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3.7 Quotations (The Osbournes) part2


This article is from the The Osbourne FAQ, by Mike L. with numerous contributions by others.

3.7 Quotations (The Osbournes) part2

"I fell in love with Randy as a player and a person the instant I saw him.
He had the best smile in the world. Randy was the best guy in the world to
work with.
There is no comparison between him and Tony Iommi, and I can only compare
the two because they were the only guitar players I had ever worked with.
I was attracted to Randy's angelic attitude towards the whole business.
I didn't have to teach him anything; all that he was lacking was guidance.
He listened to every word I spoke to him, and we had a great rapport
[Ozzy on Randy]

"I would hate my children to be the typical rock and roll brats. My
father always taught me that if you haven't got anything else, the
cheapest thing in the world is good manners." [1986]

"A lot of other bands just have guys in the crowd. Ozzy has a mixed
audience. But groups like Quiet Riot or Def Leppard attract just the girls,
and I find the girls are very fickle. Next year, a prettier band will come
up, and your dead. The men are more faithful" [Sharon]

"Ozzy had no technical qualifications really. At least Tony or Geezer could
play their scales or a B flat chord. Ozzy wouldn't know what a chord was if
it fell out of the sky and hit him in on the head. He knew nothing about
music whatsoever. All he had was feel. But he had far more going for him
than the rest of the band. The band, in my opinion, was purely Ozzy." [Jim
Simpson commenting on Ozzy when he was with Sabbath]

"I'm the guy kids love and parents hate. The guy mothers love to hate. When
you've achieved that, you've achieved a goal." [Ozzy]

"I'd rather do a club show to 1,000 people than a huge show to 10,000
It's just more fun when you can see who you're singing to." [Kelly Osbourne]

"We've obviously got what the people want. It's aggressive music and I think
America likes aggression." [Ozzy in Sabbath]

"Well listen, how does a sparrow make an emergency landing? With a
sparrowchute." [Ozzy talking to reception desk in his hotel room]

"You hear your mother crying because she has no dough to feed you. Or my
father and her always fighting over something. And I used to sit on the
front steps all the time and think 'one of these days I'm going to buy a
Rolls Royce and drive them out of this shithole'. And I did it." [Ozzy on
life before fame]

"I never go on stage drunk or stoned or anything." [early days Ozzy]


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