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Articles on Well Being and Healing

A collection of articles about well being, energy healing, health and happiness

Part I: Search

-Healing Search Engine
search a preselected wellbeing and healing sub-sets from Google

Part II: Health

-Your Health
Here you can find articles that will teach you how to improve your health and have a better life.

Part III: Yoga

-Book Review: Hurry Up - Relax! Breathing Themes That Make Yoga Possible, and Even Enjoyable! by Corinne Friesen
Review of an excellent book on yoga and breathing by a yoga teacher and Reiki practitioner

Part IV: Healthy Habits

-How Many Hours Do You Need to Sleep?
Everybody wants to know how many hours of sleep is enough for normal functioning and optimal health. There is no single answer to this question. There are guidelines, but it's you who needs to figure out how much is enough for you.
-A Good Flights Sleep: Intro
On-board beds, ticketless booking and executive jets are only a few of the recent developments in a rapidly changing market for executive travellers, says Updesh Kapur: The era of luxury jets - both big and small - is making life less arduous for the corporate traveller as airlines step up the battle for passengers by turning their aircraft into flying offices/homes with seats that turn into beds.
-A Good Flights Sleep: Financial Pain
Taking short-haul to new extremes are the low-cost airlines, which have not only mushroomed across Europe, but are multiplying so quickly that it's hard to track the players in an increasingly crowded market - some 80 budget airlines have sprung up in recent years in Europe.
-A Good Flights Sleep: from Business Day
BRITISH Airways (BA) recently upped its stakes in what has been dubbed the 'battle of the beds' with the appointment of a former chairman of the British Sleep Society and current director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service in Edinburgh, Dr Chris Idzikowski, as the airline industry's first doctor of sleep.
-How Much Water Do You Drink?
Just as we need to have enough sleep our bodies need water to properly function. When not enough water is being drunk we may experience physical illnesses, and in the extreme cases -- death is possible. Figuring out how much water is required by your body and changing developing habits to drink enough are essential for your well being.
-Is it Better to Walk or to Jog?
Have you ever wondered whether it's better to walk 5 miles or run it? Do you get the same workout? Is it better for your joints and your heart?

Part V: Spiritual Poetry

-Spiritual Poetry
A selection of beautiful poems about spirituality

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