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3.12.7 Brief episode summaries (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS): (ER)


This article is from the ER FAQ, by Rose Cooper cooper@acm.cse.msu.edu with numerous contributions by others.

3.12.7 Brief episode summaries (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS): (ER)

[310] {#57}--"Homeless for the Holidays" (96 Dec 19)
Writer: Samantha Howard Corbin
Director: Davis Guggenheim
Kerry and Mark attempt to hash out an ER policy on
HIV-positive employees; gossip compels Jeanie to reveal
her secret; Charlie brings in the neglected infant of her
landlady; Carter has to choose after making conflicting
holiday plans with Abby and a depressed Dennis; Maggie
makes an effort to find haven for a battered wife; Mark
pays his ex-wife and daughter a visit on Christmas Eve.

[311] {#58}--"Night Shift" (97 Jan 16)
Writer: Paul Manning
Director: Jonathan Kaplan
Mark gets tangled in an ethical dispute over a deranged
woman who refuses consent to treatment; Gant is brought
into the ER as a patient; cooperating on a safety check
of the building brings back old memories for Doug and
Carol; Kerry enlists Jeanie's help on a study for her
tenure paper; Carol is ordered to name two nurses who will
get the axe; Mark strikes up an unexpected relationship
with a co-worker.

[312] {#59}--"Post Mortem" (97 Jan 23)
Writer: Carol Flint
Director: Jacque Toberen
Carter is wracked with guilt following Gant's death; the
nurses hold a "sick-out" to protest management policies;
Carol takes the blame for a fatal mistake she makes,
despite being allowed off the hook; Charlie's mother
finally shows up; Jeanie is attracted to an on-staff
disease specialist; Mark gives Chuny the full romantic
boyfriend treatment.

[313] {#60}--"Fortune's Fools" (97 Jan 30)
Writer: Jason Cahill
Director: Michael Katleman
Distracting news from his girlfriend Carla has Benton
neglecting duties with Carter; Carol is suspended after
leaking the full story on the nurses' sickout to the media;
Greg Fischer and Jeanie disagree over the handling of a
newlywed couple, one of whom has an STD; Doug deals with
a six-year-old boy coping with the recent death of his
father; Mark and Kerry lead ER tours of visiting students,
with differing results; Carol and Maggie treat a prideful
cop with a secret; Mark draws his relationship with Chuny
to an amiable conclusion, and begins another with a patient.

[314] {#61}--"Who's Appy Now?" (97 Feb 6)
Writer: Neal Baer
Director: Felix Enrique Alcala'
Doug treats a teenager with cystic fibrosis who wants to
die but isn't old enough to sign a do-not-resuscitate order;
Mark juggles a trio of women including psych consult Nina
Pomerantz; Carter and Maggie's rivalry quickly turns to
teamwork; Peter has to have his appendix removed;
staphlyococcus is being spread by an employee who doesn't
wash his hands in the restroom.

[315] {#62}--"The Long Way Around" (97 Feb 13)
Writer: Lydia Woodward
Director: Christopher Chulack
Carol is one of several hostages in a convenience store
after a bungled stickup, and is forced to using her medical
skills to help the wounded using scant resources.

[316] {#63}--"Faith" (97 Feb 20)
Writer: John Wells
Director: Jonathan Kaplan
Mark struggles to get a Down's Syndrome patient admitted
for a heart transplant; Peter faces issues of responsibility,
in the wake of Carla's pregnancy announcement and Dennis
Gant's suicide; Carol returns to work after being suspended,
and takes the medical admissions test to enter med school;
Jad Houston returns to the ER, now old enough to authorize
an end to his life; Greg and Jeanie's relationship revs up
a notch.


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