Most of us have been taught to think of exceptional skills as the result of inborn abilities, traits, or talents. By thinking about our abilities as learned skills, we open the door to understanding them more easily and teaching them to others. What's really new is that now we know now to explore a person's thinking in a precise way that actually allows us to take in that person's skills and abilities. When we really learn how to think about things the way someone else does, we automatically have similar feelings and responses. In problem areas in our lives, this ability to explore our thinking and feelings offers the keys to finding solutions. What we want to offer you is a new way of thinking about how your mind works, and show you how you can use this information to guide your thinking and make life more enjoyable and satisfying - and possibly longer too.

A Brain

Frontal lobe

Frontal lobe - memory, perception, judgment

Parietal lobe

Parietal lobe - motor area

Temporal lobe

Temporal lobe - smell, taste, sensations, body

Occipital lobe

Occipital lobe - Visual Centre


Cerebellum - emotions, hormones

The Brain and Central Nervous System contain an estimated 100 billion cells, each of which interact through highly specific connections in a relay system that dwarfs any supercomputer. The brain is the ultimate healing organ, which controls the nervous system and biomeridian system. It is solely responsible for homeostasis. Unless the brain is set in order, all other healing modalities will be compromised at the outset.

The brain serves as the primary organ system directs healing responses. Due to its unique structure and function, past injuries persist for months to years and are generally overlooked by the entire medical-alternative professions, including chiropractic. Numerous studies since the 1960's have demonstrated that microcurrent, cranial electrotherapy can significantly alleviate if not cure such a vast array of disorders such as depression, chronic pain, sleep disturbances, immune deficiency, chronic allergies, drug abuse, personality and coping disorders, eating disorders, epilepsy, attention deficit disorders, anxiety, etc. In short, the gamut of neurological and behavioral problems clinicians experience in the great majority of patients. Micro current, SCENAR cranial electrotherapy is thus able to steer the nervous system into a healing mode by shifting self-perpetuating, negative impulses, set in motion by past emotional or physical traumas.

SCENAR is an abbreviation for the name of the device - Self-Controlling Energy Neuro-Adapting Regulator or short-pulse electric neuroadaptive reflexological therapeutic stimulator. Scenar is a neuro-adapting energy that turns on the brain to do what is should do - heal the body. The brain is the supreme coordinator of all healing. It controls the meridians; it controls the immune system, and the hormonal systems. Failing to heal is a brain that is stuck in a phase lock loop. Quite simply, the signals from the damaged tissue are not being recognized. Scenar reactivates the brain. When used as an Electro acupuncture therapy, you can deliver signals more precisely to target tissues.

Speaking of its properties in general, it is ideal for the physician, nurse, and physiotherapist. Spot treatment is rapid and complements all clinic functions. Each point treated is generally less than 30 seconds. The device automatically computes the disordered energy, sends back healing impulses, and beeps when the treatment cycle has been completed. Through using the Voll's electro acupuncture points, the acu-points can be measured, treated, and re-measured to insure therapeutic impact.

The principle of operation of the SCENAR is its ability to detect minute electric impulses of the meridian system as well as peripheral nervous system over lesioned sites and send back to the brain dissonant impulses that stimulate a healing reaction. The premise of therapy is that whenever tissue is lesioned, the brain's ability to initiate a healing response is being impeded. The Scenar impulses detected upon the skin of peculiar electric pulses modifying the topical condition provides a feedback loop and, as a result, causes reactions in the brain aimed at restoring the lost functions. While regulating unbalanced body systems, SCENAR brings to normal pathological conditions that are restorable. In this fashion, it is similar to homeopathy, but it acts faster from our clinical observations. In fact, it is a great complement to an experienced homeopathic practitioner.

One can examine all the great healing systems - herbal medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, massage, psychotherapy, chiropractic, etc., but the fact of the matter is if the brain is blocked, almost any healing force will not be successful. The brain regulates the nerve force, the meridian system (wireless anatomy), as well as the neuroimmunological functions through neurohormones and neuropeptides. Chronic disease can be viewed as blocked or 'stuck' energy. Quite simply, the brain is not recognizing the trauma, the immune function follows, and pathology continues to grow on its own. This quite summarily sums up the degenerative process of cancer, allergy, autoimmune disease (diabetes, lupus, MS), and many others.

SCENAR impulse therapy produces an electric tidal wave of neurological energy that activates a pathology into a neurovegetative as well as immune response. There is no negative impact and the effect of action remains for quite a long time after the treatment has been applied. One single treatment can start a cascade of healing that goes on for weeks, even months. The recovery is provided due to restoration and harmonization of the inherent body reserves but not by suppressing defense and adapting mechanisms of the body that mostly results in more severe forms of diseases or lingering course of the basic disorder. Allopathic drugs generally provide no restoration and harmonization; rather it suppresses the body, perpetuates the disease, and causes a cascade of further degenerative functions that ultimately lead to chronic degenerative disease. Drug therapy has little place in the healing and restorative process, except by virtue of life saving measures and surgical interventions.

SCENAR brings no changes into normally functioning organism. The effect of SCENAR therapy has been described by the inventors as 90% positive results in 60% of cases, providing complete clinical recovery, and in 30% of cases, it at least produces positive dynamics to any disease process. With SCENAR-therapy the recovery is achieved, on average, three times quicker when used in conjunction with other modalities - physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, dietary, herbal medicine, etc. Thus, if the treatment of lumbago would require one month of remedial therapy, with scenar treatment in conjunction, would be expected to be reduced to 10 days. Internal conditions respond accordingly. For example, a peptic ulcer by herbal medications often requires three weeks, but adding SCENAR-therapy, one may eliminate the predominate symptoms in 5-7 days, without any additional drug treatment.

SCENAR is compatible with all kinds of treatments, it is quick, 3 to 5 minutes, and definitely, increases positive effect. SCENAR is recognized as an ideal electrotherapy and one of the best representatives of reflex therapy methods. SCENAR-therapy provides normalization of the malfunctions, quicker course and pronouncement of pathological processes, considerable improvement of general condition, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, antidropsical, anthelmintic, antiallergic, vasoregulating effects, normalization of metabolic processes, improvement of lymph drainage, external and internal rejuvenation, better sleep and emotional condition, and many other benefits.

One of the most valuable effects of SCENAR is that it eliminates stress reactions in the organism and causes health-improving reactions that provide self-recovery of the body. For patients SCENAR is a way to a new health. For users SCENAR is a way to a new healing and delivering life force.

SCENAR is simple in operation - all the processes of treatment are automated.

SCENAR can be applied by anyone, who is familiar body therapy. It can be applied as a reflex therapy modality with a simple formula for treatment.

When the subjective improvement of the patient's condition is achieved, the procedure can be stopped. When there is observed no dynamics, only slight patient's subjective effect, you should search trigger areas, enlarge the area for action horizontally and along the segment, and include the basic areas for action.

SCENAR is a wonderful instrument, and the effect and result of its use depends upon the person who handles it. SCENAR will help you to be unlimited in your therapeutic protocols and will upgrade your reputation as a specialist and healer.

SCENAR is battery operated and poses no harm for a patient, even infants can be treated.