After treating two infant siblings (7 months old and two years old) suffering from ear infections and fever for twenty minutes, both infants calmed down and their fevers dropped to normal readings. The next day the mother called back to report that the children slept all night and the ear infections were healed.

A 22 year old male had swollen lymphs and unable to swallow without pain. His wife had strep throat the day before and he was concerned that he was also infected. The SCENAR was applied to each area of pain and treated with acute settings for two minutes on each point. The swelling subsided immediately and he could swallow properly he did not get strep throat.

A 25 year old Male complained of sudden pain in his neck and pain and numbness down both arms after lifting an objecting weighing only 30 pounds. An MRI showed a protruding intravertebral cervical disc. There was a high IR reading in the lower cervical left paravertebral area. After treatment with FM Var the skin in that area became red. It was painted with FM Var and the skin across the lower cervical and shoulder area became red in an area 6 cm. vertically and 30 cm. horizontally. The red skin area was of equal width on both sides of the spine. The area was painted with FM Var for 25 minutes. This treatment was prior to my formal training and I was unaware that the painting is not supposed to cross the spine. At the conclusion of the treatment and while he was putting on his shirt he commented that he could reach his arms to his back to tuck in his shirttail without pain. At an exam 4 days later he reported that he had been free of pain by an hour after the first treatment. Some residual numbness in his right forearm cleared after a second treatment. An exam three weeks later found him symptom free. He had been helping lift some heavy furniture. A Scenar treatment revealed some minor redness with FM Var over the cervical area. It was treated for 20 minutes. He is scheduled for a follow-up MRI.

A 25 year old man had had sudden pain in his neck and down both arms while lifting a 35 pound piece of glass. A CT scan indicated a herniated cervical disc. Physical therapy had been of no help for two months. Surgery had not been mentioned to him. After the first SCENAR therapy session he noticed a marked improvement and he remarked that for the first time he could put his hand behind his back. After two more treatments he was free of symptoms. He returned to his neurologist and requested a follow-up CT scan. Since he was free of symptoms the repeated imaging was denied.

A 30 year old male suffered a sports injury to his ankle with swelling and bruising playing hockey. Acute settings where used 24 hours after the injury and swelling was reduced by 70% with the bruise changing from purple to pink. He was able to walk without limping.

A 32 years old man was unable to move his head up and down or back and forth after an accident. After one treatment he regained mobility and the pain has stopped.

A 34 year old woman with achalasia had had her lower esophageal sphincter dilated many times since she was 18 months of age. She had had Botox injections twice. After the first SCENAR treatment she was able to swallow cold water. That treatment lasted six hours. Three treatments provided complete relief. Two more treatments were provided. A 75-year-old lady with achalasia needed only one treatment.

A 36 year old female suffering from Ankylosing Spondylitis for 19 years reported the following after completing a SCENAR-therapy course: "Before this treatment, I could only see the shoes of the person I was talking with. Now I am able to look them in the eyes." Already after 6 procedures, the mobility of the spine increased, pain and the tension of the spine's muscles decreased. There was also an improvement in the general condition of the patient.

A 38 year old female complained about having Neck and back pain. Patient unable to turn head to left. Pain continues down back on right of spine to lower back. Diagnosis reads NOBODY. Treated neck area with FM VAR for 2 minutes. Took readings again. Was able to alert and reconnect to brain. Patient reported great relief in pain and could turn her head both directions. Performed little wings to turn off sympathetic nervous system. Patient laughed uncontrollably. Performed treatment on 6 tummy areas to turn on the parasympathetic. Treated two areas of the back, diagnosing, alerting and reconnecting. FM VAR for 2 minutes. Then painted the entire area between the two areas of pain. Two areas of red with white dots appeared very clearly. Painted with FM VAR. The areas were very sticky.
Results: After about 20 minutes, redness and stickiness were gone and patient reported great relief in pain.

A 40 year old male complained about having No feeling on bottoms of feet. Feet had blisters and so did tips of fingers. Patient has been diagnosed with Lupus. Treatment: Diagnosis read NOBODY. Used FM VAR at 250 setting, painting bottoms of feet, toes and fingers. Performed this treatment for about 30 minutes. Results: Patient began to feel something near the end and we turned the machine down to 150. Patient's father is purchasing a SCENAR and patient believes he is improving and plans to continue treatment.

A 40 years old female, while going through a divorce, suffered from stomach aches, insomnia, irritation, nervous tic. After the first two sessions she was much better: the tic and stomach aches disappeared; the sleep and general condition also improved.

