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7.4 Is there any musical talent on "ER"?


This article is from the ER FAQ, by Rose Cooper cooper@acm.cse.msu.edu with numerous contributions by others.

7.4 Is there any musical talent on "ER"?

[Does a bear sh--]Why, yes, there sure is!

- Haleh (Yvette Freeman), Chloe (Kathleen Wilholte), Carla (Lisa Nicole
Carson), and Jeanie (Gloria Reuben), have all sang to some extent on the show.

- In addition, Wilholte has recorded and released her debut album,
"Pitch Like A Girl". I'll let Greg Smith, from V2 Records, tell you about

I am writing on behalf of V2 Records to let you know about Kathleen
Wilhoite! As she played Susan's drug addicted sister on "ER", I are
sure her music will be of interest to Alt.TV.ER Page's visitors and
we would like for you to invite them to hear her debut album, "Pitch
Like a Girl," in its entirety for FREE on Broadcast.com. Simply link
to <http://www.broadcast.com/jukebox/Albums/P/PitchLikeaGirl_1967.stm>
[Note: requires RealAudio <http://www.real.com>].

About Kathleen:
On her striking V2 debut album "Pitch Like a Girl", gifted
singer-songwriter Kathleen Wihoite unveils an intensely personal, but
instantly accessible, set of tunes that capture love and loss with
honesty and wit. From the breezy "No One Can Touch Me" to the thumping
"Dumb Old Girl" to the heart-rending "Wish We Never Met," Wilhoite's
soulful performances have a ring of truth, the kind that can't be

Wilhoite is perhaps better known for her acting; recurring tv roles on
"L.A. Law" and "ER," as well as films like "Lorenzo's Oil" and
"Crossing Delancey," but with the soulful, undeniably catchy tunes
found on "Pitch Like A Girl", one can rest assured that all that
will change!

"'Pitch Like A Girl', the debut CD release from Kathleen Wilhoite, is a
collection of beautiful songs by an incredible newcomer. Kathleen
Wilhoite demonstrates her strength as both a singer and songwriter, and
is clearly off to an excellent start as a recording artist. Upon first
listen, one cannot help but become completely addicted to Kathleen's
sound..." - Female FYI Magazine

I hope you decide to link, it's a great album!

Greg Smith
C Notes Music

-(Information courtesy Greg Smith, V2 Records)


If you have a question (or answer) on other music used in "ER", please
email it to me <mailto:erfaq@digiserve.com> for inclusion in the ER FAQ.


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