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3.2 Song Definitons (The Osbournes)


This article is from the The Osbourne FAQ, by Mike L. with numerous contributions by others.

3.2 Song Definitons (The Osbournes)

SWEET LEAF : Marijuana.

OLD LA TONIGHT : Written around the time of the LA riots, the song is
about Los Angeles.

BACK ON EARTH : Death, and the spirit returning to Earth after you die.

CRAZY TRAIN : Society and can we all get along.

MIRACLE MAN : The hypocrisy of preacher Jimmy Swaggart who put Ozzy down
but then fell from glory himself when caught with a prostitute.

MY LITTLE MAN : A song Ozzy wrote for his son Jack, it sounds like it is
a last goodbye to his son.

KILLER OF GIANTS : A song about man and nuclear missiles and how, if we keep
up this mad rush to have the bigger weapon, we will obliterate ourselves.


PERRY MASON : Perry Mason defending a man accused of killing someone.
The original idea had nothing to do with Perry Mason, it was just a title
Ozzy wrote down.

GOODBYE TO ROMANCE : Despite the misleading lyrics this is not about love.
The lyrics are about Ozzy's days with Sabbath, now dead and gone, and was
his way of saying goodbye to them. "Yesterday has been and gone, tomorrow
will I find the sun or will it rain". You figure it out.

CRAZY BABIES : Babies who are the result of crack cocaine mothers.

SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE : A song about death. Written after Sam Kinnison
died in a traffic accident and Steve Marriott of Humble Pie died as well.

I was also sent this e-mail from Norm O'Brien:
Oz: "I wrote that song for my wife. I absolutely adore my wife. The
love that I have for her and the love she has for me will never die. I
truly believe that if I pop off first or she goes then we'll meet up
on the other side. I believe in life after death, which is strange
because at one point I didn't believe in life after birth."

Chortles Ozzy Heartily.

Oz: "I believe in life after death because I'm getting closer to it
now and I'm at the half way point now at least! It's like a message
to Sharon because I love her"

Sharons view of the song is a little different...

Sharon: "Ozzy wrote that song when he was really ill earlier this year
and he was being wrongly diagnosed," She recalls. "He was told that he
had an illness that was really bad and we thought that that was it,
that he was going to die. That's where it came from."

SUICIDE SOLUTION : The dangers of alcohol.

ROAD TO NOWHERE : A retrospective look at Ozzy's life.

SO TIRED : I absolutely love this song. A soft ballad and easy listener
about a woman who is cheating on her lover and it is time for them to part.

DEMON ALCOHOL : Basically the same as Suicide Solution. The dangers of

BLOODBATH IN PARADISE : Charles Manson and his following, the Tate and
LaBianca murders.

YOU'RE NO DIFFERENT : People who put down Ozzy, take a look at yourself
before judging others.

BARK AT THE MOON : A creature scorned and buried alive. The creature comes
back to seek revenge on those who buried him.

MR. TINKERTRAIN : The problem of child molestation in our society.

MR. CROWLEY : Ozzy had heard about Mr. Crowley and wanted to know what
he was all about. The song is Ozzy asking Mr. Crowley who he is.

NO BONE MOVIES : A song about pornography.

FLYING HIGH AGAIN : A song about drugs.

FAIRIES WEAR BOOTS : Written about skinheads who wear boots. This
came after the Sabs were beaten up by skinheads.

DREAMER : Hoping for a better world tomorrow.

THE JUNKIE : Life with a drug addiction.

GETS ME THROUGH : Apparently about the fans.

CONTRADICTION (Kelly) : For her sister Aimee, who chose not to appear on
"The Osbournes."

ON YOUR OWN (Kelly) : about a bad friend

SHUT UP (Kelly) : her school teachers


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