A 42 years old man was treated after surgery on his Achilles tendon. The incision and surrounding tissue was irritated, swollen and inflamed. After three treatments he reported that the pain and swelling was gone and his surgeon reported a faster than normal recovery which allowed him to return to full function in half the projected time of rehabilitation.

A 47 year old female's primary complaints were headaches, pressure pain and "sinus fullness.ˇ In the past she tried allergy shots, had cat scans, tried homeopathic medicines, botox, etc. She did not take in any caffeine or alcohol. She walked everyday and did weight lifting. Her migraine had been continuous from April through July. After one SCENAR treatment of the three pathways and acute settings around her sinuses and ears, her sinuses became free and she was able to breathe freely and the pressure disappeared. Her sinuses began draining and her ears popped thus allowing her to be less congested. Her headaches have not returned.

A 48-year-old lady with graves disease had an obvious exophthalmos measurable difference in widths of the palpebral apertures and exophthalmomete readings. Five days after a SCENAR therapy session she reported that her appearance had returned to normal. At examination there was no appearance of exophthalmos or measurable exophthalmos or difference in palpebral apertures.

A 52 year old female's primary complaints included sciatica in her right leg, her left foot had nerve damage, she had constant migraines, etc. She took cilantro everyday, cut out wheat from her diet, increased dairy intake and exercised. After two treatments with the SCENAR, her pain had improved in headache, she was able to actually feel areas in which she had gone numb. She reported that she slept through the night without waking up and awoke the next morning without a headache for the first time in years. She said she had so much energy that she wanted to go dancing that night!

A 52 year old female's primary complaint was that she was unable to turn her neck without pain, she had TMJ problems and her right arm, shoulder, wrist and lower back were hurting very bad. Her pain was constant for about 5 years. After one SCENAR treatment, she could open her jaw wide without pain and she was able to eat without her jaw going out of place. She noticed that her hearing and eyesight improved as a result of her treatment. She was also able to move her neck more freely with less pain.

A 53 year old female was suffering from an anxiety attack that was a chronic problem for nearly 20 years. She received relief through drug therapy but the problem persisted. Placing the SCENAR on the Carotid Artery for two minutes caused the pain in here esophagus to "melt away".

A 53 year old woman with a 20 year history of panic attacks that resulted in gastro intestional disorders and heavy medication received immediate relief from severe chest pains with her first SCENAR therapy and has been pain free and medication free for more than a year.

A 57 years old woman had surgery on her colon nearly twenty years ago which left scar tissue that was now creating a blockage that was suggesting immediate surgery. After several treatments over a two day period, the pain subsided and her system was returned to normal elimination function thus surgery was not required.

A 58 year old female complained about having Severe pain with pinched nerve in neck. The pain causes spasms at times to left of right shoulder blade. Pain continues down to right of spine. Patient has suffered for years with this. She currently takes Immitrex and Excedrin. Because of the medication she suffers from intestinal problems also. She stated she had not had a single day in three years without waking with a headache which was relieved only briefly with the medications. Patient also complained of pain in sacrum. Patient was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis about 15 years ago.
Treatment: For the first treatment, performed little wings. Could not get initial readings at C1 (the point where patient felt the pain was originating). Pumped both sides with FM VAR at 250 for 2 minutes each. Took readings and started treatment with the highest (right side). Alarmed the brain and reconnected. Painted with FM VAR from right side down neck and around to the left side. Alarmed left side. Treated each side 20 minutes with FM VAR at 120 right, 90 left. Continued treatment by painting FM VAR down the neck muscle to top of shoulder area. Painted with FM VAR 20 minutes at 80, lowering as Patient requested. Continued painting GM VAR down back to two areas reported by Patient as being painful. Moved on to sacrum. Diagnosed, alarmed and reconnected. Placed SCENAR probe on sacrum and left for 2 minutes on FM VAR at 250. Results: Patient reported decrease in pain overall. One day after 1st treatment, repeated 1st treatment. Patient reported more pain relief. One day after 2nd treatment, repeated same treatment. Patient reported great pain relief in neck and back. She also said she had no pain in lower back. In fact, following treatment she sat cross-legged (yoga style) without even realizing what she was doing. One day after 3rd treatment, patient arrived very excited. Said following 3rd treatment she started having increased pain and severe headache. This pain lasted almost six hours then suddenly disappeared. It had not returned. We repeated same treatment, concentrating on C1 and left eyebrow (highest face reading). Patient again reported decreased pain. One day after 4th treatment, patient arrived in tears. Said it was the first time in three years she had awakened without a severe headache. Her comment was "Now I know this stuff really works." We rode into town together and she used the SCENAR on her neck as I drove. We were both so excited we could hardly speak.

