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3.6 Questions (The Osbournes) part3


This article is from the The Osbourne FAQ, by Mike L. with numerous contributions by others.

3.6 Questions (The Osbournes) part3

Q: I saw Ozzy on his recent tour. Why doesn't he play a lot of his new
A: His voice can't make the high notes as often. In the studio you can do
it over and over until you get it right. On stage you have just one shot.
Watch Ozzy on David Letterman performing, "I Just Want You" and see what I

Q: What is this about Ozzy suing Tony Iommi?
A: Ozzy filed a suit against Tony because some years ago Tony borrowed
money ($50-75,000) from Ozzy to get out of jail. Tony was put in jail for
non-payment of child support. When he refused to pay the money back to
Ozzy, a suit was then filed.

Q: What is "plastic water", I've heard Ozzy say he drinks this and he sings
it on "I Just Want You" ?
A: Ozzy is referring to Diet Coke, which like most diet pop and beer,
tastes like water.

Q: Why didn't Aimee appear on The Osbournes?
A: Aimee wants to focus on her music career and not be caught up in the
melodrama of a television reality show. Probably the smartest of the bunch
who isn't trying to cash in on Ozzy's name.

Q: What are these dance mixes from Madonna all about?
A: They are not Madonna, someone just thought they knew who the woman
was. They originated from Ontario, Canada by a friend named Colin M.
Colin made these on his own and sent me a demo tape with about 8 songs.
Only two Crazy Train mixes and a couple demos of My Little Man that I
edited with Cool Edit were released When I saw how people were selling
them on so called rarity cd's and putting them on Napster, I was not amused.
Colin has trusted me with these and they remainder will not see the light of
day unless he chooses to. Colin made them under Gyr-8 music. The singer
is named Robin and hails from the Toronto area. Her voice can be heard
on a few Chris Sheppard mixes.

Q: Will Kelly (Ozzy's daughter) ever do a duet with her father?
A: She's been asked this many times, an answer is still up in the air.

Q: Did the Osbournes ever find their missing dog?
A: Yes, Pippi was returned to them by a neighbour.

Q: Are Kelly or Jack gay?
A: Apparently not.


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