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03 Time slots (Third Rock Episode Guide, Season 1) p1


This article is from the Third Rock Episode Guide FAQ, by Bonnie Lynne Kretschmer penfold@primenet.com with numerous contributions by others.

03 Time slots (Third Rock Episode Guide, Season 1) p1

United States (NBC) Time slot (all exceptions noted):
1996 Jan. 9th to April 16th: Tuesday, 8:30 EST/PT & 7:30 CST/MT
1996 April 23rd to May 21st: Tuesday, 8pm EST/PT & 7pm CST/MT
1996 August 11th to future: Sunday, 8pm EST/PT & 7pm CST/MT

In Germany, it airs on ZDF: Saturdays at 11:20 or 11:40pm (local
time), 6 eps under the title "Hinterm Mond Geich links"
In New Zealand, it airs on TV3: Tuesdays at 8pm (local time)
In 1996 in the UK, it aired on British Sky 1: Fridays at 8pm
(local time), it is unknown when it will air in 1997.
In Australia, it airs ATN 7 in Sydney and HSV 7 in Melbourne.

For more information about foreign channels that air the show,
look at the official 3rd Rock page at http://www.3rdrock.com/.

So far, I have no other information about foreign time slots.

Note about Nielson Ratings:
A show's rating is a percentage of all 95.9 million American
TV's (in the first season) and 97 million American TV's (in the
second season), including those turned off, which are tuned into
that show for that week. A rating of 1.0 would correspond with
1% or 959,000 homes tuned in in the first season, and 970,000
homes tuned in in the second season. Thank-you Nathan Humbard.

Tues. January 9th, 1996 - Debut
Nielson Rating: 15.2, Ranking: 10th of that week
**Brains And Eggs**EP#101
Our four lovable aliens come to earth and assume the form of
humans, rent a 3rd floor apartment and Dick gets a job as a
Physics professor. Sally learns lessons about being female,
Tommy discovers the agony of puberty and Harry discovers the
joy of holding a flashlight. At the last minute, it is Dick
who prolongs the 2 week assignment (much to the dismay of
Sally and Tommy), because they can't leave until they have
explored Feelings (the core of the human experience). In
particular, those of his office mate Dr. Albright.
Mrs. Dubcek: Elmarie Wendel
Leon: Ian Lithgow (Yep! John's son!)

Tues. January 16th, 1996
Nielson Rating: 15.2, Ranking: 8th of that week
**Post-Nasal Dick**EP#105
Tommy has his first make-out session and brings a bug home
to the entire household. Sally & Harry discover that
sneezes are great, but every one finds out that the rest of
being sick is a real drag (if not a bonding experience). In
spite of this, Sally develops an instinctual desire to take
care of everyone else, while Harry gets comforted by a
hallucinated image of Martha Stewart. Despite being sick
too, Dick goes to a wedding with Dr. Albright--after taking
an entire bottle of cough syrup.
Martha Stewart Cameos

Tues. January 23rd, 1996
Nielson Rating: 15.0, Ranking: 11th of that week
**Dick's First Birthday**EP#106
Dick has his first birthday on earth and consequently has
his first mid-life crisis. Sally discovers that she is in
her prime and that everything is geared toward her. Tommy
starts health class in school but can't get answers to the
mechanics of sex. Harry discovers self-help info tapes.

Tues. January 30th, 1996
Nielson Rating: 13.5, Ranking: 13th of that week
**Dick is from Mars, Sally is from Venus**EP#103
Dick explores being the patriarch of the family by giving
everyone cute nicknames. Harry drinks liquids to discover
which are toxic Tommy is officially commanded to attend
High School, finds no motivation to be a jock and develops
an attitude. The apparent solution is for Tommy, Dick and
Harry to bond as men, so they watch TV together. When Sally
goes on a date and he doesn't call, Dr. Albright and Nina
help comfort her & Sally learns to like being a woman.

Tues. February 6th, 1996
Nielson Rating: 13.2, Ranking: 15th of that week
**Dick, Smoker**EP#107
The aliens go to a movie and Sally gets a kernel of popcorn
stuck in her tooth. Tommy reanimates a frog in a science
experiment (which develops a taste for human flesh) and Dick
takes up smoking. When Dick locks himself in a stairwell
(trying to find a place to smoke indoors), Sally learns what
it would be like if Dick weren't around so much and she had
to be the high commander. Harry finds Dick. Two days later
the Janitor finds the both of them.

Tues. February 13th, 1996
Nielson Rating: 11.7, Ranking: 18th of that week
**Green-eyed Dick**EP#109
Dick discovers the joys of cuddling (well at least he wants
to) and then jealousy when Dr. Albright's old boyfriend
(Jeff) comes to visit her. A dog follows Harry home and
he names it Scruffy. Sally is sent to investigate what
makes men attractive to women (and thus help Dick score).
When Harry must give Scruffy away (because of the lease),
he stumbles onto an answer to Sally's quest.
Guest star Ed Begley Jr. as Jeff


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