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3.7 Quotations (The Osbournes) part1


This article is from the The Osbourne FAQ, by Mike L. with numerous contributions by others.

3.7 Quotations (The Osbournes) part1

"In a weird way, Ozzy is a great anti-drug promotion. Look at him and how
fried his brains are from taking drugs all those years and everyone will
say, 'I don't want to be like that.'" [Dan Quayle]

"When I was a kid, I'd get one gift. It was a smelly old sock with a few
nuts in it, couple of pennies, an apple and an orange, and that was it."
[Ozzy, invoking the spirit of Christmas past]

"Happiness to me is getting stoned" [Ozzy]

"I used to hate the sight of him, I couldn't stand him, and I used to beat
him up whenever I saw him." [Tony on childhood with Ozzy]

"I know I ain't going to fucking live to be an old man. I know that." [Ozzy]

"I've come to the conclusion that people don't want to know the truth-that
I'm a happily married man with three kids that I absolutely adore, and
that what I do is entertain people. I am not f--king Dracula" 1989]

"I'm an absolute perfectionist. I'm never happy with a finished album.
There's always something I don't like." [1990]

"If I had to start it all over again, the only thing I would change is
I'd learn to read a contract better." [1992]

"To be honest, I am a little bit crazy. I accept that. I've always been
outrageous. I've never been the every day you. I've always
gone over the top with everything" [Ozzy 1985]

"Had he lived, I truly believe he'd have been one of the greatest guitar
players that ever walked the earth. He was when he was here." [Ozzy on

"You get one and you can't stop. It becomes an addiction." [Ozzy on tattoos]

"I'm not the greatest singer in the world, but I do give people
entertainment" [1986]

"My mother said to me, 'Get a proper job. Quit this f--king around.' She
still thinks it's a crazy f--king thing I'm doing" [1985]

"Every year I hear, metal is dying. It's been dying since f--king 1978!"
[Ozzy on the success of Ozzfest]

"Musically they are completely uncompromising, and would rather starve than
sell out to more commercial forms of music." [Vertigo Sab Promo]

"My mother was an amateur singer, my father was an amateur drunk" [1985]

"It's good fun and it's had great rewards. It's been such an eye opener
for me. Everything that I have ever wanted to have has come from rock
and roll. I've had happiness, I've had sadness. I've had everything.
I've experienced life, death, birth, marriage, divorce, and it's been
a whole bunch of fun. I wouldn't have it any different. I'd do it all
again tomorrow." [1986]


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