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3.3 Did You Know? (The Osbournes) part1


This article is from the The Osbourne FAQ, by Mike L. with numerous contributions by others.

3.3 Did You Know? (The Osbournes) part1

Ozzy's LA house has a urinal in the bathroom. The reason for this is
because Ozzy kept urinating on the toilet seat.

Ozzy tried to hang himself from a clothes-line during a wild childhood, but
was stopped by his father.

Ozzy's calls his son from his first marriage Bombins (his real name
is Louis).

Ozzy's sister Gillian has been comitted twice. Once after she went and
cut the heads off all the familys photos.

Ozzy once beat up one of his teachers with an iron bar. The teacher
would later be fired.

Ozzy stabbed his aunt's cat at the age of 11.

Ozzy would break in to his 63 year old neighbour's home when she
went to work. The woman's children had been killed in an air-raid
and her husband killed in the war. The more you read this biography
the more you realize how much of a turd Ozzy was as a youth.

At the age of 14, Ozzy tried to hang himself using clothesline. His
father caught him and beat him for it.

Ozzy tried to strangle one of his brothers and tried to light his sister
on fire by pouring gas on her dress.

The FBI once visited Ozzy because they heard he was planning to urinate
on the steps of the White House (untrue).

Ozzy and Sharon drive a Range Rover.

Ozzy once shot 17 of his cats.

Ozzy once took a crap in the elevator of a plush hotel. The elevator
doors opened, and there he was with his pants down.

Ozzy's first royalty check was spent on 50 pounds to his mother, a
pair of shoes and some cologne (because he hated the way he smelled).

Ozzy donated $10,000 to the caretakers of the Alamo in 1992.

Tommy Aldridge was Ozzy's best man during his marriage to Sharon.

The Cal Jam 1974 show earned the band $250,000 but they only received $1000
each. Their manager pocketed the rest.

Ozzfest expenses are about one million dollars per week!

Ozzfest currently takes 9 transports to move all the set.

Ozzy travels by bus instead of plane now, because too much time alone in
his hotel room left him time to smoke.

Ozzy had three older sisters and two younger brothers. He is only close to
his sister Jean.

Ozzy used to set fire to barns in the cornfields when he was younger.

A fan made an Ozzy Osbourne Cabbage Patch Doll for Ozzy, complete
with tattoos.

Ozzy's least favorite video is "The Ultimate Sin".

The daughter from Ozzy's previous marriage is a surveyor, while the son
is a chef, now turned DJ.

When Ozzy began singing for the first time, at age 15, only 3 people turned
up (at the Birmingham firehouse)

When Ozzy is online, being interviewed, someone else actually types the
responses (I kind of figured that one out already).

Ozzy's 'Party with the Animals' was featured in Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

The title 'Diary of a Madman' comes from Aleister Crowley's biography?

The dwarf on the Diary of a Madman tour was the same actor who played R2D2
in Star Wars?

Ozzy's contract stipulated that 25 pounds of raw meat would be thrown at
the audience for the Diary of a Madman tour?

Gary Moore was originally considered for the Ozzy's guitarist on Blizzard
of Ozz.

In 1971, a nurse committed suicide while listening to the Paranoid album.

A fan of Ozzys in Texas built a tomb for Ozzy and himself to rest in when
they both died. The fan expected to lay beside Ozzy in death, forever.

When Ozzy left Sabbath, he had to steal music equipment from a warehouse to
start up a new band.


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