A 58 year old woman was treated with SCENAR for a cough. Her sleep apnea became asymptomatic. She was delighted that she was able to rest well at night and was not sleepy and did not yawn in the daytime.

A 61 year old female complained about having Osteoarthritis with severe pain in hips and thumbs. Unable to bend, stoop or walk without assistance or sleep longer than a couple of hours each night for the past 15 years.
Treatment: 3 pathways on Diag 1 and FM Var on hips and legs. Little Wings and Pirigov's Ring. Balanced Autonomic System and Cranial Sacral I came for pain relief and achieved my goal however, I am also experiencing changes and learning that any change is good. If the pain goes away or increases, a change is taking place. And that demonstrates progress. Additionally I am noticing:
Results: Pain free and able to have flexibility of hips and legs. Walk, bend stoop and lift unassisted. Glasses are straight on ears and nose. Feel taller, more energy, healthier-- thicker hair, appetite control, really great.

A 61 year old male complained about having Chronic pain in left heel. There was pain in the left elbow also. Both pains are severe at times. He does not play much golf anymore because of pain in these areas. Treatment: Painted heel with FM VAR at 150 for 15 minutes. Results: Patient reported pain was gone. Four days later pain has not returned. Treated elbow area with FM VAR at various setting about 20 minutes. Four days later patient said he had not realized any pain but was anxious to get to the golf course and see if the pain in both areas returned.

A 61 year old male complained about having Pain in top of arm from elbow down. Patient had trouble picking anything up without pain. Pain was severe at times. Treatment: Patient registered no initial readings. Used 2 minutes FM VAR at 250 and then got readings. Alarmed the brain and reconnected. Painted with FM VAR 20 minutes. Patient got some relief from pain. One day following 1st treatment, treated with FM VAR at 150 for 20 minutes.
Results: Patient had pain relief but deep pain was still there. 3rd day following 2nd treatment, treated with FM VAR at 90 for 20 minutes. Patient had reported no pain. Spoke with patient two weeks after treatment and he still have complete pain relief and was able to use his arm even in heavy lifting without any pain.

A 61 year old male complained of neck, shoulder and arm pain. Patient had open-hear surgery August 1995. Patient is an extremely large person, but not overweight. He was improperly placed in bed to recover following surgery and forced to stay in a certain position with pillows. He complained but the situation was not corrected. When he reached a stage of recovery where he could move, he injured himself by cracking the rib cage open again. He also noticed a pain in his neck where a muscle had formed an area that protruded from the neck about as large around as his index finger and about half as long. He began having pain in his neck, shoulder and arm at that time and it has continued all these years despite repeated medical treatment. Diag 1 revealed higher readings on the painful side, so began treatment there. Took reading, alerted and reconnected to brain. Then treated with FM VAR, holding for 2 minutes and painting for about 20 minutes. When I finished, patient looked at me, turned his head both directions and said: ´Well, I'll be. I haven't been able to turn my head in over 6 years. " I asked about the pain and he reported that it was much better. The next day he called and said he wanted his son to come by before I left town. Repeated above treatment a second time. Talked to patient 4 days later and he reported the area had reduced in size by at least 60%. He had no pain medication since the treatment and HE WANTED TO BUY A SCENAR.

A 61 year old male has prostate cancer, low back pain and low energy due to anemia. He had low energy in mid-August and saw an MD who ordered a cat scan, x-ray, etc. He was seeing a specialist in urology, chemo and radiation. He has been overweight for the past 15 years. After the first treatment, his pain was gone entirely in his lower back. He was able to sleep better and is noticing weight loss. He noticed he had much more energy and more flexibility in his back and neck also. His radiologist and co workers have commented that he has amazing energy for a person who has had 21 radiation treatments.

A 61 year old woman in excellent health suffered from pain in her hips for 15 years. After 2 treatments she reported that her pain was gone. She continues SCENAR treatments each day and now reports that she has more flexibility and mobility that she has had in years and has the hope that her body will eventually re-generate cartilage in her hips.

A 62 year old female was diagnosed with Lupus for years. She has various problem areas and requested to be concentrated on two areas of her back. The patient was only able to stay about 30 minutes so there was not enough time to treat the entire back. The two areas were treated, diagnosing, alerting and reconnecting. Then each area was treated with FM VAR for 2 minutes and painted. Patient said she felt somewhat better and is going to stay the weekend for a series of 4 treatments.

