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09 Background/overview of the Antichrist


This article is from the Prophecies of Nostradamus FAQ, by nanomius@netcom.com.

09 Background/overview of the Antichrist

I p 186

The Antichrist made a promise to himself to rule the world in a past
incarnation and the wheel of karma has turned to give him the
opportunity in this lifetime. His potential and opportunities for
evil will be counterbalanced by the ability to do good. In early
1990s he is beginning the realization of his ambitions, and will
start his political career at a local level and keep advancing,
becoming ever more greedy of power.

I p178 (cI-76)

The Antichrist will become a world leader even though he misuses his
power. The root meanings of his names will give a clue of his destiny
and what he is capable of. The name may sound somewhat barbaric to
European ears. He will be influenced by old customs known in the
literature but generally forgotten.

I p178

The Antichrist will be worse than Hitler. In ~1989 he's living in the
Middle East. He is at a very crucial time in his life, when
impressions will influence his future lifepath. Currently in the
realm there is a lot of violence, political maneuvering, and
corruption. The atmosphere is having an effect an effect on him and
he's coming to realize what his destiny is.

I p 190 (cVIII-77)

He will succeed in conquests but only at the cost of terrible
bloodshed by conventional weapons, but will save his nuclear arsenal
for later unspeakable deeds. So many people will be killed that the
living will not be able to haul them away to be buried fast enough.
The people of the world will be accustomed to the sight of corpses
and the sight of death will will not make people squeamish because
they will be around it so much.

I p 182

Neither Kadaffi or the Ayatollah Khomeni are the Antichrist, but they
will contribute to the destabilization of the region that will aid
his rise to power.

I p180

He will be educated in Egypt because of its current stability and
strategic position to the Middle East and North Africa.

I p170

The social upheavals of the times will contribute to laying the way
open for the Antichrist to take over. Various countries will have
their social and political structure will be turned totally upside
down. Religious fanatics (not spiritual people) will come into power
and believe they are justified in their draconian campaigns. The
religious fervor allows the AntiChrist to come into power through
persuasive guile. His followers will regard him as a religious

I p 194 (cX-71)

Despite the massive propaganda campaigns of the Antichrist that paint
a grand and wondrous picture of his worldwide achievements, other
glimpses of his heinous atrocities "behind the scenes" will leak out.
He will not be able to live up to the image his followers project of

I p179 (cI-50)

The Antichrist will be in action near the Mediterranean Sea, the Red
Sea, and the Arabian Sea. He will gain immense world-wide power.
Thursday will be an important day for him, he will take it as his day
of worship. He will be a threat to everyone but particularly in the
East because he will control both China and Russia and the entire
Asian continent under his control, for the first time in world

I p 234 (cI-55)

The social and political upheavals orchestrated by the Antichrist will
be felt particularly in northern, developed countries with cooler
climates. During his time societies will be torn and cast into chaos
and confusion. Many doomsayers will arise as false prophets, claiming
to have divine revelations and know the path of salvation for the

I p 249 (cI-92)

For a short period the reign of the Antichrist over his realm will be
no fighting because of his police state. But people will begin to
rebel in the memory of lost freedoms. There will be very much death
and destruction, with many people dying for their cause. Prophecies
from the Revelations will apply, such as the quote about "rivers of
blood up to horse's harnesses". The times will be extremely violent
and traumatic.

I p 256 (cI-80)

The Antichrist will take Thursday as his day of reverence. There will
be enormous warfare and bloodshed from his weapons, one "a monster
borne of a very hideous beast". Hard radiation will cause gross
deformities, terrible mutations in nature, in plants and animals as
well as Mother Earth. In the period 1997 or 2001 there will be great
pain and despair.


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