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7.3.2 "Third-party" songs used in "ER"


This article is from the ER FAQ, by Rose Cooper cooper@acm.cse.msu.edu with numerous contributions by others.

7.3.2 "Third-party" songs used in "ER"

- In a fit of pique [no, not really. I just like that partic'lar turn
of phrase. She said, digressing ever so much.], Carol and Doug lamented their
not-child at the end of "Vanishing Act" [504] to the sounds of--get this--"The
Oogum Boogum Song" (aka "Doug & Carol On Crack") by Brenton Wood, available on
the web at <http://www.duckydood.com/oldies/soul.htm>.

- *"Masquerade" [505].
Issac Hayes.
"Theme From Shaft".
He's a baaaad mutha [shut yo' mouf].
But ah'm talkin bout Shaft! [can you diggit?].

- *[Some of these only go in the FAQ because they've been frequently
asked--not necessarily because they're truly FAQable. I mean, c'mon, now;
should every *hint* of a tune be included here? No, wait, don't answer that;
it's a hysterical^H^H^H rhetorical question]. In "Stuck On You" [506], Kerry
gets Comfortable with a glass of her Favorite Beverage [mayhap Corday
introduced her to Cosmopolitans? Yes, I'm digressing yet again.] whilst
listening to "the late Betty Carter...The song was on her 'I Can't Help It'
(GRP) CD, a reissue of the 'Modern Sound of Betty Carter'." (Song information
provided by Ron Hearn).

- *Episode [507] saw a Confused Carter breaking through the Haze [I
crack myself up sometimes.] left behind by Funky Kerry's early morning blaring
of the equally Funky Grace Jones' rendition of "Ring Of Fire". Johnny Cash
never sang it so irie as she...

[More musical notes. Pun intended.]

Katy continues to lend me her musical ear:
- In "24 Hours" (the pilot) [101] Annie Lennox's "Precious" was
played after Carter witnesses a birth.

- "Twist and Shout" was played in "Full Moon, Saturday Night" [120]
("Carter requested it on the radio for Susan, and the ER did the twist at
the admit desk!").

- In "Who's Appy Now" [314], "Mack the Knife" played during
Carter's unforgettable surgery on Benton.

- And here's Katy's picks for "Unofficial Music of ER" album:
1) Walkin' on the Sun
2) If you want me to stay
3) Blackbird
4) Tequila
5) Twist and Shout
6) Take Five
7) Take a letter, Maria
8) Do you hear what I hear?
9) Mack the Knife

["Sometimes you feel like a nut..."]

I would be remiss if I didn't let The Frootloop Formerly Known As Phyl
have the last word here. As I promised her lo those many weeks ago, when I got
around to adding this to the FAQ, I'd put it in verbatim. So y'all can see
just what I have to deal with with her. Take it away, loon...uh, I mean,

Date: Thu, 16 Jul 1998 09:46:07
From: "P. A. Behrer" <behrer@flash.net>
To: erfaq@digiserve.com
Subject: ER_FAQ Moosic

To the keeper of the FAQ:

Yes, hello, I am writing to voice my displeasure at one of the most
poignant musical moments in ER history NOT being included here, and
thus, will spread more cow dung on you and this email than is to be
found in a mushroom farm.

Henceforth and forthwith and knives and forks, "Have Yourself a Merry
Little Christmas" was used ad nauseum and for an unbelievably long
time/stretch during the end of the most favorite of favorite episodes of
this writer, THE GIFT, to display a variety of emotions, including but
not limited to, Doug Ross getting his ass handed to him by his one and
only true love Carol "Stay out of my life, Doug" Hathaway and therefore
and finally, getting his face in the way of the fist of her fiance, one
John "Tag" what's he doin' here? [why is he ALWAYS AROUND, CAROL -- Gee,
should I have read the writing on the wall???] TagliERI. Additionally,
also, and finally, Peter Benton once again uses some guy, dead or alive
don't forget about Gant to further his reckless amibition, only to be
save and thus save other lives by the charity of the dead man's wife.

And lest you think I am being more than a little passionate about this
song, kindly point your mouse and thusly click on this link to find out
why this song is so aptly used for this application:


Thank you. And it is only 9:50 a.m. Imagine how bad I'll be after ER

I rest my case.


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