How Acuvision works:

The discovered phenomenon is based on the fact that the acupoints, in comparison with the surrounding tissues, have lower electrical resistance. Consequently, when placed in an electrostatic field and covered by dielectric (paper, cotton fabric) they luminescence in a darkened room.


This method on which Acuvision is based has been patented.

The acupoints demonstrate themselves not only on human, but on animal skin and the surface of living plants - the fresher is the plant/fruit (e.g. banana) the brighter the luminescence.

The points continue to appear for some days on dead bodies.

How Acuvision used:

Apart from simply being a demo tool, useful as confidence barrier breaking in the acupuncture surgery or as the teaching aid, the Acuvision device is used as diagnostic (evaluate the point state by the brightness of the luminescence ) and therapeutic tool.

Acuvision is used for air-ion therapy which allows a relaxation and regeneration of the body. Remove the dielectric layer from the surface of the body. The patient feels the pleasant effect of light breeze against the skin, while electrode of the device is moved against it. At no time the electrode actually touches the skin.

Acuvision may also be applied for electro-puncture therapy - non-invasive (needle-free and no skin contact) acupuncture treatment. By means of the corona discharge only the points with minimum electric resistance (acupoints)are affected.

Positive and Negative electrodes of the device visualize points of "Excess" and "Deficiency" condition correspondingly.

Positive or Negative electrodes can sedate or stimulate the points or the zones, by directing the flow of negative ions from the patient's body to the device ("sedation" effect) or from the device to the patient's body ("stimulation" effect). Power and frequencies can be adjusted to suit. The point-Fs luminescence intensity helps to determine the length of the treatment, which generally is less when compared with a traditional acupuncture session.


The electrical current conducted between patient's body and AcuVision device changes depending on acupoints resistance. Usual therapeutic electrical current via the whole patient-Fs body is 30-40 mA (it never exceeds 100 mA). When resistance of the "lowest resistance points" normalises (i.e. increases) electrical current decreases. So, the self-regulation of the therapeutic process takes place.


There is a user-friendly PC interface for computer-based diagnosis as well.