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Michael Cheney's Traffic Videos Review: Part 1


This is a review of Michael Cheney's Traffic Videos brought to you by Stas Bekman (SEO Product Comparison).

Excellent Material

Michael Cheney's previous product Adsense Videos was a very useful training for myself and thousands of other publishers. This April Michael releases a new gem, which he called Traffic Videos. This product contains 7 hours worth of training videos on 10 different ways to bring a lot of traffic to your site, and obviously make more revenue that way. The product includes the very important Action Plans, that will help you to stay focused as you apply the techniques taught to you by Michael.

You will find a detailed review of each video produced by Michael in the other pages of this site (see the menu on the right side). I suggest that you read the detailed reviews to get a better idea of what you are buying.


My Rating of Traffic Videos: Content 5/5, Presentation 5/5.

Presentation: Michael has further polished his presentation skills since his last product Adsense Videos -- this time it was totally spotless.

Content: The training material is excellent and no stone was left unturned by Michael. A few times I've felt like there were too many details, but I've quickly reminded myself that not everybody has as much experience as I have. After spending about 7 hours watching the videos (which I suggest to distribute over the course of several days) and then following Michael Cheney's action plans, you should be up and running, and have a lot more traffic coming to your sites in no time.

I highly recommend this product if you are interested in getting a lot of traffic to your site and are looking for a step-by-step guide on how to easily accomplish that.

Bonus Features

Michael also includes bonus features by Web 2.0 Experts, including:

  1. Video Report "Internet Money Machines" by Online Video expert Frank Sousa
  2. "MySpace Marketing Optimizer" by MySpace expert Simon Leung
  3. "White Hat Blogging Techniques" by blogging expert Rob Benwell
  4. "Black Hat Blogging Techniques" by blogging expert Rob Benwell
  5. "How To Avoid The Top 20 Traffic Disasters" by Michael Cheney himself

Get the Traffic Videos:

The following is the detailed review!.

Offline & Press Release Traffic

In this Traffic Videos series Michael explains how to use offline media to bring traffic to your site, and then concentrates on the art of Press Releases - how they work, how to write them, how to have them published and where to do so.

Total run-time: about 45 minutes

  • How To Unlock The Secret Of Offline Traffic

    Placing ads in non-online media can bring traffic to your site, however there are several techniques to make sure that people will remember your site and that they will have an incentive to actually go and check it out, which Michael explains in that video.

  • How To Capture Hungry Traffic Using Press Releases

    Press Releases are free to publish, provide you advertising, credibility and a lot more.

  • How To Create The Perfect Press Release

    After explaining why Press Releases are so useful, in this video Michael goes into details of how to create a great press release, using his press releases as an example, and then goes into the nitty-gritty of the Press Release Copy-writing.

  • How To Get Your Press Release Published

    First Michael explains how to efficiently get to the publishers that will post your Press Release and then mentions a couple. Then he presents multiple websites that accept press releases for free, and which apparently work well for Michael. You can search for Michael Cheney on those sites to see his Press Releases [hint: you can learn from them for free].

    Next Michael covers the off-line press-releases. He explains how to find the contacts for sending the press releases, and if they can't be found how to reach the editors in charge. Then he goes into showing what should be the content of the message, so that they would actually want to publish it.

Myspace Traffic

In this Traffic Videos series Michael talks about social networking. For those who don't know it's all about moving the control over content and preferences to people. He then explains how to use MySpace (http://myspace.com) (the most popular social network as of this writing, over 100,000,000 people) and how to turn it into a huge traffic generator.

Total run-time: about 55 minutes.

  • How To Turn On The Tap Of Myspace Traffic

    What are the ways to appeal to more people? Things like humour really help to make things more genuine and believable. It's important speaking from your heart, rather than being a sales person. You've got to help people, to earn appreciation. People will follow you if you present yourself as yourself, a human... Michael calls this as 4H's (humour, help, heart, human).

    Michael Cheney then talks about the specifics of registration to MySpace, suggesting some tricks on the way (that he doesn't recommend... just mentions...). And then gives an overview of how MySpace works.

  • How To Customize Your MySpace Profile For Maximum Effect

    In this video Michael explains how to create a healthy mix of life stories and links to your sites and products. For example you could ask people to subscribe to some of your mailing lists, by embedding an HTML form into one of the fields in your profile. You could also create a slide show to quickly create a personalized account.

    It's very important to create your own URL, that will be memorable (the default is just a number, which no one will remember). You also may want to include your market-related info in your unique URL.

    The next stage is finding a good Myspace layout - he suggests some sites that offer pre-made layouts. He suggests to experiment and tinker around, so that your profile will be unique [as unique as the number of people who have downloaded the same profile].

  • Maximizing Your Myspace Traffic

    In this video Michael explains how to define your market, without getting banned. And then how to find and connect with people from the same market, by making "friends". Once connected you want to start posting comments into their pages, where you could plug in your ads. He also suggests sites that will help you create fancy graphic ads. And then you start connecting with more and more people and create a bigger network. Michael says that there are automatic tools out there to do that automatically, but he doesn't endorse you using them, as you may get banned. But he also suggests that you really want to create genuine relationships, and hence doing it in manually works much better.

    Next step is moving from individuals to groups, which is another great way to find people interested in the same market as you are. Groups provide you more ways to communicate your message.

    Then there are groups, where again you can find communities where you could make yourself known, help and contribute to others, and expand your network.

    At the end Michael Cheney mentions some tools that allow you to send communications to groups of people.

Video Traffic

Harness the power of YouTube (http://youtube.com) and other online video sharing services such as Google Video, even if you don't have a camera and then turn it into a traffic for your site. Michael teaches you how in this Traffic Videos series.

Total run-time: about 25 minutes

  • How To Unleash Traffic Torrents Using Video

    Michael Cheney starts with an explanation of what's the best way to register with YouTube, for example how to register as a guru (someone who helps people to learn something). Then he talks about screen capture software that allows you to record videos off your screen (basically that's how these very videos are done). For example you can create a slide show, record some voice and music or make sub-titles, and voilą - you have a video ready to be uploaded.

    Michael then moves on with a real demonstration on how to create a video from a slideshow, using his mic to speak-over and create a simple movie. While creating the movie you want to insert information about the site you want to advertise, both in text and in voice. Usually it works the best to put it once at the beginning of the video and once more at the end of it.

    When uploading the movie to YouTube (http://youtube.com), make sure to to provide good and exciting (but relevant) description and keywords for your video, so people could find it. After the video has been uploaded you could export the video to other sites, e.g. you could embed your video on your MySpace page (http://myspace.com/)

    But there other online video sharing services where you could upload your video to, and reach even more people, which should translate into even more traffic. Michael shows how to get your videos onto one more such service: Google Video. He starts with the process of opening the account, then moving into uploading the video and finally tagging it with essential tags.

    Finally, Michael discusses services that allow you to distribute your videos to a multitude of video sharing services in one click Apparently as of this writing there are more than 200 free video hosting services streaming billions of videos a month, and you don't want to waste hours submitting to each one of these, one at a time.

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