit like procrastinating

3. Only Use: I AM - this denotes happening NOW, in the present time

Example Affirmation:

"Everyday, in every way, I AM getting better and better and better. I AM healed on all levels. I AM well"

3. Set your Intention before the Reiki Treatment (or other healing treatments) - it is your focused intention that activates Reiki healing

Example Intention:

"I ask this healing session to release all blockages, eradicate all toxins, impurities and cancer cells from my body. I ask for regeneration of only healthy cells within my body which will restore my physical energy and health. I know and believe that this healing session heals and balances me on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual"

4. When Going for Reiki Healing Treatments - always ask for spiritual guidance and help during the healing process. Although you have the ability to access help and guidance from your own soul and higher self, your soul and higher self do not always have all the answers or absolute knowledge. By asking for spiritual guidance, if necessary, your higher self will connect to the spiritual realm or to the universal source seeking higher knowledge or guidance.

5. Talk to Your Soul Daily - it is necessary to re-connect to your spiritual self (soul) in order to establish a link to your universal source. Your soul has the necessary information, knowledge and wisdom to heal you or retrieve the knowledge from the universal source, but first you must ask for its assistance and guidance; you must let your soul know that you are ready, willing and open to receive. Also, you must communicate to the area in your body that is "sick" or out of alignment and to ask for it to heal. You must accept responsibility for your present state by communicating un-conditional forgiveness and love to your soul and to the affected area.

Example Soul Talk

1. Close your eyes, take 3-deep breaths and relax

2. Just concentrate on your breath, at your heart centre, as you slowly and rhythmically breathe in and out

3. Visualize your soul self sitting in your heart centre (might be in the form of a small child or it might be a younger version of you)

4. Ask your soul to give you advise and guidance as to how you can heal completely from the cancer in your physical body

5. Ask your soul how you can help to improve your physical well-being

6. Tell your soul that (past and present time) you unconditionally forgive yourself, plus all circumstances, as well as anybody who may have contributed to your current state or condition

7. Tell your soul that you wish to release and be free from all limiting behaviour or thought patterns which do not serve your highest good

8. Tell your soul that you are ready and open to receive messages and information that will benefit your healing journey conducive to your highest good

9. Now talk directly to your cancerous area and ask for forgiveness for causing its distress and ask for it to heal itself

10. Tell your cancerous area that you love it and thank it for serving you well

11. Tell your cancerous area that you will be so grateful to have your health restored 100% and that once you are completely well, that you will be sure to love and care for yourself in a most positive way

12. Listen carefully for any information or messages - a very quiet voice, a symbol, a feeling, a thought, an urge

13. Do not discount what information you receive

6. Each Night - say a prayer of gratitude....

Example Prayer:

"As I connect to my soul, my higher self, my spirit family, my spirit healing team and to my spiritual source, I give thanks and gratitude for all blessings, gifts, inspirations, information, knowledge, wisdom and healing received and shared - thank-you, thank-you, thank-you"

As a complimentary therapy for cancer treatment, Reiki should be embraced as a valuable and viable healing "tool". Its energy will ignite a flame deep within, which will then expand to heal on all levels; this is especially important since true healing requires a mind-body-soul connection. Even if you are presently sceptical about the validity of Reiki, why remain ignorant, scared or indifferent to something that may possibly help? Consider what your alternatives are - the proof is in the experience and unless you take a chance, you can only wonder.

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