A 65 year old man had intermittent blur, asthma, allergy to dust and molds, cracked skin of fingers. Repeated treatments with prednisone for a few years relieved the painful cracked skin of fingers. Repeated treatments with prednisone for a few years relieved the painful cracked skin on his hands. He used super glue on the cracks in the skin. The intermittent blur was caused by dry eyes and was treated effectively with essential fatty acids. After one SCENAR therapy session the skin of the hands became soft and pliable and the other symptoms were less severe.

A 66 year old man complained of back pain. He was in a motorcycle accident in his youth and injured lower back. He retired several years ago and has experienced extreme pain all through his lower back, legs and feet. He has received much medical attention without positive results and is currently on OxyContin for pain control. Patient could not stand on both feet. His glasses were tilted, right lens down about 2 inches. One shoulder was higher than the other. I explained the SCENAR treatment and asked the patient if he would allow me to perform Little Wings on him. I had demonstrated on my husband. The patient said he would not. He did, however, allow me to treat one area of his lower back. Treated with FM VAR at 250 for 2 minutes. Was then able to diagnose, alert the brain and bring to 0. Treated again with FM VAR, painting for about 20 minutes. Patient was very skeptical and stood up. He walked around a while as I treated another patient, then made the comment: "Well, I don't know what's happening, but the pain is going away. Maybe it's my medication." He left. IN about 10 minutes I got a call from his wife. She said he had called, very excited about the treatment and wanted her to be treated. I agreed and I did treat her. Her husband now wants to have treatment and is headed for Colorado Springs this weekend to stay with us and receive treatment.

A 69 year old male complained of sinus drainage, a sore throat and feeling run down. He was treated with the three pathways with FMVAR and acute settings on the face and neck. He was also treated with the acute settings on the head with the hair probe and reported that he felt immediate relief. He came back the next day with his cold symptoms alleviated however, he had badly bruised his side and needed treatment for the pain in his side. After treatment with the acute setting his pain was gone.

A 70 years-old man suffered from unexplainable pain in his hips and neuralgia in his legs. His doctors could not give him an explanation or cure. After his first SCENAR treatment he obtained 90% relief from pain and after his second treatment he has remained 100% free for the past two months. His neuralgia in his legs has subsided and he now has feeling in his legs and feet.

A 83 year old female was diagnoses with the first stages of alzheimers. She was unable to remember how to write her name and was depressed. Her family of medical practitioners described her as highly intelligent with a sparkling personality. I used the three pathways , the "all higher" therapy and focused most of my attention on her skull using the acute settings and the hair probe to comb through her hair. I began with her face and the face probe using the Diag=1 to get readings then FMVAR for two minutes at each of the six points on the face (Trigeminal nerves), and then two minutes over the Pituitary gland and painted toward the Pineal gland, then painted the forehead beginning in the center of the frontal bone and lobe, supraorbital nerve, moving over the left then the right side of the forehead then up and over the crown of the head and down the back to the Occipital lobe. I combed through her hair going slowly and firmly alternating on the left then the right side of Parietal lobe and Occipital lobe. I spent the most time on the temporal lobes dealing with memory stimulation. She also enjoyed the "little wings" and said ho w good she felt at the end of the session. After ten sessions she was recounting cheerful childhood experiences and given a book to write her personal history.

A 86 year old female complained about having Knee pain. Cysts behind each knee the size of a lemon. Has osteoarthritis in both knees. Has suffered for many years with extreme pain, problems walking or standing. Has limited physical activity to a few hours a day. Knee replacement has been recommended by her physician.
Treatment: Diagnosis read Nobody. Treated cysts and knee areas with FM VAR at 250 for 2 minutes each area. Was then able to get diagnosis readings. Readings were higher in right knee. Alerted the brain and brought to 0. Began treating cysts with 121 setting. Cyst behind right knee visibly reduced in about 20 minutes. Painted dermas to left knee and repeated treatment. Some reduction in left knee cyst. Total treatment time was two hours.
Results: Patient reported no pain at all. Patient reported no pain continued through the night and she was able to sleep without pain for the first time in years. She was, however, beginning to feel some pain before treatment. Repeated treatment with FM VAR on total knee areas. Patient was limited in time because she wanted her son to have treatment. Following his treatment patient reported some pain in right knee. Treated her again with FM VAR for about 20 minutes. She reported no pain. Talked with patient four days later. She had been pain free the entire time without any medication. Patient is planning a trip to Colorado Springs this weekend to continue treatment.