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2.1.4 Appetizers


This article is from the Food Preserving FAQ, by Eric Decker ericnospam@getcomputing.com with numerous contributions by others.

2.1.4 Appetizers

Questions about the advisability of freezing canap,s or tea sandwiches
are frequently asked. Such products can of course be frozen and held in
the freezer for about a week but the results are usually only fairly

Freshness in appearance and flavor are apt to be lost, moisture content
of bread may no longer be evenly distributed, and crackers or toast rounds
tend to lose crispness. However, two appetizers which are baked after
freezing can be recommended. Similar types among your favorite recipes
may give equally good results.


Frozen baked angel-food and sponge cakes, when defrosted, are very
similar in quality to freshly baked cake. Angel-food cakes seem a little
more moist after they have been frozen and thawed. However, both angel-food
and sponge cakes are likely to shrink a little in freezer storage. (Angel
food ) cake made from frozen and defrosted batter is not as fine-grained
as cake baked before it is frozen.)

Delicious angel-food cake can be made from frozen egg whites. Often
freezing the whites is more practical than freezing the cake. A pint
container will hold the right amount of whites for one cake. After
defrosting by holding them overnight in the refrigerator or at room
temperature for about 5 hours, use them in the same way as fresh egg


Fruit cake can be baked and frozen. After freezer storage the thawed
cake will be more like a freshly baked cake than if it had been stored
at room temperature.


These cakes can be frozen after they are baked or the batter can be
frozen. Storing batter has several advantages: it is easier to package,
requires less freezer space, and the cake seems more moist, with a flavor
more like that of a freshly mixed and baked cake. A frozen baked cake, however,
required less time to prepare for serving after it is taken from storage.

In addition a baked cake can be frosted before it is frozen and stored.


Freezing baked cookies and cookie doughs makes it easy to keep a variety
on hand at all times. Many types of baked cookies can probably be
frozen, as well as refrigerator cookie doughs. The enclosed recipes give
good products, or you may use favorite recipes and methods to prepare
cookies for the freezer.


Frozen pastry, ingredients for pie fillings, and certain frozen pies
make excellent products. Apple, blueberry, mincemeat, and pumpkin pies
can be baked either before or after they are frozen. A pie baked after it is
frozen is more like a freshly prepared and baked pie, and less time is
needed to prepare it for freezing. But a pie that is baked and then frozen
takes less time to prepare for serving.

Another possibility is to freeze the chief ingredients of fillings and
pieces of rolled pastry of appropriate size separately. This procedure
is more economical of freezer space than freezing unbaked or baked pies
and may in some instances be more practical. Cherries and sugar or pumpkin
puree can be frozen satisfactorily for use in pies.

Chiffon pies are completely prepared before freezing. Only lemon and
chocolate pies have been tested but it seems probable that other chiffon
pies will freeze equally well.


Pastry may be frozen separately and used later. One way to package
rolled-out pastry is to cut a piece of cardboard of the same size as the
pastry and cover it with waxed paper. Two pieces of waxed paper are put between
each two pieces of pastry and several can be wrapped together. Use aluminum

foil or plastic wrap for packaging or seal in a large plastic bag with
as little remaining air space as possible. Pieces of frozen pastry can be
removed as needed and allowed to that 10 to 15 minutes before using in the
preparation of a pie.


A few kinds of quick breads have been baked and frozen with satisfactory
results. Probably others will freeze equally well. One advantage of
freezing quick breads is to have several kinds available at one time
without spending many consecutive hours in their preparation.


Bread and rolls that are frozen and held in freezer storage do not
stale at the usual rate. Yeast rolls may be frozen after baking, or the
dough may be frozen. The former method of preparation is preferred because
it is more convenient and because the quality of the rolls is higher. The
volume, texture, and flavor of the baked rolls are maintained for several
months of freezer storage. Frozen dough should be thawed and baked within

one week after it is frozen. Swedish tea ring, baked before freezing, was
rated good after freezer storage. Other baked products made with sweet
roll dough will probably be found to be suitable for freezing.

Source: Freezing Cooked and Prepared Foods. Frances O. Van Duyne.

University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign, College of Agriculture,
Cooperative Extension Service. Circular 835. July, 1984

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