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Candida: The Root Cause Of Many Health Problems. Candida Cleanse


The following article was written by Lin Suffron, BSc, Master Herbalist.

To assist you in your path towards harmony & balance, Lin combines Reiki with the use of custom blended herbal formulas & vibrational essences. Her herbal formulas are in the form of a tincture, tea, or as a homeopathic formula. Use of medicinal herbs & vibrational essences helps support the body through physical & emotional release between sessions. Offering reiki, health consultations, custom blended herbal remedies at Nanaimo Mid-Island Healing Centre.

Candida: The Root Cause Of Many Health Problems

Do you suffer from fatigue? Foggy thinking? Crave sugar in the form of sweet foods, candy or alcohol? Crave breads? Have skin problems? Candida overgrowth can be the cause of these & other symptoms, such as joint pain, gas, bloating, depression, constipation and diarrhea... the list goes on.

Most people could benefit from doing a candida cleanse once or twice a year. Imagine how nice it would be to no longer crave sugars or breads, have clear thoughts, more energy and no more skin problems, bowels problems or joint pain.

A good candida cleanse requires an overall approach, using supplements that are anti-fungal, building up your body's digestive system, cleansing the bowel and lymphatic system, toning the liver and not eating foods which feed the candida.

Sound like at lot? It doesn't have to be.

Antifungals should be used for 2 weeks, then switch to probiotics for 2 weeks, repeat this over a period of 3 months. A good antifungal tincture includes olive leaf, black walnut, and pau d'arco. Oil of Oregano can be used separately. Probiotics can be used as a supplement, get the refrigerated kind at your health food store, and follow the directions on the label.

Digestion needs to be improved, if your food is not properly digested, the candida yeast feeds on it and multiplies. If you are not digesting your food properly, you are not breaking down your food properly, and you are not assimilating the nutrients from your food or supplements completely. To improve your digestion, ask at your health food store for some full spectrum digestive enzymes. Take one with each meal of the day for 3 months. After that time you may just need a digestive enzyme with a large meal. You will be amazed what a difference digestive enzymes can make in your health.

Candida breeds in the lower bowel, so bowel cleansing is necessary. For those with chronic constipation (you should be having 2 bowel movements per day), use cascara to retone the bowel. Cascara is the only laxative I recommend to my clients, because it actually trains the bowel to work on its own again. It can be used as needed for several months or until you are having 2 bowels movements per day. During your candida cleanse, add more fiber to the diet in the form of raw carrots, and ground and whole flax seeds. Salt water flushes can be done to cleanse the bowel.

The liver can be cleansed by adding liver supportive herbs to the antifungal tincture listed above. I usually recommend milk thistle, dandelion root and barberry, with some cleavers added to cleanse the lymphatic system.

While doing your candida cleanse it helps to eliminate all sugars from the diet. This includes candy, any foods and beverages containing sugar, and alcohol. Don't eat any products containing white flour. Eat foods to help to rebuild the good bacteria that counteract candida: unsweetened kefir, unsweetened yogurt, sauerkraut and Bragg Apple Cider vinegar in water as a drink.

Doing this candida cleanse once or twice a year can help to keep candida levels low, giving you clearer thinking, more energy, less health problems in general.

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