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3.12.6 Brief episode summaries (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS): (ER)


This article is from the ER FAQ, by Rose Cooper cooper@acm.cse.msu.edu with numerous contributions by others.

3.12.6 Brief episode summaries (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS): (ER)

[302] {#49}--"Let The Games Begin" (96 Oct 3)
Writer: Lydia Woodward
Director: Tom Moore
Jeanie's HIV-positive status causes complications both
personal and professional; the county health services
department decides the fate of the hospital; Carol vainly
attempts to sell her house; Mark and Susan wade into the
world of blind dating; Carter is stuck in the ER treating
routine cases.

[303] {#50}--"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" (96 Oct 10)
Teleplay: Jason Cahill
Story: Paul Manning and Jason Cahill
Director: Perry Lang
Mark is frustrated by an elderly patient whose body
stubbornly refuses to die; Susan asks Mark to accompany
her on vacation; new intern Maggie Doyle causes friction
with Carol; Jeanie faces tough issues living with HIV;
Carter schemes to get into surgery; Peter is determined to
talk with respected new pediatric surgeon Abby Keaton
about an elective.

[304] {#51}--"Last Call" (96 Oct 17)
Teleplay: Samantha Howard Corbin
Story: Samantha Howard Corbin and Carol Flint
Director: Rob Holcomb
Doug's latest one-night-stand becomes an ER casualty;
Dr. Keaton tries to teach Benton to be a compassionate
caregiver; Jeanie starts experiencing side effects from
her medication, and meets a handsome, dancing welder;
Carol ponders the idea of med school.

[305] {#52}--"Ghosts" (96 Oct 31)
Writer: Neal Baer
Director: Richard Thorpe
Mark grapples for the appropriate welcome for the returning
Susan; Jeanie and Maggie try to help an elderly widower
cope with his role in his wife's suicide; Doug and Carol
are posted to the Healthmobile rotation; Abby and Carter
treat a young girl whose parents were killed in a hit-and-run;
Peter, under Keaton's direction, struggles to connect with
a group of young trick-or-treaters; the ER bears witness to
the legend of the "fifth-floor ghost".

[306] {#53}--"Fear of Flying" (96 Nov 7)
Writer: Lance Gentile
Director: Christopher Chulack
Mark and Susan take to the air for helicopter flight
rotation, which brings to the ER an entire family
injured in an accident; Benton's overconfidence in
Keaton's absence results in a dire mistake; Carol deals
with a temporarily assigned nurse who can't cope with
the speed of the ER; Jeanie and Maggie are given the task
of keeping a dead man on ice in anticipation of cryogenic

[307] {#54}--"No Brain, No Gain" (96 Nov 14)
Writer: Paul Manning
Director: David Nutter
Mark is torn by his feelings for Susan, who has a surprise
announcement of her own; distraught over his handling of
baby Megan, Peter stubbornly tries to save a teenage gunshot
victim; Carter and intern Dale Edson clash over a patient
who may not have consented to a risky operation; Nurse
Rhonda Sterling is back in the ER, to Carol's dismay.

[308] {#55}--"Union Station" (96 Nov 21)
Writer: Carol Flint
Director: Tom Moore
As Susan prepares to leave Chicago for good, Mark makes a
last-ditch attempt to share his feelings; Peter squirms at
Abby Keaton's unorthodox teaching methods, and receives a
visit from Carla; Carol finally decides to confront
management about their policy of "floating" the ER nurses;
Maggie Doyle calls the cops on a woman who tried to kill
her unborn child by drinking alcohol; Doug tries to track
down the true parents of a baby he innoculated at the
Healthmobile clinic; Al surprises Jeanie with divorce
papers; Lydia and Officer Grabarsky finally tie the knot.

[309] {#56}--"Ask Me No Questions, I'll Tell You No Lies" (96 Dec 12)
Teleplay: Barbara Hall
Story: Neal Baer and Lydia Woodward
Director: Paris Barclay
Still reeling from Susan's departure, Mark discovers
Jeanie's HIV-positive status; Peter frets over the level
of his work and that of his protege; Carol tries to get
the re-engineering committee to exempt nurses from
floating; Gant has a bad day; Abby reveals to Carter
that she's leaving the hospital.


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