The following are the testimonials supplied by clients using the AcuScen SCENAR devices:

A young boy had paralysis of the eighth cranial nerve. Ridicule at school led his mother to ask a previous ACUSCEN patient for help. After 2 sessions of therapy in SCAN mode(bringing Velocity to 0) he felt "millipedes in football boots tap dancing on my face". Within 4 treatments he could smile again.

4 Years ago Mr. H. had a fractured hip which was surgically replaced, unfortunately this was unsuccessful and had to be removed. After being wheelchair bound all he wanted was to be able to stand to shave himself and have periods being pain free). After 2 months weekly "Double Var" therapy with ACUSCEN the hip's supporting muscles where so strong that he was able to walk (pain free) for 100 yards with just 2 crutches. This has transformed his life and he is mostly pain free and getting stronger 1 year post therapy.

Mrs P. had suffered from childhood with Lumber pain (she fell from a horse 30 years prior to therapy). This was now having a debilitating effect on her life style. Weekly (Manual Mode for chronic conditions) therapy along with the whole spine treatment brought complete pain relief, after 2 years she just requires 2-3 sessions a year, when she has "over done things"". -- J. E Gordon RGN., Aesculus Clinic, Dorset.

My first client was Archie who presented with pain in his biceps muscle, which he stated had been present for 30 years. His right hand was clawed; he was unable to make a fist. He could use a spade and a golf club but was unable to lift a cup or do up buttons. Following the first treatment the pain was relieved and he managed to form his fingers into a fist. At the second treatment he reported he was getting more function back in his hand. After the third treatment he was able to lift a cup and do up his buttons. He had a total of 6 treatments Terry a 78 year old man with diabetic peripheral neuropathy was having trouble walking due to numbness in his feet. After treatments with the AcuScen he said he could feel life coming back into his feet. His skin was so dry and lifeless I used a small glass bottle with a very fine spray of water to moisten the skin to get conductivity. He told me if I could get him walking again he would take me on a cruise as his private nurse. The circulation has improved in his feet, reduced swelling and numbness and eliminated the nocturnal burning pain. He also had a deep ulcer on his foot I used the device around the wound and it healed within 2 months, which from my experience I know is very good for a man with such poor circulation. He purchased his own AcuScen device and used it himself on his hands, and points on the face. I attended to treatments of his feet, legs and knees. Terry was previously having severe problems with his eyesight, the specialist told him there is nothing he could do and he was going to lose his sight. He went to another specialist for another opinion. This one told him he would try to help him but couldn~t promise him anything and prescribed antioxidants. On his next appointment the specialist was amazed at the improvement. We think it could be a combination of the antioxidants and him using the AcuScen on his face around the eyes. Terry then had a pacemaker inserted and I told him he would need his specialist~s okay to continue using the AcuScen. The heart specialist used the AcuScen on him while he was on the heart monitor and said it is okay to use it just not in the chest region. Terry also had advanced emphysema and kidney failure and has recently passed on and left me a very large sum of money for making his final year more bearable. Could this be one of the miracles that come from this little device? What we give out sometimes comes back to us multiplied many times over. -- Mrs Chris Roberts RGN., Gold Coast Qld. Australia.

Joe, a frail elderly man had medically diagnosed septic arthritis to his middle toe. It was excruciatingly painful, floppy and had a sinus draining pus. His doctor was about to refer him to a vascular surgeon with a view to amputation. The nurse attending the Doctors round asked him to give me a chance with the AcuScen. After 2 5 minute treatments Bill noticed a dramatic reduction in pain and after 3 treatments the purulent drainage stopped and the sinus closed up. After 2 weeks and 6 treatments the toe was no longer floppy but firm with normal action of the toe joint. -- Mrs Chris Roberts RGN., Gold Coast Qld. Australia.

