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A1) Where can I find clothing and shoes? N-O


This article is from the FAQ, by Stef Jones (stef@bayarea.net) with numerous contributions by others.

A1) Where can I find clothing and shoes? N-O

NAAFA Feminist SIG
Lynn Meletiche
2065 First Ave. #19-D
Dept. RM
New York, NY 10029
Phone: (212) 721-8259
Large-size hospital gowns (allow 4-6 weeks for delivery).

[single][New York][women][casual][evening]
132 Thompson St NY, NY 10012
Phone: 212-505-7768

Nancy Lawrence
Edina, Minnesota
Phone: (612) 925-9305
Pricey boutique, sizes 14-26.

Nancy's Choice
Indianapolis, IN 46201
Misses' sizes 10-20, women's sizes 36-46, also shoes.

National Wholesale Co.
400 National Blvd.
Lexington, NC 27294
Phone: 910-249-0211 (orders only), 910-249-4202
Fax: 910-249-9326
Pantyhose by the dozen at reasonable prices. Several
queen-size styles. Non-run pantyhose in large (up to 200 lbs).

Naturally Yours
PO Box 86481
Portland, OR 97286
3405 SE 63rd St.
Portland, OR 97206
Phone: (503) 777-1027
Leggings in sizes 1X-4X.

New Attitude
1289 Kilauea Ave.
Hilo, HI
Phone: (808) 935-6055
Clothing "with an island attitude." Sizes 14-34. They ship.

New Look
Phone: (800) 998-1985
Tall and BBW.

Newport News
Avon Lane
Hampton, VA 23630-1244
Phone: (800) 688-2830, (804) 827-9000 (customer service)
Formerly Avon Fashions. Casual clothes. Some of their stuff goes
up to size 16, 18, 20, 2X.

Nicole Summers
[catalog] [career] [casual] [evening]
PO Box 3003
Winterbrook Way
Meridith, NH 03253-3003
Phone: 800-642-6786
Sizes to 26

Catalog info:
PO Box 91018
Seattle WA 98111-9118
Phone: (800) 285-5800, (206) 215-7100 (outside US and Canada)
Fax: (800) 285-7288, (208) 215-7288 (outside US and Canada)
TDD: (800) 285-7344
Email: npta@nordstrom-pta.com
Web site: http://www.nordstrom-pta.com
Department store is upscale, service oriented. Plus-size clothes
in Encore department. This is a *great* place to find large
shoes, especially for women. They will move heaven and earth to
find a fit! They have a new plus-size catalog that uses large

Nothing in Moderation
801 Lake St.
Oak Park, IL
Phone: (708) 386-9750
Fax: (708) 386-9767
Wearable art, natural fabric, nice women, lots of styles.

Oddessy Martial Arts and Medieval Supply Center
Phone: 1-800-ODDESSY (1-800-633-3779)
Email: info@oddessy.com
Web site: http://www.oddessy.com
Large martial arts uniforms, including Karate gis up to size
12 (equivalent to men's 5X). Also Japanese swords and knives,
medieval swords, Karate, Kung Fu, and Tae Kwon Do training
equipment, aids and safety gear, and numerous other martial
arts and medieval related products and literature. Web site
uses some large models. The supersize uniforms are quite

Oh! Susanna
206 Culver St
Chatta, TN 37415
Phone: (615) 874-0792
Shorts, sweats, T-shirts in 5X to 8X.

Old Pueblo Traders
[catalog] [casual] [petite] [women] [lingerie] [shoes]
Palo Verde at 34th St
PO Box 27800
Tucson, AZ 85726-7800
Phone: (520) 747-5000
Catalog $2

Orchard Corset Discount Center
[internet][single][New York][overseas][women][lingerie][costume]
Orchard Corset Center
157 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002
Phone: (212) 674-0786
Email: orchard@bway.net
Web site: http://www.orchardcorset.com
Many kinds and brands of lingerie, sizes to 54-I. Also
theatrical, costume and period items.

Original Jo's
8766 Wicklow Lane
Dublin, CA 94568-1149
Phone: (800) 352-9156
T-shirts decorated with sayings or pictures, sizes 1X-8X.


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