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Andrew Fox's Dominating Adsense Review

Summary: While some of the content is good, the delivery of the course is absolutely horrible.
Rating: Content 2/5, Presentation 1/5.

Andrew Fox (whose about page I simply can't find online) released Dominating Adsense (http://www.dominatingadsense.com/), which is yet another make-me-rich-by-buying-my-video product which tries to capitalize on the Google AdSense publishers boom. If you don't mind spending time reading material on various forums and blogs, you can find most of the information taught in those videos by yourself without spending a single dollar. That's not to say that there aren't excellent materials out there, it's just that there is a lot of products that aren't worth your time and money.

To be fair the material in that video does teach you how to improve your AdSense revenue if you are new to it and haven't read the material freely available online. So if you can't be bothered to do a research, you will certainly learn lots of new things. Here is the material Andrew covers in this training video:

  1. Choose a niche market and locate good content
  2. Where to get a website template from and basic SEO rules
  3. How to really optimise your page for search engines using free methods
  4. Inserting content into your site and place adsense on your page
  5. Setting up a Blog correctly to alert search engines and get traffic
  6. How to set up internal linking within your website to gain even more traffic
  7. Creating your site map and what software to use to get your pages indexed
  8. How to upload your website
  9. Using free announcement services to get traffic
  10. How to post your blog and how often to attract the search engines

The main problem with this product is its delivery. It's the worst recording I've ever seen. It's very sloooooooow, Andrew types very slowly and makes lots of typos, he uses a screen that's much bigger than the area caught by the video, so there is a constant screen shifting. His voice is boring and monotonous. You hear a dog barks and a phone ringing in the background. And so on and so forth. In the non-internet world, producers spend days and nights trying to create a great product. They will re-record the same scene again and again until it's perfect. Unfortunately nowadays people think that they can slap together a video in a few hours, even if it's full of obvious glitches and then sell it.

I also really dislike Andrew's marketing tactics which try to trick you into buying his product. If you go to Dominating Adsense (http://www.dominatingadsense.com/) website, you will see what I mean. It goes "the product is sold out" and give me your email address so that you will be notified as soon as it's available again. So let me tell you the secret, that product will become available just for you and very quickly and if you won't buy it right away, you've missed your chance. yeah, right...

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