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A1) Where can I find clothing and shoes? R


This article is from the FAQ, by Stef Jones (stef@bayarea.net) with numerous contributions by others.

A1) Where can I find clothing and shoes? R

Rainy County Knit Wear
PO Box 7852
Everett, WA 98201-0852
Phone: (206) 653-7189
Custom-made sweaters.

3740 East 34th St.
Tuscon, AZ 85713-5305
Phone orders: (800) 362-8420
Customer service: (602) 748-8600
Catalog $1
Bras up to sizes F & G. Connected with Intimate Appeal.

Repp Ltd. Big & Tall
1492 Bluegrass Lakes Parkway
Alpharetta, Georgia 30201
Phone: 800-690-REPP
Fax: 800-225-6072
Brand name men's careerwear and sportswear. Most items to size
4XT and 6X; some items to 8X. Some shoes to size 16 EEEE.
On the expensive side. (5/97)

Right Touch
Mail returned 4/97

Ripley Custom Shirtmaker
222 City Park Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70119
Phone: (504) 488-2288
Fax: (214) 941-3340
Web site: http://www.swopnet.com/Ripley/index.htm
Manufacturer of upscale men's custom shirts (dress and western
style). You send them $5 and they send you a "Shirting Packet."
It contains measuring instructions, a tape measure, 100+ fabric
samples and a brochure illustrating different pocket designs,
cuffs, collars, etc. The $5 can be credited to your first order.

PO Box 8360
Indianapolis, IN 46283-8360
Phone: (800) 274-7130 (24 hour ordering)
Sister company of Lane Bryant catalog. Sizes run larger than
in LB. Women's sizes 38-60. Some unattractive pieces. Some random
sexy pieces. Cute casuals. Nice coats. Swimsuits. See the Lane
Bryant entry for more information. There have been complaints
that Roaman's is unresponsive to the need for larger women's
sizes, but at the same time they have offered men's clothing
that is larger than the women's clothing they offer.

Rochester's Big & Tall Clothing
There's a store in San Francisco, 1-415-982-6455.
They sell, among other things, suits.

Rocky Mountain Clothing
Phone: (800) 688-4449
Call to find a location in your area where they sell this
company's jeans and blouses. Currently sizes up to 26, soon up
to 30.

Rocsil's Footwear (acquired McB's Shoes: http://mcbshoes.com/)
1701 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, CA 94612
Phone: 510-832-1373 / (415) 546-9444, (415) 957-9988
Sizes 6-13, AAAAA-EE.

347 14th St.
Oakland, CA 94612
Phone: (510) 444-7472
Fax (510) 444-4754
Dresses, suits, lingerie, girdles and bustiers, gowns, hosiery,
Danskin. Plus and supersizes.

Discount store (Midwest and West Coast) with selection of large
sizes, 14-28. Selection can be spotty.

Ross Unlimited
366 Flat Shoals Ave., SE
Atlanta, GA 30316
Phone: (404) 522-4083
If they don't have your size, they will custom-make clothing for
you (such as jeans) if you purchase at least six of the item.
Super-size underwear.

Royal Resources
Vendredi Enterprises
New address:
1030 E. El Camino Real #314 Sunnyvale, CA 94087
POBox 70817 Sunnyvale, CA 94086
Phone: 408-739-4192
Fax: 408-739-4192
Information and source directory for large folks. Information
on clothing, shoes, and much more. This is not a catalog, but
a book -- cost is $29.95.

Royal Woman
14 East 38th St.
14th floor
New York NY 10016
Catalog $2.
Women's sizes 14-46 in natural silks and cotton. Capes, dresses,
blouses, sweaters, sleepwear.

Ruthie's Big Galz Boutique
1307 First St.
Napa, CA 94559
Phone: (707) 255-7737, (800) 655-7738
Fax: (707) 255-8789


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