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07 Nostradamus on Free will vs. Fatalism


This article is from the Prophecies of Nostradamus FAQ, by nanomius@netcom.com.

07 Nostradamus on Free will vs. Fatalism

Nostradamus' preponderance of bleak and horrid prophecies sometimes
have the effect of causing people to adopt an attitude of resigned
nihilism or fatalism. "What's the use?" But this is precisely the
mental attitude that he was fervently attacking. The earth
history-flow has a kind of "inertia" that he learned to read through
his highly refined and developed mental concentration. If we continue
on our present path, i.e. the "course of least resistance", the worst
of the horrible, apocaplyptic visions will be realized. But through
focused thought and determination the most severe scenarios can be

In the D.Cannon book Nostradamus repeatedly emphasizes the urgency of
his mission and his frustration with man's apathy in the face of his
predictions. In one channeling, the subject said that "his psychic
abilities are so profound and developed that had he lived in other
times he might have been revered almost as a God, but in the
Inquisition his talent was wasted." Nostradamus was something like a
psychoanalyst for the entire human race, and was quite frustrated
with his patient's continual tendency to sabotage and destroy
himself in spite of the doctor's--literally--divinely inspired

Another interesting theme is that Nostradamus, in II, seems to
indicate that the Antichrist is the embodiment of all evil in mankind
since the time of creation. In other words, our own evil thoughts and
deeds contribute indirectly and directly to the terrible crescendo
his horrible nature. The grisly earthly drama with him in the
starring role, foretold for centuries as far back as the Old
Testament of the Bible, is actually a lesson of the highest order for
us to clean our own mental and bodily temples of the encrusted
pollution of ages. The awesome power of our own thoughts will
confront us face to face. Just as the atrocities and genocide that
Hitler perpetrated under the name of the Reich are the logical
conclusion of insane fascism, racism, intolerance, and imperialism,
the shrieking crescendo of WWWIII is the embodiment of all our hidden
and concealed crimes against our fellow humans.

I would like to bring out an example of the importance and
interpretation that should be attributed to Nostradamus' prophecies.
In I p 141 (cVI-34) he correctly foresees the Challenger shuttle
disaster. But in his interpretation, he also indicates that NASA
would coverup the source of failure and not reveal it to the general
public. This arguably occurred, but because of the dynamic efforts of
one man in particular *outside* of NASA, the truth of the disaster
has probably in fact been revealed.

The man is the eminent physicist Richard Feynman, who wrote about his
experience on the Challenger investigation committee in his book,
"What do you care what other people think, Mr. Feynman?" Throughout
his great work one can see very directly the efforts of NASA
administrators to put up a smokescreen to the public and defy his
determined, heroic efforts to find the truth. Did he indeed thwart
one of Nostradamus' many uncanny and depressing predictions? Can this
be regarded as a case of the power of an individual to defy the
smothering inertia of foretold negativity? Of the power of each one
of use to untangle and defy secret conspiracies, and those who derive
their power through the concealment of truth, and greedily, madly
clutch it?

Nostradamus refers to many different dark secrets of our times,
ranging from the Cabal that manipulates the world economy and
military conflicts to the unspeakably horrible secret military weapon
researches. Are we to assert that we have no influence over those who
attempt to conceal truth from us? Or would the world be a far better
place if we all had the dogged determination and curiosity that
Feynman embodied? The courage to defy and transcend people who say
"you don't know what you're doing and you have no place in this
matter"? Or not be bludgeoned into silent submission by keywords
like "matter of national security"? as our governments develop the
most grisly weapons of destruction ever conceived in the history of

Nostradamus' underlying, "golden" message is that every individual
contributes to the flow of history, that free will exists and can
avert disaster through sensible use--but apathy is perhaps the most
negative and lethal contribution of all.

-- I. p 66

"There is free will. He wants you to know about them so the worse
effects can be avoided."

-- I. p 57

"Do not feel that civilization as we know it--or to be more
correct--as you know it, has a hopeless future. He says that with the
ability to understand what can happen with a planet and to have new
awareness within yourselves, that could always change the event of

"Even a shift in the axis?"


-- From the jacket of I, D.Cannon:

"Nostradamus believed, as I do, in the theory of `probable futures',
of nexus on the lines of time with many possible courses branching
off in all directions. He believed that if man had the knowledge he
could see which time line his future was headed down and reverse it
before it was too late."


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