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8.15: UFOzines: Revelations of Awareness


This article is from the Alien Visitors FAQ, by CRAM: The Cyberspatial Reality Advancement Movement ldetweil@csn.org with numerous contributions by others.

8.15: UFOzines: Revelations of Awareness

"Revelations of Awareness" published by Cosmic Awareness Communications

Revelations of Awareness is a Newsletter that covers UFO as they relate
to channeling and the New Age movement. All the information given in the
newsletter is information recorded from channeling sessions. The format
of of the news letter begins with a question asked of the Cosmic
Awareness, then replies are given by the Awareness through the rest of
the news letter starting out with the phrase "This Awareness indicates..."

The following Statement appears at the top of every Issue:

Cosmic Awareness is the force that expressed Itself through Jesus of
Nazareth, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, Edgar Cayce and other great
avatars who served as 'Channels' for the 'Heavenly Father' and who speaks
again today as the world begins to enter the 'New Age' of spiritual
consciousness and awareness. Since 1963 Cosmic Awareness has been
communicating through carefully trained channels. This information is for
those who desire to help in bringing in the new age. Throughout the
thousands of 'Readings' given through these various channels, Cosmic
Awareness tells us not to believe anything, but to question, explore,
doubt, and discover for yourself, through your own channel what is the
truth. Cosmic Awareness will only 'indicate' and 'suggest'. Neither C.A.C
or any of the Interpreters is responsible for anything Cosmic Awareness
states in any of these readings, nor does C.A.C. or the Interpreters
necessarily agree with the statements of Cosmic Awareness. The
interpreters interpret the energies as they see them in trance levels and
are not personally responsible for what is said. This is entirely the
responsibility of the editor. Members of C.A.C. are invited to send in
questions of general interest to ask Awareness for possible publication
in this newsletter.

Paul Shockley, Interpreter.

The Revelations of Awareness comes out every three weeks The memberships
which are available (using the Honer system) are:

Limited Income $30 per year   $9 quarterly
Individual     $42 per year   $12 quarterly
Family         $52 per year   $20 quarterly 
Contributing   $77 per year   $25 quarterly
Sponsoring     $144 per year  $40 quarterly
Benefactor     $500 per year  $150 quarterly
Patron         $1000 per year $250 quarterly 
Endowing       $5000 per year $1500 quarterly

Outside USA Add $15.00 per year to cover postage (including Canada)
To send off for information about the C.A.C. or to subscribe to their
news letter write to: Cosmic Awareness Communications
P.O. Box 115
Olympia, WA 98507

==8.16: UFOzines: Swamp Gas Journal

The Swamp Gas Journal Covers a variety of scientific UFO related Phenomena.
It reviews articles, books and research publications put out by different
researchers and organizations.

The Swamp Gas Journal is free with limited distribution, but is available
primarily through zine exchanges, regularly contributing Fortean info, or
by providing two (2) International Postal Reply Coupons in lieu of a
subscription (to cover postage).

The Swamp Gas Journal is a ufozine published irregularly by:

Ufology Research of Manitoba
Box 1918
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada R3C 3R2

The SGJ is also available on an experimental basis on internet by e-mail
to: rutkows@ccu.umanitoba.ca

==8.17: UFOzines: UFO Universe

GCR Publishing Group, Inc.
1700 Broadway, 34th Floor
New York, New York 10019
Publishes "UFO Universe" magazine.
Global Communications Refer to: Inner Light Publications


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