Before the Dallas course one patient referred by S. Q. (also at Dallas) with whom I used this technique was a 25 year old who had had sudden pain in his neck and pain and numbness down both arms after lifting an objecting weighing only 30 pounds. An MRI showed a protruding intravertebral cervical disc. There was a high IR reading in the lower cervical left paravertebral area.

After treatment with FM Var the skin in that area became red. It was painted with FM Var and the skin across the lower cervical and shoulder area became red in an area 6 cm. vertically and 30 cm. horizontally. The red skin area was of equal width on both sides of the spine.

The area was painted with FM Var for 25 minutes. At that time I was unaware that the painting is not supposed to cross the spine.

At the conclusion of the treatment and while he was putting on his shirt he commented that he could reach his arms to his back to tuck in his shirttail without pain.

At an exam 4 days later he reported that he had been free of pain by an hour after the first treatment. Some residual numbness in his right forearm cleared after a second treatment.

An exam three weeks later found him symptom free. He had been helping lift some heavy furniture. A Scenar treatment revealed some minor redness with FM Var over the cervical area. It was treated for 20 minutes. He is scheduled for a follow-up MRI.

SCENAR Case Study

Name: K.M. Age: 33 Gender: Female

Primary Complaint: Scleritis

History of Present Illness: See below

Past History: See below

Body Build Lifestyle Issues (smoking, etc.): See below

Duration and Severity of Problems and/or Pain: See below

S.C.E.N.A.R. Treatments, Protocol & Settings: See below

Number and Length of Treatments: N/A

Concurrent Therapy: Surgeries

Commitment to Life Style Changes and Results: See below

Dr. Honan's Response: K.M. age 33 is an RN in the Dept. of Ophthalmology of our med school. She had a history of "sinus trouble all my life." She was examined on 1 December 2001. Just prior to that time she had finished three courses of antibiotics prescribed by her otolaryngologist without improvement of symptoms.

Initial Reactions were measured on the central and para-vertebral areas from T1 to L5. Three points presented values 4 points higher than the base measurement. Each was treated with Fm Var.

One in the left para-vertebral area at the T11 level exhibited some minimal cutaneous hyperemia and was painted for 5 minutes with Fm Var. The area at the right para-vertebral area at the T2 level developed a marked cutaneous hyperemia area 8 cm. in diameter. It was painted with FM Var for 25 min. with Fm Var before the reaction began to subside. It as noted that the instrument exhibited a considerable amount of resistance or "stickiness" as it was dragged across the area of hyperemia.

The sinusitis symptoms resolved. On 7 January 2001 she reported that she had had no symptoms of her longstanding sinusitis.

At the 1 December examination she indicated that one foot had been very painful for a couple of years. The pain was intense when first arising in mornings. It had been diagnosed as plantar fasciatis. She had had a special orthotic made which had not relieved the pain. There was tenderness to touch along the lateral aspect of the foot and less tenderness in the heel area. The tender lateral aspect of the foot was painted with Fm Var. On January 7, 2002 she said that the foot was pain free.

In June 2001 on one of my weekly residential teaching days I noticed that her left eye was very red. I learned she had had a painful red eye for a few months. She had been treated for scleritis with topical and sustemic steroids. She had had two trabeculectomies for resistant steroid glaucoma and had developed a steroid cataract. The eye was still red and painful with the scleritis.

I had treated cases of scleritis and episcleritis with NAET using a tube of the patient's blood plus bowel doses of vitamin C with the supposition that the condition is an autoimmune disease. We asked her body with muscle response testing if NAET treatment with a specimen of her blood was indicated. The response was in the affirmative. Following the treatment the pain subsided by the next day and the conjunctival injection resolved. She has continued 15 gm. Vitamin C daily and reports an increased vitality and lack of the usual fatigue during and following a rushed vacation.

Unfortunately the steroid cataract required surgery and an upper lid ptosis developed following the surgeries. She had asked if Scenar has any roll in treating the ptosis.

The etiology of scleritis and episcleritis is obscure. Could it be some autoimmune diease? Sinusitis has been suspected to be preceeded or associated with allergy manifestation. Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique has been used to treat scleritis successfully.

In this case could the relief of the nasal accessory sinus problem with Scenar indicate resolution of an allergy manifestation?

If the Scenar technology had been available would its use in treatment of the sinus problem have prevented the scleritis from developing or used to treat the scleritis? Is scleritis associated with allergy? Can Scenar be used to treat the ptosis?

SCENAR Case Study

Name: M. H. Age: 21 Gender: Female

Height: 5'6 Weight: 123

Primary Complaint: Constant throbbing headaches

History of Present Illness:

Past History: Car accident winter of 2001, car accident spring of 2002,

Body Build Lifestyle Issues (smoking, etc.):

Duration and Severity of Problems and/or Pain: I have had constant headaches, everyday, for the past 6 to 7 months. Before that, it would be about twice to three times a week.

SCENAR Treatments, Protocol & Settings: I have used the SCENAR for about a couple weeks now, on and off, with the Collins Diode. I do little wings, 6-points on the stomach, and paragovs ring.

Number and Length of Treatments: I have had about 5 treatments now for about 30 minutes each treatment.

Concurrent Therapy: I took 2 advils EVERY morning for about 3 months to rid myself of my headache, sometimes taking up to 6 a day.

Patient Comments: Since the use of the SCENAR with the Collins Diode, I have not had to take advil nor have I woken up with a headache for almost 2 weeks now. I feel so much better! I have not felt this way in the longest time.


Commitment to Life Style Changes and Results: I have been drinking lots more water and working out frequently and trying to eat healthier.