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3.3 Did You Know? (The Osbournes) part3


This article is from the The Osbourne FAQ, by Mike L. with numerous contributions by others.

3.3 Did You Know? (The Osbournes) part3

In a testament to his supposed animal cruelty... Ozzy was staying in a
Swiss hotel once when he found a stray dog outside. The dog was starving so
Ozzy put a string around his neck and walked him into the hotel's
restaurant. Immediately staff told him he couldn't bring a dog into the
place. Ozzy said that since he was staying in one of their most high priced
rooms, he thought the dog should be fed. So they reluctantly fed him. The
waiter asked Ozzy what he'd like to have, then asked, "What will the dog
have?" "How would the dog like his steak done?" Anyway, the dog ended up
with a meal in his stomach.

A Christian, determined to save Ozzy from damnation, once followed the tour
bus from a concert for over 300 miles.

Ozzy's song 'I Don't Want to Change the World' won him a Grammy award.

The Osbourne family was travelling on a plane. A woman complained about his
rowdy kids and said, "My dogs behave better than your kids". Sharon
replied, "That's because you're probably having sex with them". The kids
also filled her jacket pocket with peas and other vegetables.

Ozzy is so used to being called "Ozzy" that he no longer knows someone is
talking to him if they call him "John".

When Ozzy had his dragon tattoo made, he had no idea what he wanted. He
simply asked the tattooist to make something, which he did, right out of
his own imagination.

"All Moving Part's Stand Still" is about a cross dressing president who
turns out to be a woman in real life?

Fox Television has offered Ozzy his very own television show. The show
would be about a singer who is on the road and has to adapt to life at home
after being away from home for so long. Oz says he won't do it though
because he doesn't like the way his voice sounds.

Sharon Osbourne used to be manager of many other groups as well such as
Gary Moore, but dropped them so she could spend more time with Ozzy. Tony
Iommi also used to manage bands such as Judas Priest.

Ozzy's personal assistant's name is Tony Dennis.

Ozzy once visited a dying fan in the hospital. The fan was unable to talk
and wrote out what song Ozzy would dedicate to him (Crazy Train).

After he and Sharon have a fight, Ozzy will sometimes go to Tiffany's and
buy Sharon an expensive piece of jewelry to make up for it.

Ozzy had a grand mal seizure which has left him with physical side effects.
He also takes prozac because of a chemical imbalance.

Ozzy was officially banned from Salt Lake City, permanently by a group of

Ozzy once owned an XJ12 sportscar which was used only for special
occasions. Ozzy ended up sinking it after driving through a fence in his

Ozzy has worked with many different artists such as Dweezil Zappa, Kim
Basinger, Miss Piggy, Lita Ford, Sam Kinnison, Theraphy?, Bill Ward, Alice
Cooper, Gary Moore, Motorhead, Holly Knight, and Slash.

Sharon once flew to Tokyo to join Ozzy on tour. After the show she went
ahead to
their hotel room, only to be woken hours later by a young Japanese girl
climbing into
their bed. A drunken Ozzy had forgotten his wife had arrived. "It's funny
she says, with a tight smile. "It wasn't then."

Ozzy was once stabbed in the stomach with a screwdriver at a dance.

Jack has bought only one pair of jeans in the last eight years.

Ozzy's son Louis is a techno DJ with a webpage at

Aimee Osbourne once paid $18,000 for charity passes to see Hanson.

In a show of support to his wife Sharon, Ozzy has promised to shave his head
while she undergoes chemotherapy

Kelly's first concert sold out in just 15 minutes. She also bids on items on

Kelly bought a $75,000 watch.

Kelly was working in the same studio as Christina Aguilera. Kelly put
boogers on
all of the door handles on Christina's car.

Ozzy is a grandfather to Isabelle Hobbs. She's the daughter of Jessica,
Ozzy's child from his first marriage.

The National Enquirer says Ozzy had Robin Williams come over to entertain
his wife while she was recovering from cancer.

There's an adult movie out called the The Ozzporns which is a parody of
The Osbournes.


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