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This article is from the Third Rock Episode Guide FAQ, by Bonnie Lynne Kretschmer penfold@primenet.com with numerous contributions by others.

05 Time slots (Third Rock Episode Guide, Season 1) p3

Tues. April 9th, 1996
Nielson Rating: 12.2, Ranking: 12th of that week
**The Dick's They Are A-Changin'**EP#108
Dick's evasiveness causes Dr. Albright to mistake him for
60's activist Manny Rosenburg, but this is not all bad-it's
a real turn-on for Dr. Albright. We also see many amusing
flashbacks involving a young, hip Mary Albright. Harry joins
a CD club and finds it more of a burden than a deal. He
gets a grab bag of music then eventually passes on the
curse. Tommy creates and documents some colorful pasts for
the entire family and things return to normal (well sorta).

Tues. April 16th, 1996
Nielson Rating: 10.9, Ranking: 20th of that week
A rerun of **Post-nasal Dick**EP#105 (see Jan. 16th, 1996)

Sun. April 21st, 1996 - Air time 8pm EST/MT & 7pm CST/PST
Nielson Rating: 9.4, Ranking: 32nd of that week
**I Enjoy Being Dick**EP#116
Harry has some unusual reactions to several consecutive
blows to the head. Sally wants to have her own money to
spend, so she and Harry (she will not go unaccessorized)
get jobs in a pancake house. Dick dresses in women's
clothing to infiltrate a women's study group that Dr.
Albright and Nina attend. Tommy wants to tell August the
truth about his being an alien, but never quite gets it out.
The first time August gives him a hair cut, the second time
she see Dick in a dress.

Tues. April 23rd, 1996
Nielson Rating: 11.2, Ranking: 24th of that week
**Dick Like Me**EP#115
The aliens discover that every human has some ethnicity,
and they have no clue what they are. Sally has an imminent
date with Mr. Randall and is mortified by the fact that she
can't dance. Dick decides that they are Italian (because
Dr. Albright thinks that they are sexy) but that doesn't
work. However, it all works out. Sally finds out that
there is some dance she can do and Mrs. Dubcek tells them
that they are Jewish (at last, now they know!).
Mr. Randall: John D'Aquino

Tues. April 30th, 1996
Nielson Rating: 10.3, Ranking: 28th of that week
**Assault with a Deadly Dick**EP#114
Dick gets an ATM card, so they go to the mall and The car
radio is stolen. Dick orders Tommy to join the Basketball
team, but he just isn't cut out for it. But Tommy can live
with that and as a bonus, so can August. Reporting the
crime to the police doesn't get the radio back, but Sally
does find some common ground with a police officer. Then
Dick gets mugged at the ATM machine. When he confronts the
mugger (and beats him senseless) it makes him feel better.
Guest Star Wayne Knight as Don (the police officer)

Tues. May 7th, 1996
Nielson Rating: 8.7, Ranking: 45th of that week
**Father Knows Dick**EP#119
Harry is in search of his purpose on this mission. In order
to help guide him, Dick decides to be his father. Sally
continues her mission to study/relationship with Mr. Randall
by meeting his mother. Harry runs away (for a while) when
he is unable to find a purpose and Dick tells him he has a
receiver chip to 'THE HEAD' in his brain. Editorial note:
Harry's running away is the funniest scene they've shot yet.
Sally's meeting with Mr. Randall's mother is far from
tranquil, but this isn't all bad news, Sally holds her own.
A brush with death causes Harry to realize that it is not
your purpose that matters, but the search. They also give
up the Father-Son relationship (to the relief of them both).
Guest Star Naomi Judd as Francis Randall

Tues. May 14th, 1996
Nielson Rating: 8.8, Ranking: 42nd of that week
**Selfish Dick**EP#120
When Sally passes out at the sight of blood, Tommy, Harry and
Mrs. Dubcek take her to the emergency room. When a great
office opens up Dr. Albright and Nina move into it, without
Dick. Sally is going to be fine, but Dick is not. Dick
decides to become selfish in a ruthless campaign to get Dr.
Albright back. Tommy, Harry and Sally take lab coats and
impersonate doctors in a take off of medical shows. Dick
tells the university powers that Dr. Sutor (75 yrs old)
deserves the big office. In the end, the campus priest gets
the office (while Dr. Sutor gets forced retirement). Dr.
Albright and Nina move back into Dick's office, but they
aren't very happy. Dick realizes that selfishness doesn't
work very well. The others get caught and thrown out of the
hospital, but not before they see babies. Sally likes them.
Guest Star Harry Morgan as Dr. Sutor


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