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Patrick Hillenbrand's Adsense Decoded Review

Summary: Good content, Good delivery, Covers broad grounds
Rating: Content 4.5/5, Presentation 5.5/5.


Patrick delivers a set of well presented videos that teaches you how to get the most out of AdSense and related monetizing techniques. It's not that you won't be able to find most of the presented information on various forums and articles, but it'll save you dozens of hours that you'd otherwise have to put into a research. So if you want to save yourself time and do the things in a better way from the very beginning this is a very recommended program.

Detailed Review

Video 1 Introduction - 18:12 min

I like the background music, that is used as a transition from topic to another, however the tune always stops abruptly, rather than doing a smooth fading out.

Patrick starts by showing how his traffic and revenue jumped hundred times within 2 days, which should make you very curious as to how he did it.

Next Patrick raises the three most important AdSense Questions

1) How do you substantially increase how much Google pays you?
2) How and where do you source a substantial volume of instant productive traffic?
3) What are the most profitable ways to monetize on all your visitors?

which he then answers in the following videos.

Video 2 15:03 min

Video 2 provides a quick overview of available adsense formats, discussing which formats and color settings are more preferable and profitable than the others.

Patrick then reviews the rest of the important AdSense Account Setting pages.

Video 3 8:23 min

In Video 3, Patrick first explains the importance of performance tracking, for example so that you could experiment with different setups and see which ones work better. He then explains how to use AdSense's channel tracking system to track ads performance by URL and by custom channel.

Video 4 16:32 min

In this video, Patrick talks about the significance of choosing the best ad positioning, and warns that his techniques may make the CTR so high that you may want to reconsider using those, as it may take too many visitors away from your site.

He then shows half a dozen of random sites that deploy AdSense and discusses their ad placement strategies and suggests ways for improvements. (Hopefully the owners of these sites will acquire this training and improve their revenue with AdSense)

Video 5 14:51 min

Video 5 is dedicated to discussing one of the Patrick's sites, which deploys the best AdSense composition practices. In order to learn it's usually the best to have an access to the site itself and not just the snapshots, so that one could look at the source code, but Patrick doesn't expose the URL of the site, and neither I was able to find it via Google.

In the next step Patrick provides a summary of 20 best practices that he discussed and demonstrated so far.

I liked his conclusion of this video, that suggests that site visitors "want to be informed, not sold to".

Video 6 10:42 min

Video 6 talks about the 6 Most Powerful Techniques to Increase Your "Smart Pricing" Position.

"Smart Pricing" details are not disclosed by Google and there is a lot of speculation going on about those. Some publishers report that they have done extensive testing and research and released their findings into the public. Some of those suggestions make total sense, while others are somewhat questionable. My suggestion is to try those things out and see whether they work for you or not. Or use your guts feeling to decide what is good and what not.

Video 7 15:01 min

In video 7, Patrick discusses ad targeting strategies and content creation approaches. Among other suggestions, he warns against niche targeting, based on high paying keywords inputs, and suggests to rather create content targeting high-traffic keywords.

He then talks explains how to tell AdSense bots which content sections to consider for contextual targeting, which should improve the relevancy of the ads, and therefore the CTR.

He finally covers the preview tool, which provides a safe way to preview what ads will show up for a specific page and helps you to get the links to the advertisers, in case you want to block some of them. It's safe because you can click on those ads without being banned.

Video 8 15:28 min

Video 8 is dedicated primarily to using Pay Per Click (PPC) traffic generation idea to gain immediate traffic that's under your control. Patrick suggests 7 sites that he uses pretty successfully.

At the end he suggests a site for ad stats generation (there are so many such sites, I wonder why he mentions only one of those).

Video 9 15:06 min

This video talks about several other ways you could monetize your site in addition to using AdSense. There are compatibility issues to be aware, so not every advertising scheme will work. Patrick shows what's valid and what works the best for him. Among covered techniques are pay per lead, pay per impression, static text links - and of course selected sites that provide those services are presented and demoed.

Video 10 16:10 min

In this final video several AdSense traffic trading techniques are discussed. The majority of the video talks about generating opt-in mailing lists, which is the main technique used to generate recurrent traffic. Patrick talks about aweber.com and demonstrates its usage.

Now going back to the introduction video, I conclude that the 100 traffic jump is due to Patrick starting to use PPC. Though it's not clear how much money was spent on PPC, which affect the final revenue numbers. So may be that "How I made $10,852 in one month" needs to be augmented with "after all the expenses"/"net" and the number adjusted appropriately.

Update: Patrick's video can no longer be purchased

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