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3.3 Did You Know? (The Osbournes) part2


This article is from the The Osbourne FAQ, by Mike L. with numerous contributions by others.

3.3 Did You Know? (The Osbournes) part2

Ozzy has a sketch of his on display at the Hard Rock Cafe in Tokyo?

In 1982, Ozzy donated 25,000 dollars to the SPCA to help neutralize some of
the bad publicity involving animals.

Some of Ozzy Osbourne's Favorites records are: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts
Club Band, The Beatles Revolver, The Beatles Rubber Soul, The Beatles The
White Album, The Beatles Led Zeppelin I, LZ Led Zeppelin II, LZ Band on the
Run, Paul McCartney and Wings Arc of a Diver, Steve Winwood Hello, I Must
Be Going, Phil Collins Kissing to Be Clever, Culture Club Essence to
Essence, Donovan

Ozzy was not born in a hospital but delivered by a midwife at home.

When Ozzy lived with his first wife Thelma, they took turns feeding the
chickens. One day it was Ozzy's turn but he was busy drinking with his
friends. Thelma kept asking Oz to go feed them, finally Ozzy went outside
with a shotgun and killed them.

Ozzy and Bill once urinated on Hitler's shrine in Berlin.

Ozzy is superstitious and will not wear the color green.

Being a big star, Ozzy does not attend social engagements. He prefers to
sit at home and listen to music while he draws sketches.

When Oz was only 14 years old he was in a band called the Black Panthers.

The very first pub Sabbath played in as Black Sabbath was the Mermaid, in a
region of Birmingham called Sparkbrook. It closed down years ago, as it is
in an area now almost completely inhabited by ethnic groups who have no
care for it. [by Mike H]

Ozzy plays all of the characters in his 'So Tired' video. Don Airey also
makes an appearance.

Ozzy is the godfather of Zakk's child and the child is named John Michael,
after Ozzy.

Ozzy sends flowers to Randy's grave each year.

Ozzy was drinking Tequila for the very first time. He ended up getting so
drunk that he fell asleep under a table in a hotel restaurant. The cleaner
woke him up by hitting him over the head with a broom, thinking he was a
homeless person.

While in the Betty Ford clinic for alcoholism, Ozzy stayed in a room with a
mortician who cried all the time and was constantly depressed.

Ozzy wanted to have a FOURTH child?

Ozzy once unknowingly urinated out a window onto a waiting audience below

Towards the end of Ozzy's days with Sabbath, Ozzy had planned to call his
first solo alum, "Am I Going Insane?". Instead he wrote a song of the same
title for the Sabotage album.

The sound of crying at the end of "Am I Going Insane?" is actually Ozzy's

On Christmas Eve one year, Ozzy opened his bay window to look at the snow
covered countryside. As he sniffed at the icy air, there in front of him
was a stoat sitting up on its hind legs looking back at him.

If you've read the book by Steve Rosen you know that the author was with
Ozzy and the band when they trashed a hotel room. The events which lead up
to it were as follows: A girl who called herself Stormy Monday was in their
hotel room undulating to imaginary music. As she moved around the floor,
caressing herself, she would watch the band for their reactions. Realizing
she couldn't go through with it, she stopped just short of removing her
top. Angry, Ozzy ripped a thermostat off the wall. Then he tore the
pictures off the wall. He then tore the TV from the mounting and it was
given rides up and down the elevator. Then he broke the glass containing
the fire extinguisher and sprayed everyone. (This is about where the author
takes over the story).

Ozzy once planned to have a T-shirt made which read, "If your day is
totally screwed up, blame Ozzy Osbourne" because of all the blame being put
on him for supposed effects on people from his music.

Ozzy's favorite beer is Starbucks. He has a dog named Baldrick and owns 6
dogs in all.

Ozzy owns an 18th century home in Buckinghamshire and one in Beverly Hills.

Ozzy was drinking in a bar with a girl named Regan, who was insulting Ozzy
and who then threw an icecube at his head. Ozzy dumped a bowl of popcorn
over head. After this she proceeded to try and slash him with a lit
cigarette. Her arms were held down while various drinks were then poured
down her dress.

Ozzy routinely uses a fire hose to douse his audience with water. His
security staff has taken to wearing raincoats now.

Ozzy's grandfather had a tattoo of a snake which went from his head all the
way down to his toes.

Once at the Niagra Falls Hilton, out of boredom Ozzy lit some matches under
a fire sprinkler. Sirens and bells began to sound and people began running
around in sheer panic and soon firemen and policemen arrived and started
running around as well.

When Oz was younger he said that for his tombstone he wanted a statue of
him in the Volume 4 cover position (outstretched arms, peace sign).


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