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3.12.5 Brief episode summaries (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS): (ER)


This article is from the ER FAQ, by Rose Cooper cooper@acm.cse.msu.edu with numerous contributions by others.

3.12.5 Brief episode summaries (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS): (ER)

[215] {#40}--"Baby Shower" (96 Feb 15)
Teleplay: Carol Flint
Story: Belinda Casas-Wells and Carol Flint
Director: Barnet Kellman
A sprinkler malfunction causes ER to get the bulk of
OB/GYN's pregnant mothers; Peter spends his entire day
trying to save the life of a man who jumped in front of
a train; Carter anxiously prepares for his internship
interview; Doug spends an evening with his father, now a
respectable hotel owner; a very pregnant Nurse Conni
considers trying a beet soup famous for inducing labor;
Jerry tries to convince others that Scottie Pippen visited
the ER.

[216] {#41}--"The Healers" (96 Feb 22)
Writer: John Wells
Director: Mimi Leder
Shep blames himself when his partner Raul is fatally burned
while rescuing children from a burning building; Susan's
adoption of little Susie passes another hurdle, as Chloe
pays the hospital a visit; Doug confronts his father after
being stood up by the elder Ross.

[217] {#42}--"The Match Game" (96 Mar 28)
Writer: Neal Baer
Director: Thomas Schlamme
Ross and Benton clash over the hospital's decision not to
tell a family about a misdiagnosis; claiming to be clean
and sober, Chloe returns for her baby; Carter celebrates
his residency match by overindulging while on call; single
guy Mark Greene tests the waters of the bachelor lifestyle;
Carol and Jeanie play tug-of-war with their respective

[218] {#43}--"A Shift in the Night" (96 Apr 4)
Writer: Joe Sachs
Director: Lance Gentile
Greene gets stuck with leading a graveyard shift at a
cramped and over-crowded ER; fallout from the Bowman case
continues to cause friction between Mark and Peter; Susan
overcomes another adoption hurdle while Chloe persists in
her efforts to reclaim baby Susie.

[219] {#44}--"Fire in the Belly" (96 Apr 25)
Writer: Paul Manning
Director: Felix Enriquez Alcala'
Peter faces the consequences of carelessly sending a
patient home who needed further examination; Carol and
Shep grapple with urban fears and concerns including a
young boy who witnessed his mother's murder; Susan and
Chloe go before a judge to settle visitation of the
baby; Carter strains to one-up an old med student friend
of Harper's; Mark decides to take the plunge and ask a
woman out to dinner; Doug meets his father's female
companion, Karen.

[220] {#45}--"Fevers of Unknown Origin" (96 May 2)
Writer: Carol Flint
Director: Richard Thorpe
Susan throws herself into her work following losing full
custody of baby Susie; Shep's growing hostility leads to
an accident; Weaver anticipates being named Resident of
the Year; Carter is told that he'll have to do pediatric
work before graduating; Doug and Karen begin a relationship
in Doug's father's absence; Benton makes a new discovery
concerning Vucelich's study; Mark and Jenn decide to
negotiate their divorce directly.

[221] {#46}--"Take These Broken Wings" (96 May 9)
Writer: Lydia Woodward
Director: Anthony Edwards
Susan seeks emotional assistance in the form of therapy;
Doug realizes that a money gift from his father was
stolen from Karen's company; Shep faces an official
investigation concerning the Vietnamese kid he shoved;
Carter treats a young basketball-playing girl who needs
a liver transplant; Jeanie's husband Al tests positive
for HIV; Weaver and Greene bargain over making Susan
chief resident; Loretta frets over increasingly
necessary medical attention, while meanwhile her kids
run amok in the ER with a video camera.

[222] {#47}--"John Carter, M.D." (96 May 16)
Writer: John Wells
Director: Christoper Chulack
Carter has to choose between attending his graduation and
caring for T.C.; frustrated by the bureaucracy of her job
and by Shep's hostility, Carol walks out on both; Mark
throws his support behind Kerry's new position while Susan
turns down the job offered her; Doug confronts Karen over
the alteration of a Percodan prescription; Jenn reveals to
Mark that she's getting remarried; Benton encounters
Vucelich in an elevator.


[301] {#48}--"Dr. Carter, I Presume" (96 Sep 26)
Writer: John Wells
Director: Christoper Chulack
Carter's first night as a surgical intern is spent on the
Fourth of July graveyard shift while most of the other
doctors play softball; Jeanie and Peter's HIV test results
come in; Kerry Weaver's new code system for the patient
board irks the others; Doug's new girlfriend drops by the ER.


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