Anne, an elderly lady presented with a painful frozen shoulder and severe osteoporosis resulting in a very painful hip. The first treatment helped the shoulder. With 3 times a week treatments for 3 weeks a full range of movement was noted in the shoulder and the pain was eliminated. The hip pain was less after each treatment resulting in increased mobility. Using the AcuScen on the back of the neck and using Pirogov~s ring technique decreased her anxiety, leaving her feeling calmer and reduced her depression. --Mrs Chris Roberts RGN., Gold Coast Qld. Australia.

Pam, a very obese lady had been medically diagnosed with fibromyalgia and carpel tunnel syndrome. She presented with severe pain in her arms, wrists, hands, knees and back and neck. The pain kept her awake at night and she was unable to use the computer keyboard due to the excruciating pain. Treating the back of her neck with the AcuScen resulted in greatly reduced pain in her wrists and hands lessening after each treatment and she was able to use the computer again. Using the AcuScen on her knees has helped the pain and with encouragement and practical support she is now losing weight. She said thank you so much, you have changed my life! She has purchased her own AcuScen for ongoing relief. She is finding it invaluable and refers other pain sufferers for treatments. -- Mrs Chris Roberts RGN., Gold Coast Qld. Australia.

Dave a 45 year old shopfitter had constant excruciating pain on the top of his shoulder. The constant pain caused him difficulties with his work including decreased range of movement and the severe pain prevented him sleeping at night. He had consulted with 5 doctors and specialists. X-rays and ultrasounds showed a small gap but the doctors were unable to suggest anything to help. His wife phoned me and arranged an appointment. After the first treatment he felt some relief. Following the second and third treatments the pain became worse than excruciating. I said that~s good it means it is doing something! He let me continue and following each treatment after that the pain was lessened. After 12 treatments the pain has gone, he has restored function in the shoulder and is now sleeping at night. --Mrs Chris Roberts RGN., Gold Coast Qld. Australia.

36 year old female sustained an injury of ankle while walking down stairs. Could not take rest during the first few days after the injury due to occupational reasons. X-ray showed no fracture. Inflammation in area subsided after three days. Pain in ankle persisted and was aggravated during the morning hours and upon walking even short distances. Medication,massage, phisiotherapy etc. could not provide relief. Pain was felt with varying degree of intensity for a period of over nine months. ACUSCEN was used for treatment of area of pain. Treatment time was about 5 minutes a day for two days. Pain was relieved and has not returned till date. (more than one and a half months have passed)." -- Theo Rajan, India

Female patient, 64 years of age, had a C.V.A. which left her almost completely paralyzed from her right side and lost her speech. She started treatment with the ACUSCEN Pro 4 days after having the C.V.A.. She came in the office the first day being assisted by 2 people to be able to walk dragging her right leg. After a 1 hour treatment she could move her right leg and started using it to walk a little better. Next day she came in for therapy being slightly assisted by 2 people to be able to walk, and this time she was using her right leg to walk, and had recovered some of her speech. After another 1 hour treatment she could move her right leg much better, and needed less help to walk. The third day she came in the clinic being slightly assisted by only one person and had recovered her speech almost fully. Was once again treated for one hour, and left almost walking on her own. After the weekend we received a call from her daughter to inform us that she had regained movement of her right arm, her speech was fully recovered and was walking on her own.

My friend Beth called me to say her 2 year old son had a painful swelling near his shoulder and could I come and see him. I advised her to take him for an x-ray but she did not want him to be exposed to x-rays. So I applied the device to the swelling 3 days in a row. It appeared to help the pain somewhat but he was still guarding his arm. Her husband finally convinced her to take him for an X-ray. After reviewing the results of the x-ray showing a fracture of the collarbone the doctors did not believe it was only 5 days since the injury occurred and she was questioned as they suspected she was making up stories~ This confirmed to me the claims that the Scenar speeds up the healing of fractures. Reportedly it can speed up the healing of a fracture from 6 weeks to 2 weeks. -- Mrs Chris Roberts RGN., Gold Coast Qld. Australia.

Female patient 60 years of age. Fell on both knees after which had continuous pain, and 6 months later had surgery on her right knee, after which the pain worsened. A year and a half later she came in for treatment. After 3 sessions with the ACUSCEN Pro, the pain was completely gone and last we heard (6 months later) did not return.

