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08 Nostradamus: FAQ Compiler's note


This article is from the Prophecies of Nostradamus FAQ, by nanomius@netcom.com.

08 Nostradamus: FAQ Compiler's note

What is my motivation for writing this "FAQ"? In short I find these
books absolutely mesmerizing. They have opened up whole new
exhilarating research avenues for me, and I have seen deeply
receptive curiosity to the ideas out in cyberspace. However, the
books, from the perspective of pure prophecy, have exceedingly
scattered organization and superfluous and irrelevant detail and are
in desperate need of further editing, condensing, cross reference,
and interpretation. (This is not to criticize the fantastic trilogy
as it is intended, i.e., in addition to imparting the formal
interpretations, to paint the fascinating, shining,
previously-unknown personality and life of Nostradamus.)

But more generally I believe Nostradamus stands above humanity as a
man of the highest calibre and integrity. His sheer *gift* for
prophecy is repeatedly reinforced by the occurence of truly foretold
events as unparalled in history. I want to help spread the brilliant
light of his prophecies into our tumultuous, critical era of "The

The elements that most disturbed me of Nostradamus' prophecies were
the predictions of an apocalypse for civilization. Like most people,
I generally think we live in a great society unparalleled in
history. What is the future of cyberspace if the entire world and its
current massive communications infrastructures will be devastated?

The predictions that related the Antichrist's mad massacres for world
power as involving the manipulation and debasement of international
communications networks utterly stunned me. But it fit in with my
beliefs that we are forging these vast electronic networks with very
little concentrated thought, planning, or understanding, with no
concept of the vast power of the psychic energies we are tinkering
with and unleashing, like an uncontained and uncontrolled explosion,
and that Murphy's law that "if anything can go wrong it will" could
apply on a cataclysmic global scale. But the most psyche-shattering
revelation in these books for me, that the biblical Beast alluded to
is referring to *computers*, above all else has convinced me of the
absolutely cosmic significance of Nostradamus' prophecies and the
cut-to-the-bone relevance to *our* times, *now*. (See II, chapter 14:
"666: the Secret Number of the Beast").

Finally, Nostradamus seems to allude to a sort of future Inquisition
and period of martial law during which materials conflicting with
the Antichrist's philosophy and agenda of world conquest will be
suppressed. So I am "seizing the moment" and consolodating a large
amount of material for maximum distribution in a short amount of
time while cyberspace is still healthy, innocent, robust, and
unadulterated. I encourage you to help redistribute this document as
widely as possible in any form in any forum or medium. I also
encourage you to buy D.Cannon's trilogy for the ultimate reference, a
sort of "Handbook for the Global Apocalypse".

Above all, I hope that you will help play a positive role in the
cosmic drama that is unfolding before us. Will you be "another brick
in the wall" of the Antichrist? Or will you help to bring a new era
of peace, prosperity, and spiritual advancement to yourself and your
fellow man? Nostradamus emphasized that we still have free will, that
his prophecies are only based on a sort of "momentum" that the world
course is taking and that can be reversed by the awesome force of
personal, conscious, thoughtful, focused, virtuous choices and


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