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A1) Where can I find clothing and shoes? P


This article is from the FAQ, by Stef Jones (stef@bayarea.net) with numerous contributions by others.

A1) Where can I find clothing and shoes? P

PS Plus Sizes Plus Savings
Mall store.
Business and casual wear. Very reasonable prices. Sizes up to
30/32 routinely, and sometimes up to 34/36 and 5X. Sizes run
large, including the pantyhose and tights.

Pango Pango Swimwear
1905 E. Atlantic Boulevard
Pompano Beach, FL 33060-6562
Phone: (305) 786-0255
Really skimpy, really sleazy swimsuits, mostly bikinis.
Bottoms up to XXL (45"-47" hips). Tops have cup sizes AA to F,
and they make the band to your measurements. They do special

Parsinen Design
1011 Boren Ave., Suite 178
Seattle, WA 98104
Phone: (206) 682-9814, (800) 422-5808
Fax: (206) 329-0944

Peacock Clothes
331 Town & Country Village
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
Phone: (408) 730-0941
Carries XL-XXXL (28 can fit up to 500lbs or more). Reasonable
prices. Some people think quality is good, a few disagree.

Peggy Lutz Plus Size Designer Outlet
6784 Depot St.
Sebastopol, CA
Phone: (707) 824-1634, (800) 498-3294
Web page: http://www.peglutz.com
Catalog $3.
Carries We Be Bop. Offers "custom clothing" and "fantasy wear."
Elegant designs and high-quality interesting fabrics. Good
selection of sizes. Not cheap. Internet catalog uses plus size
models and older models. "If you get put on Peggy's mailing
list, you will receive all sorts of things in the mail--fabric
samples, photos, printed brochures, flyers. Sometimes it is a
little overwhelming...but the reason is a great one--there are
no limitations: she will literally sew anything for you that you
want in any fabric that she has. Peggy's designs get more
beautiful and refined every year, and she has an intuitive sense
of what looks good on plus-size bodies...She is very pleasant on
the phone and will spend all the time you need...offering
suggestions and taking notes about any modifications you want."
Lutz is a featured designed in the Winter 1997 (Rosie O'Donnell
issue) of Radiance.

Phoenix Big and Tall
805 Branch Drive,
Alpharetto, GA 30201
Phone: (800) 251-8067
They sell a range of men's wear. They have boxers and briefs in
sizes 44-72, Levi's action slacks up to size 54. Their clothes
are moderate to expensive, the quality is moderate to good. Will
ship overseas.

Plus Woman (formerly FSA Plus Woman)
60 Laurel Haven
Fairview, NC 28730
Phone: 800-628-5525, 704-628-3562
Email: pluswoman2@aol.com
Web site: http://www.viphosting.com/~pluswoma/
Each season they put out a catalog with a selection of fabrics
and a selection of separates. You can get most separates in any
fabric and specify inseam, length; sleeve length; neckline type,
and so on. For my taste, the separates fabrics tend too much
toward polyester and rayon and busy prints. One person writes:
"I love their sizing--42" to 50" busts are small!" but complains
they don't have much of a selection of petite sizes. They also
carry shorts, stirrups, leggings, sweaters. Sizes 1X-8X. They do
custom work with a one-time $10 pattern fee. Good quality. Good
customer service and prompt delivery.

Poley's Big & Tall
Email: poleyk@rcinet.com
Web site: http://shops.net/shops/Poleys_Big_and_Tall_Clothing/
Men's clothes up to 4XT and 8X.

Prescription Sportswear
Phone: (800) 557-4478
Email: rx@ix.netcom.com
Web site: http://www.gsn.com/sportswr.htm
T-shirts with sportsfish designs up to 6X, 4XT.
They have a picture of a skinny woman in a bikini (which they
evidently don't sell) on their web page. Sigh.

Prairie Rose Lingerie
New addresses:
Vendredi Enterprises
1030 E. El Camino Real #314 Sunnyvale, CA 94087
PO Box 70817 Sunnyvale, CA 94086
Phone: 408-739-4192
Fax: 408-739-4192
Catalog $10 (refunded with $50 order)
Lingerie in sizes 40-46, variety of colors, fabrics, and
styles. Large-size models.

Pretty Plus Plus
[single][New York][women][consignment]
Madison Ave, around 90th St.
Manhattan, NY
Phone: (212) 427-4724
Consignment store with good large-size clothing.

Pretty Woman Plus
Peoria, IL
Good quality, somewhat expensive.

[single][North Carolina][women][casual]
Durham, NC
Ethnic clothes up to size 24 or so.

QVC (one of the home shopping television channels) offers
high-quality clothing at (usually) good prices. The Forgotten
Woman (see retail for women) hosts shows on QVC, as does August
Max Woman. Other names sold include Le Chute, DVFurstenberg,
etc. About 90% of the clothing lines they sell include plus
sizes (3X == 26-28). They deliver within 5 working days and have
a "no questions asked" 30-day money-back return. They also have
large-size models working right alongside thin models. On the
jewelry end of things, they usually offer rings up to size 10,
and they occasionally have the longer bracelets.

Queen Size Boutique
Near the main Microsoft campus
Bellevue, Washington
Some jeans, but much more stylish separates & dresses evening
dresses. The type of sportswear one wears to work, not to work
out. More upscale (hey, it's Bellevue) and more dressy than
Kathleen's; also more in bras & non-wedding dressy & formal
wear. Styles from casual to fashionable to elegant. Much
clothing up to 26, but they do carry many styles in beyond that.
If you wear super sizes, be sure to work the staff to find what
you want in your size.

Queen of Hearts
19 Merrick Ave.
Merrick, NY 11566
Phone: (516) 377-1357
Catalogue $5
Sizes 14-22/24


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