Female patient 35 years of age. Came into the clinic after being diagnosed of an acute Bursitis. Could not rise her right arm above shoulder level. After treating for less than 10 minutes with the ACUSCEN Pro, she had regained full motion of her right arm, and the pain had completely disappeared. Today (almost a year later) her arm is still fully functional and pain free.

Female patient, 47 years of age. Had a big headache, felt drowsy and was drained due to sustained stress for over a week. Using the ACUSCEN Pro to treat the St 36 and LI 4 points from the acupuncture meridians, in about 10 minutes she manifested feeling "Fresh" and that she felt "energized" and alert, and that her headache was gone. This was during a very hot day (30° C outside), she called 2 hours later to tell us that she was impressed as to how her coworkers complained about how hot it was during a walk they took together, but she would still fell fresh and relaxed, and was not affected by the heat. She later told us that the freshness sensation lasted all day, and that she could sleep well all night, and woke up feeling rested for the first time in over a week.

After using the AcuScen Pro in our daily practice for almost a year in a variety of disorders, we have obtained very positive results, and have always been able to improve the overall state of health of the patients. For it's capacity to restore wellness, the ACUSCEN is frequently referred to by the patients as the "Pain Eraser"". --Leonardo Farķas, Venezuela The healing blanket helped me with the circulation problems. Since using it I hasn't had any chilblains which I would always get before and the catarrh is also better now as well. " -- patient in Wales. I have recently purchased an ACUSCEN machine for use in my practice and have been very impressed with it. It is the most versatile machine of its size that I have encountered. I find it has a wider (and more profound) range of action than the old Scenar machine. I have particularly used it for painful conditions such as Frozen Shoulder, Osteo and Rheumatoid arthritis although it is also effective against more non-painful conditions as well. In treating pain I find it equal to or better than Acupuncture while being less invasive and with no risk of infection." -- Dr. Robert A. Jacobs, MRCS LRCP Verwood, Dorset

My illness had been gradually worsening over many years. Although still not fully diagnosed, one symptom is acute pain, especially in my lower back. Eventually this made it impossible for me to walk, even around my small flat. I was unable to do my household tasks and had to lie down all day. Since using the ACUSCEN I am able to look after myself, do my tasks and walk around my flat. The ACUSCEN is absolutely invaluable to me. I take it everywhere with me. The ACUSCEN is easy to use. I have tried other devices but never found anything half as effective. I have also used the Scenar 97.4 but found the ACUSCEN far more simple to use, more effective, more versatile and more comfortable on the skin. I have used it daily for two years but it has never broken down. Since buying the ACUSCEN I have contacted Karina Makrian (Acuvision Ltd) several times for advice and always received a prompt and very helpful service." --Val Lowerson, Penzance, Cornwall

I absolutely love the Acuscen device. For the last 2 years I have been using the 97.4+ and already I think the Acuscen is far superior. It looks more professional, is very comfortable to use and has lots of features that I like. For example you can programme in your fave settings and it has a backlight which stays on the whole time it is on the skin. It has 2 electrodes so it makes it easier to work on awkward parts of the body. The device is also excellent value for money. Acuvision were an absolute delight to deal with. I can not fault their service especially as I had tons of questions to ask before I finally made up my mind. There was no pressure to buy and as good service is so hard to find these days it made a refreshing change. I have had severalquestions since buying the device too and all have been met with prompt replies " - Debra Graham, Chigwell, Essex

It has been over two years of agony and all the meds and doctors one could find.... to include Morphine, etc. Now... for over one week... My FMS pain is GONE... Hopefully forever... WITHOUT ANY TRAINING!!!!! Just the instruction manual and included DVD.... I am a natural skeptic... but am not skeptical about this device anymore. The ACUSCEN PRO+ appears to have done its job very well.. This investment was MORE THAN worth it... So much for conventional medicine.... It was worthless .... NO MORE MORPHINE or ANY PAIN KILLERS anymore!!! -- A., Halifax, Yorkshire