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2.1.4 Baked Goods - General Directions


This article is from the Food Preserving FAQ, by Eric Decker ericnospam@getcomputing.com with numerous contributions by others.

2.1.4 Baked Goods - General Directions

Among the baked foods that can be frozen successfully are certain
appetizers, breads, cakes, and pies. Freezing and freezer storage preserve
the freshness of these products and having them at hand for emergencies is
a convenience. The recipes included here are those which were found to give
good results when they were tested in the University of Illinois laboratory.

Probably many other products besides those described can be frozen

PREPARING BAKED FOODS. Use standard recipes and methods for appetizers,
breads, cakes and pies and select only ingredients of the best quality.
Several of these products can be frozen before they are baked, the
following precautions are necessary:

For cakes frozen in the batter state, use double-acting baking powder
(SAS-phosphate) in order to assure good volume. Package batter and place
in freezing unit immediately.
For fruit pies frozen before baking, use a little more flour to thicken
juice, and do not prick the top crust. Apple slices should be blanched
before they are put in a pit, so they will keep their color, texture, and
flavor better.

Dough for rolls must be wrapped and frozen as soon as the rolls are

DIRECTIONS FOR PACKAGING. Except for cake batter, these products can be
satisfactorily wrapped for freezing in moisture- and vapor-proof plastic
wrap, heavyweight aluminum foil, or plastic freezer bags. Heat-sealable
plastic bags are excellent. Tight seals prevent loss of moisture and flavor
during storage.

If you use aluminum foil, place product in center of sheet and fold
two edges together over it. Roll or fold the seam tight against the product,
taking care not to crush the product. Then press the ends of the package
together and fold them close to the product.

Pressure or cold-storage tape can also be used to seal plastic wrap or
aluminum-foil packages.

Plastic of waxed cylindrical freezer cartons with slip-on lids or
glass freezer jars are suitable for packaging cake batter. The quart size
holds enough batter for an 8-inch square cake and six cup cakes or for
two 9-inch layers.

DO NOT HOLD TOO LONG IN FREEZER. As soon as baked products, batters, and
doughs are packaged, place them in the home freezing unit. Do not, however,
keep them in the freezer for long periods because quality is lost gradually
during storage. The freezer space probably can be used to better advantage.


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