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This article is from the Third Rock Episode Guide FAQ, by Bonnie Lynne Kretschmer penfold@primenet.com with numerous contributions by others.

04 Time slots (Third Rock Episode Guide, Season 1) p2

Tues. February 20th, 1996
Nielson Rating: 13.3, Ranking: 18th of that week
**Lonely Dick**EP#110
Dick misses Dr. Albright when she leaves town for a few days
and the rest of the aliens visit a mall and discover all new
worlds. Tommy meets August and discovers the excitement and
confusion of being in a relationship. Sally discovers soap
and the entire addictive world of cosmetics. While Dick and
Tommy try to cope with the women in their life, Harry gets a
facial and discovers that some men do fine without women.
Guest Star Phil Hartman as Phillip
August: Shay Aster

Tues. February 27th, 1996
Nielson Rating: 13.0, Ranking: 16th of that week
**Body & Soul Dick**EP#113
Harry (and the rest of the aliens) get cable. Tommy hangs
out with a cheerleader, but there's trouble: something is
missing and it really ticks off August. Dr. Leonard Hamlin
(we don't know what he does, but everyone at the university
has to kiss up to him) dies and asks Dick to deliver his
eulogy, honestly. Dick succeeds (at least in the eyes of
the humans). The aliens contemplate the brevity of human
life and Tommy tries to make amends with August by bringing
her to the Funeral (a nice place-you have to dress up).
Guest Star John Mahoney (from Fraiser) as Dr. Hamlin

Mon. March 4th, 1996 - 8pm EST/MT & 7pm CST/PST
(Night of 1,000 laughs)
Nielson Rating: 10.4, Ranking: 33th of that week
The Solomon's experience the annoyance of relatives and this
causes Dick to despair. So Dick invites Dr. Albright and
her brother Roy over in order to study how she deals with
relatives. There Roy reveals that he was abducted by aliens
(much to the dismay of Dr. Albright and causing panic among
the aliens). While Dick is talking to Dr. Albright, Sally
sneaks off with Harry in order to kill Roy. Tommy warns
Dick of this and is then off with August to watch 'They Came
to Talk' with her. Dick stops Sally before she kills Roy
and learns that you forgive your family 'even if they touch
your radio, refuse to make smoked chubb and disobey your
orders not to kill'.
Guest Star Bronson Pinchot as Roy

Tues. March 5th, 1996
Nielson Rating: 11.7, Ranking: 19th of that week
A rerun of **Brains & Eggs**EP#101 the pilot (see Jan. 9, 1996).

Tues. March 12th, 1996
Nielson Rating: 13.3, Ranking: 16th of that week
**Truth or Dick**EP#102
Sally & Harry are assigned the mission of getting Drivers'
Licenses and eventually succeed due to Sally's ability to
lie. Dick goes to the rules committee on behalf of Dr.
Albright and there he tells the truth (to the dismay of Dr.
Albright). Tommy gets a pimple and finds out that teenagers
hang out at the mall. While Sally is very good at lying,
Dick just can't get the hang of it.

Tues. March 19th, 1996
Nielson Rating: 11.7, Ranking: 18th of that week
**The Art of Dick**EP#111
Sally commands the Bake sale at Tommy's school and she does
it with success, but not without casualties. Dick and Harry
go to an art class. There Harry discovers that he is good
at this, but Dick is not. This gets Dick's goat until he
realizes that if he cannot create art, he can at least be
the inspiration. His attempt to do so both amuses and amazes
Dr. Albright and Nina.

Tues. March 26th, 1996
Nielson Rating: 12.6, Ranking: 17th of that week
**Frozen Dick**EP#117
Harry gets a job at a video store and really takes charge.
Tommy has to write a book report on Dickens' David
Copperfield so he rents the video (what a magician!).
Dr. Albright and Dick go to Chicago to receive awards and
Dick tries to make it a stress-free experience for her. He
gets them kicked off the plane and then they try to drive
there in the snow. Suffice it to say, they never arrive in
Chicago. Sally fears the end of the world at the hands of
albino brain chiggers (snow) and almost has to repopulate
the world with Leon.
Guest Star John Raitt as Trucker Gil

Tues. April 2nd, 1996
Nielson Rating: 11.7, Ranking: 16th of that week
**Angry Dick**EP#104
The aliens move from watching humans to trying to interact
with them. Harry goes with the old stand-by (watching TV).
Dick meets Frank (their neighbor)and Sally meets his wife.
Sally learns about cooking and talks about being a woman
with Frank's wife. Dick's relationship with Frank is
strained by a 3am visit and the practice of parking the
car over the property line (and a little snobbishness as
only Dick can do it). When Dick learns to resort to
violence, mutual respect is achieved and the relationship
is mended (though we have yet to see them again).


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