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Is it Bad Luck Why Some People Do Not Heal?

Is it Bad Luck Why Some People Do Not Heal?

Why is it that some people readily heal from emotional or mental conditions or from chronic illnesses or disease, while others never seem to improve no matter what they try? Some may shake their head in despair, shrug their shoulders in bewilderment and blame it on being burdened with bad luck.

When complete healing transpires you may be inclined to regard it as being magical, but in reality it takes far more than a miracle to make you totally well. Before and after healing occurs, it also takes a vigilant optimistic attitude, plus an open awareness to become and to remain healthy. While your body has the capacity to heal itself, it also requires your cooperation. It is the same idea as visiting a doctor, but when you are given a treatment plan to follow, you immediately balk and resist. How do you expect the doctor to help you improve if you are not a willing partner?

By the same token, if you are unwilling to release or remove the cause of your affliction, then you cannot expect improvement. In other words, if you suffer from cirrhosis of the liver, but continue to drink alcohol daily, your condition will most certainly deteriorate further. You are the contributor of your affliction, so you cannot blame it on bad luck, but you can definitely attribute it to foolhardiness.

Or if you refuse to change or improve your lifestyle choices such as incorporating daily exercise, eating a balanced diet, balancing your mind/body/spirit and obtaining sufficient rest, then you cannot blame any difficulties you encounter on having bad luck, but you can surely blame it on stubbornness or laziness.

Obviously you do not want to be healed and therefore you will sabotage all avenues available to you. This is by no means an accusation and it may be considered ridiculous to think that people would sabotage their own wellness. But it is done for a myriad of reasons and can be done consciously or unconsciously. You may enjoy receiving added attention or special treatment, you may feel lonely, you may have lost faith in yourself, you may have lost your own identity, you may prefer to remain dependent on others just for additional comfort or support, you may have lost your own power where you feel lost, helpless or frustrated, or you be incapacitated where you can no longer think rationally.

In the above case scenarios it is very obvious why total healing would not occur, but what about those who really try their very best, but never recover? Did they wish this upon themselves and can it really be called bad luck?

A very important factor in healing stems from your attitude and how you think. According to the Law of Attraction, like energy attracts the same vibration of like energy. So if you are in the habit of being very negative or down in both your attitude and your thinking, then you reduce your chances of making a full recovery. In other words, if you think negative, dis-empowering thoughts and act accordingly, then this is the energy vibrational level that you will attract to you, which will revolve around in a never-ending circle until you change. It is important to realize that your thoughts are the energy that creates your reality. For example, you can easily become too focused or fixated on the illness or disease and because you only think those thoughts, then you continue to attract that energy to you. Instead, retrain yourself not to dwell on your affliction, but rather think about how you will enjoy life once you are well. By simply shifting your attention, you also alter the energy to a higher vibration; therefore, you attract a stronger, healthier energy.

If you hear or read about remarkable recuperations, you will probably note that most of these people reached a stage in which they finally comprehended that they must change their thinking pattern to one of positive, uplifting, empowered affirmations in which they conveyed forgiveness, self-love, strength of conviction, plus faith and trust in self and the universe. How many people who do not heal, lack these specific traits? It is not a matter of having bad luck, but rather an issue of making the effort to discover self-awareness and then retrain from bad habits.

If you look at this from a slightly different angle, some souls while still in the spiritual plane before incarnation, agree to experience a particular illness, disease or physical handicap in order for their soul to progress to higher level and this can only be accomplished through a human existence. As well as learning from their experience, they also act as special teachers or ambassadors who allow others to learn important lessons, such as acquiring a more in-depth awareness about tolerance, patience, unconditional love, compassion and empathy for those who are less fortunate. And although it may not seem fair, it is basically a learning curb for all concerned; therefore, you cannot blame this on bad luck, it is merely part of the soul's upward progression.

In some parts of the world there may be a lack of education; therefore, people may be unaware of health conditions or available treatments. Or they may live in a poor environment where there is no available medical resources. So can this be blamed on bad luck? Maybe, but then again, from a spiritual viewpoint, they willingly chose the conditions to which they incarnated.

Another reason why some people never heal is simply because it is their time to return to spirit. They may not pass from natural causes, but they will pass from a natural aging process where they have lived to a ripe old age and basically have earned the right to go home.

In most cases, bad luck is not why people do not heal and the blame game must cease. It is time to learn, it is time to take responsibility, it is time to forgive, it is time to love and accept yourself as is, it is time to have faith and trust, it is time to think positively, but most importantly, it is time to allow and give yourself permission to heal.

About the Author

Margaret Jang is a Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner, Numerologist, Intuitive, and a Spiritual/Inspirational Poet & Writer. She currently resides in Vancouver, BC and can be contacted at margjang@gmail.com or through her website www.margaretjang.com.

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