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8.1 Are there any books about the show? (ER)


This article is from the ER FAQ, by Rose Cooper cooper@acm.cse.msu.edu with numerous contributions by others.

8.1 Are there any books about the show? (ER)

Yes. One is called "Behind the Scenes at ER", written by Janine
Pourroy and published by Ballantine Books in New York. The cover price
is $15.00 (US). It contains an episode guide to the first season of
the show as well as a wealth of information about the show's actors,
characters, writers, directors and locations.

There's also a book called "The ER Companion", by Stephen
Spignisi. The "ER Companion" is a very different book from "Behind the
Scenes at ER", and for that reason is a worthwhile addition to any ER
fan's library. You'll find very thorough reviews of all of the first
season episodes, including complete patient histories. There's also a
comprehensive glossary of terms and a quiz section at the back of the
book. My only complaint is that it only covers season 1 -- the picture
of Jeanie Boulet being included among the main cast on the books cover
is a bit of a con. Worth having, but buy "Behind the Scenes at ER" first.
-(Thanks to Shea Bennett for the above review.)

BasicBooks, a division of Harper Collins, has published
"The Medicine of ER", by Harlan Gibbs, M.D., and Alan Duncan Ross,
M.D. This is a very interesting book about exactly what the title
says: a technical look at the medical procedures performed on the show,
written for a layman's vocabulary. There's even an entire chapter on
"Love's Labor Lost".

"The ER Files" is a book by John Binns and Mark Jones which became
available in the UK in December 1997. It is mainly a text book, with detailed
episode guides, separating each episode into character threads. It covers the
first three seasons, and is 260 pages long. In England it costs seven pounds.
-(Information courtesy Ed Griffiths)

Another book new on the scene is titled "Bedside Manners: George Clooney
and ER", by Sam Keenlyside. Vanessa Rey told me about this book, and
ironically just a short while after that, Phyl plopped it down on my lap
for a little [ahem] "light reading". Published in 1998, it primarily
focuses on Clooney, but it has detailed (though, according to Phyl and the
[ahem] "light reading" that I did of it, some key info is missing) reviews
of ER episodes through season 3. It also includes "the authorative ER
drinking game" [hmmm], pictures of Clooney and cast (a very cute one of
Clooney and Noah Wyle caught my eye), and a hilarious "Mad Magazine"
cartoon parody of "ER"; damn, that was funny. I'd recommend it highly,
'cept Keenlyside sorta got some Alt.TV.ER Page info mixed-up in his
"ER Website Guide". But since he gave these pages three stars, we forgive
-(Information courtesy Ed Griffiths)


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