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10.00: alt.alien.visitors archives (back issues)


This article is from the Alien Visitors FAQ, by CRAM: The Cyberspatial Reality Advancement Movement ldetweil@csn.org with numerous contributions by others.

10.00: alt.alien.visitors archives (back issues)

Occasionally I have seen requests for information on past articles in
alt.alien.visitors. If you desire something, I have the entire newsgroup
archive back to July 13, 1992. I access it frequently. I have no way to
ftp it to another system for public access but would be glad to email
portions of it upon request. The responses are not guaranteed to be
correct or complete.

You can email me at gvb@acd4.acd.com and I will do my best.
gvb@TEFS1.acd.com (Gregg Brown)

==10.01: A UFO Book List

I'd like to take this opportunity to remind people of my UFO bibliography
file, and to solicit contributions and book comments for it. The file
can be ftp'd from paul.rutgers.edu, directory pub/ufo, file
bibliography.Z (compressed format). The file is organized by author, and
also again by date-of-publication, and also includes Keith Rowell's
excellent bibliography file (which is also worked into the above two
parts). Many titles have comments from various people as to the value of
the book; I would like any comments on any of the books from anyone, and
also additional books for inclusion. Check out the UFO Bibliography that
you can ftp at:
The file is pub/UFO/bibliography.Z It has books by author, a second
listing by date, and also the names of prominent authors in the field.

For more information contact: mcgrew@dropout.rutgers.edu (Charles Mcgrew)

==10.02: Big Foot (Sasquatch)

[Update: This group is no more. The old information was:]

Our research group is currently investigating reports and sightings of
the animal known as "Bigfoot" or "Sasquatch". If you or somebody you know
has had such a sighting, or come across what may be evidence supporting
the existence of such an animal, please get in contact with us in one of
the following formats:

Contact with us can be totally anonymous if you wish. We are especially
interested in Ohio sightings but are by no means limited to
investigations in that state. Please, serious responses only.

==10.03: Free UFO Class

Penn State University has Free U classes that are offered to the public
at no charge! They supply a classroom to those who wish to teach a
subject and the public may attend them for free. One of the classes
offered is a UFO class Organized and taught by Janet Smith, and Beth

In the class they discuss every aspect of the UFO phenomenon such as the
Billie Meier investigation, government cover-ups, Zecharia Sitchin who
wrote the Earth Chronicles series, Mars probe, Mars Face and many other
topics. The class also offers guest speakers who have done UFO research
plus videos, movies and articles about various UFO phenomenon.

The classes are held every Monday in room 207 of Sackett Building at Penn
State University in State College, PA. The starting time is 7:00 pm, EDT
(soon to be EST) and they ends sometime after 9:00 pm. The class will be
held until December 7th. The class may continue after the holidays into
next semester, but that depends on our level of interest.

If someone has questions or would like to contribute to the group in some
way, (ie. guest speakers, movies, different types of information, etc.)
contact Janet Smith at JLS19@psuvm.psu.edu or write to her at: 123
Ramblewood Road, Pennsylvania Furnace, PA 16865. Home phone: (814)
237-6763, Work phone: (814) 863-0466.

==10.04: Freedom of Information

In the US, you write to the agency you want to reach, addressed to
the "Freedom of Information Officer". A list of agencies is available
from the US Government Printing Office. Their order number is:

The "US Government Manual" (1991/92), price $23 (they take MC/Visa
orders over the phone). They will also send you a catalog of all
manuals/documents available from the USGPO for free. Order at the same
number. [I have more information on this, I will add it later.]

Main Source: mcgrew@dropout.rutgers.edu (Charles Mcgrew)

==10.05: Hidden Ancient Ruins

The address is Mystic Mountain Adventures
Dept. 100 11142 Manhattan Avnue, Ste. 43
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 Ph# (310) 318-6567.

==10.06: Inter Library Loans (ILL)

If you would like to research an the various UFO topics mentioned in this
FAQ and you don't have a large bank account, go to your local library and
ask about the Inter Library Loan System. The ILL lets you check out books,
audio tapes, video tape, and get copies of magazine articles that your local
library might not have. In many cases there is no charge for using ILL, this
depend upon you local library. Almost all the book I have used to research
this FAQ were ordered through ILL. Check it out. :-)

==10.07: NASA Shuttle Footage

NASA Select on Satcom 2, Transponder 13, carries the whole mission, live
and anybody with a satellite dish can tune in. You can find the original
uplink and shuttle audio on Transponder 5. This is the raw video with
shuttle to ground audio communications on it.

==10.08: UFO Related anonymous FTP Sites

[Also See: A Complete UFO Book List]

phoenix UFO Pics

phoenix.oulu.fi (
In /pub/ufo_and_space_pics

NASA Pics Sites

NOTE: the material at these sites is exceedingly voluminous;
I'd strongly suggest just getting the CD-ROMs instead of attempting
to transfer scores of gigabytes of pix and other material.

To access the online catalog of NASA material, CD-ROMS, et cetera:

telnet nssdca.gsfc.nasa.gov
login as "NODIS"
no password

Anonymous ftp sites (five):

nssdca.gsfc.nasa.gov []

This is a VAX/VMS box, so you must ftp-login as "anonymous". To get
a dir listing into a file on your system:

ftp> dir [...] file_on_your_system


lots of stuff, including Aliens of all colors, and UFO pix (though
seems to mirror a lot of what's at phoenix.oulu.fi and has some
additional material).


online copies of what appears to be all NASA's CD-ROMs, and lots of
GIFs, *.img and *.jpg from most (all?) space missions since Apollo.


dunno; it appears to be down today (Saturday, 18-July-1992).

 {changed to}

apparently popular (and, hence, slow). Is supposed to have many
NASA and Voyager data files.

Main Source: thad@cup.portal.com (Thad Floryan)


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