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9.00: UFO Book Publishers


This article is from the Alien Visitors FAQ, by CRAM: The Cyberspatial Reality Advancement Movement ldetweil@csn.org with numerous contributions by others.

9.00: UFO Book Publishers

Advent Publishing Company

P.O. Box 3748
Carson City, NV 89702
Publish book and the Phenox Project Reports.

* Arnerica West Publishers

P.O. Box 6451 Tehachapi, California 93582
George Green Telephone Number : 805-822-9655
Publishes a wide variety of books and tapes dealing with New Age subjects
and UFO phenomenon.

* Arcturus Book Service

1443 S.E. Port St. Lucie Blvd.
Port St. Lucie, Florida 34952, USA
Robert Girard & Monica Williams-Girard

Arcturus Book Service Catalog
Maintains a listing of UFO-related books. Their goal is to provide a wide
selection of books relating to the study of unexplained phenomena. Arcturus
provides a publication; "Leading Edge, the bi-monthly newsletter of the
Nevada Aerial Research Group.
Subscriptions for monthly Arcturus Book Service Catalog available for $6.00
in the U.S.,
Canada, and Mexico; $12.00 in Europe and South America
Arcturus pays for UFO-related books, manuscripts and is interested in being
informed of all new titles released.

* Condor Books, Inc.

351 West 54th Street
New York, New York 10019
Al Weiss (Publisher)
212-586 -4432
Publishes numerous books dealing with the UFO phenomena. At one time,
Condor Books published "UFO Universe" magazine;"UFO Universe" is now
published by:
GCR Publishing Group, Inc.,
1700 Broadway, 34th Floor,
New York, New York 10019.

* Document Research Services

PO Box 10011
Berkeley, Ca. 94709-5011

They provide declassified govt. documents and an index
of UFOs in the New York Times 1947-1987
Send SASE for a list of documents

* Earth Star Publications

P.O. Box 117
Paonia, Colorado 81428
Ann Ulrich (Editor & Publisher)
The Star Beacon
A self-publishing service which will perforrn typesetting, layout,
printing, and shipping of self-published books for a one-time fee. After
initial fee is paid, the author keeps lOO% of any profits
generated from the book. Ann Ulrich is associated with the UFO Contact
Center International as one of its Associate Directors.

* Eden Press

Box 399
Careywood, Idaho 83809
Desiree Eden
The publishing arm of the Planetary Professional Citizens Committeee (PPCC),
which is no longer in existence due to the death of its Director, Jerome
Eden, in 1989. However, EDEN Press still pro- vides a wide range of books
dealing with the UFO phenomenon.

* JACO Book Publishers

P.O. Box 3135
Prescott, Arizona 86302
John H. Andrews
JACO Book Publishers provides many UFO and Extraterrestrial-related books.

* The Library of the New Essenes of Inyo

P.O. Box 257
June Lake, California 93529
Nicholas Faust (Curator)
Originally known as "The School of Thought" which had been started by Hope
Troxell in 1960. It's original focus was UFO literature, especially that
dealing with contactees. Hope Troxell died in 1979 and The School of
Thought closed in 1980.In 1980 became The Library of the New Essenes of
Inyo. It assumed Hope Troxell's UFO materials and continually added to it
over the years. The Library also sells copies of Hope Troxell's published

* Luna Ventures

P.O. Box 398
Suisun, California 94585
Publishes the Luna Ventures Catalog" which is a comprehensive listing of
available newsletters, books, microfiche, magazines, etc. for sale. Luna
Ventures will also accept manuscripts for publication.

* The Pleiades Project

P.O. Box 386 Atwood, Ca 92601
Randolph Winters :213-281-6282
Terra (Contact)
Founded in: 1985
A one-man organization for the dissemination of the information received by
Billy Meier from his Pleiadian contacts. Mr. Meier receives messages from
his contacts of the Pleiades star formation. The Pleiades Project compiles
these messages and offers them in audio and video formats. "Contact Terra"
is a quarterly newsletter which contains updated information and news about
Mr. Meier's contacts.
The Meier Chronicles VHS/Beta - $59.00 (82 minutes)
The Movie Footage VHS/Beta - $49.00 (1 hour)
The Metal Analysis VHS/Beta - $39.00 each (45 minutes)
The Entire Trilogy - $99.00 (save $188.00)
Each audio cassette $20.00 plus postage & handling

* UFO Audio-Video Clearing House

P.O. Box 342
Yucaipa, Ca]ifornia 92399-0342
David Aaron (Director)
Founded on May 18, 1988 and1232 members.
Offers an updated listing of UFO radio & television programs on video and
audio tape, going back to 1954. Video tapes are offered in Beta and VHS
format. Over 50% of their available product is donated by members.

* UFO Books

P.O. Box 1053 - 514 First Street Florence, Arizona 85232
Christine (Stevens) Cox
Christine Cox distributes UFO-related books, some of which were written and
edited by Wendelle Stevens (See: UFO Photo Archives), who is her father.
UFO Books also provides periodic flyers which contain UFO-related books,
photos, and calendars for sale.

* UFO Photo Archives

P.O. Box 17206
Tucson, Arizona 85710
Wendelle C. Stevens
UFO Journal Of Facts
Offers UFO-related books, most of which concentrate on, and thoroughly
investigate, individual cases. UFO Photo Archives gears its material for
those who want more in-depth knowledge about individual cases instead of a
broad overview of many cases.
In addition to books, UFO Photo Archives also sells UFO calendars and
posters. All books, posters, and calendars are sold through mail order only
and must be prepaid, including postage.
Their publication, "UFO Journal Of Facts" is a new magazine, filled with
color pictures and reports, concentrating on factual UFO investigative

* Worldwide UFO Newsclipping Bureau and Public Information Center

955 West-Lancaster Road Suite 420
Orlando, Florida 32809
Provides a 16-20 page monthly report of worldwide UFO news clippings (all
foreign news stories are translated into English).
Subscription costs:
$24.95 /6 months $47.50/ one year
Special on Back Issues: all of 1988 for $39.95.
Besides the newsclipping service, Worldwide UFO also offers UFO-related
audio and video tapes (VHS format, approximately 2 hours in length) for
sale at the following prices:
Audio Tape - $ 4.00/ tape (buy two, get one free: no limit) Video Tape -
$20.00/ tape (buy two, get one free: no limit)

* Spacelink Books

Run by Lionel Beer. Leading UK supplier of books on UFOs and Crop Circles.
Address: 115 Hollybush Lane, Hampden, Middlesex, TW12, U.K.


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